south county trail

Day 1: Mother Hen

It’s touring day and it was hard to wake up in the morning. I kept saying, “one more hour” but 5am was slowly approaching and pedals down was at 6am. I quickly install the handlebar bag and rear brakes, made breakfast, pack the bicycle and tie down the hula hoop. The panniers were heavy and I didn’t know why. I couldn’t see what to leave behind. Everything seem to be needed or had a purpose. I’m so going to feel it when going up hill.

It took me over a ½ an hour to find the trail due to my wonderful sense of directions. It’s going to be a long ride to Poughkeepsie.

I asked a passerby cyclist to take this photo to commemorate my victory in finding the beginning of the south county trail. He was the first person to receive my new business card to on this tour.

Off I go with only google maps and a GPS for the whole trip. Honestly, I have no set plans or routes for the bike tour. I’m simply going to hing it.

I’m cycling 75 miles with two main formally train trails along the route. The first is the south county trail to north county trail which are smooth and straight forward!

I took a small break at a little town to grab a quick lunch and fix my pannier sbecause the left panniers was heavy and making it difficult to balance the bicycle. There a couple on a tandem bicycle stop and came to say, “Hello!”.

They came towards me with the look, “I have so many questions and don’t know where to begin…”. A look I’m all too well familiar with. They had saw me a few miles back but my music was to loud to hear them calling for my attention. Nonetheless, I was taken back on how they could ride a tandem with clips!

I told them of my plans for my bike tour and what I was packing for the trip. They too were doing a day bike tour along the south county trail and driving back home. The husband was from Italy and spoke of trails and biking in Italy. I hope too one day bike the wineries of Italy. The wife is an avid cyclist but a back injury has slowed her down. I admire her wellness to continue cycling. They make a perfect cycling team! We chatted for bit more, gave my card and said our good byes.

A few hours and miles later a cyclist rode along side of me asking where I was heading to. We both were ending the day in Poughkeepsie for the Bike New York Discover Hudson River ride on June 29. His family was driving up where he was taking his road bike along to bike trails to Poughkeepsie. He was cycling the 75 mile route where as I will be the bike marshal sweep for the 75 mile route.

As we cycled the path together we came across two cyclists on the side of the path. I immediately assume two road cyclist crashed into each other. The first cyclist approached us informing us the other cyclist flipped over his handlebar. The Red Cross first aid immediately kicked in and I became a cyclist mother hen. I asked him if he was okay and began to assess the road since he kept looking on the ground for what could have cause his spill over the handlebar. He proudly said he was fine as his arm was literally dangling. I’m not a doctor but I’m guessing you’re not fine. He desperately called his wife and got her voice mail. So we waited until he got a person on the phone. He finally got through to a friend where he expressed the possibly of having a broken or dislocated collarbone as his wife was returning his call on the other line. I thought it was cute he called his wife first. I approached the first cyclist who was beginning to repair his flat and ask if he needed help. He was good but traumatized by the other cyclist spill. I told him to keep an eye on the injured cyclist as we went in search for the call box. It was only about 100 feet away and press the red button which called the local police department. We explained our location and explain the cyclist injuries. They had an officer and ambulance on the way and the officer thanked us for calling in. I didn’t see the need to stay and we continued cycling together for a mile. I gave him my card and plan to see each other again on the Poughkeepsie ride and he spun off.