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The Meta: fuller’s thistle for misanthropy, dahlia for instability, and hemlock meaning “you will be the death of me”

Presenting: Les Fleurs du Mal complete freelancer set

For those of you new to this series, each freelancer has an upside down flower wreath composed of three different flowers with negative meanings associated with each one (did you know: flowers when given upside down have negative meanings whaat)

click the pictures to see what it all means! :)

Now we can cry about the freelancers and all the flaws/things that destroyed them in a single post :’)

You’re welcome 

Les Fleurs du Mal individual sets
Locus and Felix [x]
North and South Dakota [x]
Maine and Washington [x]
Carolina and York [x]
Wyoming and Florida [x]
CT and Tex [x]


My Graduation post!!! After 5 years in the Graphic Design program at USC I finally have made it out with my BFA in Graphic Design!!  I’m so glad my family and friends were there to share this momentous timein my life with me!! Now onto bigger and better things!!! (BLACK EXCELLENCE)

“The Patriot Victory at Kings Mountain” painting by Richard Luce, 2012

“The patriot militiamen remounted their attack, each man advancing under his own command, each fighting with courage and skill and commitment, and in time taking the crest of Little Kings Mountain.” - from the audio file: “The Story - The Battle of Kings Mountain”


Highschool AU

i wanted to do a highschool au a long time ago, like may-ish this year before i forgot about it, i figured i’d better actually post these! in case you don’t know who is who -

1. Agent David Washington - Tutor to Grif, Simmons, Tucker and Caboose.

2. Agent CT ( Connie ) - Washingtons best friend.

3. Agent Texas - New transfer student, aiming to be on top of the pyramid in cheerleading.

4. Agent South Dakota - The “I don’t really care, but secretly care about everything girl.”

5. Agent Carolina - Head Cheerleader, on top of the pyramid, close friends to Wash and brother to “Church”, daughter to Leonard or Principle Church. Best friends to Maine.


More RvB icons! This time with Freelancers!

Free to use with credit!

Bonus Florida:


So I’ve started carrying around this pocket journal with me the past few months and it was such a good idea! Everyone can take photos of beautiful places and people but to be able to add a quick little sketch allows you to capture the emotion in the moment too!

Read Edwidge Danticat’s moving meditation on Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, currently on view at MoMA, in The New Yorker​.

“At the end of a week when nine men and women were brutally assassinated by a racist young man in Charleston, South Carolina, and the possibility of two hundred thousand Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent being expelled from the Dominican Republic suddenly became very real, I longed to be in the presence of Lawrence’s migrants and survivors. I was yearning for their witness and fellowship, to borrow language from some of the churches that ended up being lifelines for the Great Migration’s new arrivals. But what kept me glued to these dark silhouettes is how beautifully and heartbreakingly Lawrence captured black bodies in motion, in transit, in danger, and in pain.”

[Jacob Lawrence. The Migration Series. 1940-41. Panel 3: “In every town Negroes were leaving by the hundreds to go North and enter into Northern industry.” Casein tempera on hardboard. The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C. Acquired 1942. © 2015 The Jacob and Gwendolyn Knight Lawrence Foundation, Seattle / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Photograph courtesy The Phillips Collection, Washington D.C.]