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all 23 countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins

update 30.6.2017: Germany votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.
update 13.7.2017: Malta votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.

2p couples in a sentence
  • 2p Gerita: Is not that I like you or anything, but don't you dare leave me.
  • 2p Spamano: Is a open relationship, open as a cage.
  • 2p Fruk: Your everyday couple that is married with sons.... and wars.
  • 2p RusAme: In a love hate relationship too deep to escape.
  • 2p Dennor: Is not stalking if he gives you a ride back to home.
  • 2p Hongice: This couple is on fireeee no, really, literally.
  • 2p Sufin: Too many "gun" jokes.
  • 2p Pruaus: Is like Satan ate a rainbow.
In a party
  • 2p America: First to come, last to leave.
  • 2p England: Gets drunk and dances awkardly.
  • 2p France: Sitting next to the booze.
  • 2p China: Offers booze to everybody and record their secrets.
  • 2p Russia: Wonders why he is in there.
  • 2p Italy: Agressively flirting.
  • 2p Germany: Enjoying the only time that Luciano isn't being tsundere.
  • 2p Japan: Takes everyone home.
  • 2p South Italy: Tweeting about the "tacky" outfits.
  • 2p Spain: Looking at the hot girls.
  • 2p Austria: Taking pictures of the "best moments".
  • 2p Prussia: Helping someone that is feeling sick.
  • 2p Denmark: Sitting with François.
  • 2p Norway: Drinks too much and haves a viking flashback.
  • 2p Iceland: Is the person that Gillen is helping.
  • 2p Sweden/Finland: Slowdancing-drunk in a electronic music.
  • 2p Hungary: Flirting with 2p Romania.
  • 2p Romania: Wondering about who is going to clean this mess.

Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Hetalia! I’ve only been in the fandom for a short time, but already this series has affected me greatly. So, I made ten desktop wallpapers of some of my favorite characters! (I have a lot of favorites tho). 

transparents belong to @heta–transparents and @transparentalia!
art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!

please reblog and/or like if you use! (if there’s a character you want that isn’t here, feel free to send me an ask!)

bonus moscow wallpaper:

just because i liked it a lot.


It’s Bisexual Visibility Day! 💗💜💙 September 23, 2017 

Most of those who took my survey said they wanted to see more pride edits, so here you go! These are a few characters I headcanon as bisexual for Bisexual Visibility Day :D For all of my bisexual followers, know that you are loved and your sexuality is valid 💙💜💖

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nordics,south korea and hong kong headcanons with THEM wearing virgin killer sweaters while s/o randomly sees them in those?

I would pay top dollar to see aph sweden in a virgin killer sweater.  thank you.

Aph Norway:

  • Lukas was a little more than curious when he bought the sweater online.  It was cute.  And it came in a dark blue that would go really well with his eyes and complexion.  He didn’t expect his s/o to catch him wearing it though.
  • He really didn’t know what to say, or do for the first couple seconds. He came around quickly, though, nonchalantly explaining to his s/o that he’d bought it off the internet a couple weeks ago.  Then he just carried on with what he was doing, like he wasn’t wearing anything unusual.
  • If they’ve been dating for a while, then this probably won’t even come as a shock to his s/o.  This isn’t the first time he’s worn something “atypical” for a man.  Gendered clothes are for the weak.

Aph South Korea:

  • His s/o would probably be the one to buy it for him, but he’s not really opposed to wearing it.
  • He’d probably strut out of the bathroom wearing it, winking at his s/o, “How do I look?”
  • While sexy, the situation is also pretty funny.  He and his s/o might not even get around to the sexy part, they’re too busy laughing as he vogues and works his stuff around the bedroom.  His s/o should take lots of videos.

Aph Finland:

  • When he bought the sweater, he wasn’t paying quite enough attention to just how much skin it showed.  Rather, the pretty bow and the pale blue color.  Once it arrived, he was so embarrassed!  He just left it in its box and threw it in the closet.
  • His s/o would find it still in its box, asking him about it.  When he confessed to what happened, his s/o is going to have to be the one to ask him to put it on!
  • He’ll think he’ll look silly, until he’s actually wearing it.  He feels kind of…well, he feels kind of sexy!  It actually boosts his confidence as he shows it off to his s/o.

Aph Iceland

  • No.
  • He wouldn’t wear it if his s/o begged.  He’s wayyyy too shy and embarrassed.  
  • The only possible way one could get him in it would be to get him drunk, but then he can’t consent to anything sexy, so you better take pictures and never speak of it again.

Aph Hong Kong

  • This guy would have absolutely no qualms about wearing it.  He wouldn’t accidentally get caught.  He’d just wear it for his s/o.
  • He’d want it in red or black.  Something dark.  Then he’d dim the lights and pose on the bed, sending his s/o a flirty smile.
  • His attempts at seduction might edge past sexy and into a little goofy. Hopefully his s/o has a sense of humor about the situation!  Just don’t laught AT him.

Aph Denmark:

  • He is definitely caught in the cliche “S/O IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK!” moment.
  • He’s an impulse shopper, and it looked cool.  He’d try to be secretive about it, slipping into the bedroom to put it on and trying out sexy looks and poses in the mirror.  When his s/o caught him, he’d probably burst into nervous/humiliated laughter.
  • At first, he’d try to play it off like he was just being a goof, but hey, the sweater really compliments his muscles, and it looks so good with his hair so…he’s just going to keep it on.

Aph Sweden:

  • Not to be a drama queen, but he’d probably burst into tears if his s/o caught him wearing something like that.  He’s just so self-conscious.
  • Berwald would run into the bathroom and lock the door, changing then avoiding his s/o.  He wouldn’t want them to mention it, but of course it’s got to be talked about, right?
  • When his s/o informed him they actually liked the view, he’d probably hide his face behind his hands, asking them softly if they’re being serious.  It’ll take a lot, and by a lot, I mean a lot, of reassurance, but you might be able to get him to wear it again sometime.
Nyotalia Height Headcanons

Feel Free To Add More

England: 5'2"

America: 5'6"

France: 5'7"

Canada: 5'10" (When not slouching)

Japan: 5'2"

North Italy: 5'6.5"

Germany: 5'9"

China: 5'4"

Russia: 6'3"

Lithuania: 6'0"

Poland: 5'6"

Sweden: 6'3"

Denmark: 5'10"

Norway: 5'7"

Finland: 5'8"

Iceland: 5'6"

South Italy: 5'6"

Spain: 5'8"

Prussia: 5'6"

Hetalia Characters' Human AU Jobs (Part 2)
  • Sweden: judge
  • Finland: nurse
  • Denmark: bartender
  • Norway: professional skier
  • Iceland: refrigerator technician
  • Estonia: I.T. guy
  • Lithuania: literature teacher
  • Latvia: office assistant
  • Netherlands: debt collector
  • Belgium: waitress
  • Switzerland: banker
  • S. Korea: auctioneer
  • Taiwan: model
  • Vietnam: construction worker