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I recently just finished doing the first pass of the main beat boards for my next short film. It took me a damn long time to figure out the type of story and world I wanted to work with. I was really disappointed with how my last film “tiny nomad” turned out, so I wanted to salvage that with another film. 

Here are two colored panels from the beat boards. South east asian setting.

James Imagine 5

Request: Do you think you can do a James Potter x reader? With then like just laying in bed on a Sunday morning and he starts singing “Sunday candy” and then she joins in? Like can it just be fluff? Please? Thank you! Xx

I was having SO MUCH trouble writing this!  thank you sm to @justasadlittleblogger, i really don’t know what i’d do without you, vix. She wrote a detailed outline for this and i built off of it, so go give her a follow!! she’s starting an imagines account!! 

James sighed and looked over at you looking through his bookshelf in his Quidditch jersey. You had stayed the night after Gryffindor had beat Slytherin, and had ended up just wearing his jersey to bed. James shuffled around a bit, hoping to get you to turn around at the noise so he could have all of your attention (as usual). When you didn’t notice him moving around, he decided to find another way to gain your attention. He remembered the muggle song you’d showed him before, Sunday Candy, and jumped up to grab the record you’d left last week. He slipped it out of its case and put in on the record player. The song began to play and you turned to him holding a book and rolled your eyes smiling. Then, in a horribly off-tune voice James began to sing along, “she can say in her voice in her way that she love me.”

You quirked an eyebrow.

“With her eyes,” James continued pointing at his eyes.

You giggled at your boyfriend and he walked closer to you, still singing, "with her smile,” he grabbed one of your hands and rubbed his nose on yours, laughing.

 "With her her belt, with her money” James stepped away and rubbed his fingers like he was asking for money.

You marked the page in your book and but it down.

“I am the thesis of her prayers, he nieces and her nephews,” James continued, “are just peices of the layers.”

You laughed and he grabbed both of your hands.

“Only ones she loves as much as me are jesus christ and taylor, I got a feature,” James sang, outlining his jawline, “So im singing for my grandma you singing too  but your grandma aint my grandma.”

You laughed at his horrible singing, "mines is hand made, pan fried, sun dried, south side and beat the devil by a land slide praying with her hands tied,” James put his hands up like he was praying.

“President of my fan club sayin’ t’ her something told me i should bring my butt to church.”

Then your sweet angelic voice filled the room, “you gotta move it slowly,” you said, grabbing him by his shirt collar, leaving him almost speechless, "take and eat my body like its holy.”

James leaned in closer to you, his lips almost touching yours, mesmerized, and you both whisper to the song, "I’ve been wating for you for the whole week.”

James was about to let his lips touch yours when you pushed him away last minute and sang out loud again, dancing around, "I’ve been praying for you you’re my sunday candy." 

James laughed, shaking his head, somewhat surprised at your effect on him and watched you singing and dancing, "You goota move it slowly take and eat my body like its holy ive been waiting for you for the whole week.”

You got closer to him and he joined in with you, both of smiling like total idiots and about half a centimeter away from each other, “I’ve been praying for you, you’re my Sunday Candy…” Your lips were about to touch James’s when you heard clapping and break a part.

 "You guys sounded amazing!” Sirius applauded.

“Sirius they were having a moment,” Remus whisper-shouted at Sirius.

“Ohhhhh,” Sirius winked, “Let’s just.. go then,” he finished with a knowing smirk

You and James’s foreheads rested on one another and you picked up right where you left off, "I’ve been praying for you.”

James smiled and you laughed, “you’re my sunday,” you were as close as possible to him as you can get without kissing, "candy.“ 

You let out a breath and melted into each other.

"GET SOME PRONGS,” a muffled voice (presumably Sirius’s) shouted.

"Guess you’re my Sunday candy?” James questioned, smiling and ignoring his friend.

“Guess I am.” 

okay this actually came out kinda super cute!! thank u sm again @justasadlittleblogger u saved my life!!! go give her a follow!!! requests are open!! ships are closed!! I’m making my way through them i swear there are just so many!!! 

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ok so kayleigh lives AU with raven andrew is cool but also imagine alt where he IS still a fox but because of kayleigh/kevin-> wymack connection he does meet the raven gang/ nathaniel

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

hOLY SHIT i really love the concept of Raven!Andrew bUT THIS IS A SUCH GOOD ALTERNATIVE BECAUSE

  • it means that The Battle Plan™ didn’t work
  • AT ALL
  • Riko is so pissed
  • Nathaniel is so confused because what did they do wrong? how in hell was none of it appealing enough for Andrew?? what else does he need???
  • (how did Andrew even refuse though Nathaniel was right there being pretty and batting his eyelashes at him)
  • “WHY” he spends days asking aloud after
  • because Andrew didn’t even fucking elaborate his “no”, it was just “no” repeated on various singing notes with his drug-induced smile placated on his face
  • WHY
  • and then news hit them that Andrew signed. with. the. fucking. FOXES.
  • Nathaniel is losing his hair
  • Riko is screaming
  • Kevin is also screaming from a hotel at the other side of the country
  • Jean is apologizing to their neighbours
  • the news came from Wymack who was gracious enough to call Kayleigh ahead because he knew that was going to make waves in the press
  • Kayleigh just asks “How did you do it”
  • Wymack shrugs “I’ll let you know when I figure it out myself”
  • Nathaniel has a theory, and that theory is called SPITE
  • he sees red, he fucking hates that blond midget
  • “What if we go South just to beat their asses”
  • “For the tenth time, no, and stop stabbing your brocoli Nathaniel.“
  • “Can I at least destroy them in the pr–”
  • the combined disapproving and slightly hurt gazes of Kayleigh and Kevin manage to chill him down a bit
  • thinking about it, Andrew Minyard as a Fox kinda makes sense
  • kinda
  • he… sort of fits there
  • maybe
  • “Are you going through the seven stages of grief”
  • “Shut up Riko”
  • anyway, he still needs answers
  • and he will get them personally

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Play table tennis. Whoever wins gets to publicly humiliate who they choose, or if that's not how you boys roll, the winner gets a food prize or something.

really love watching these white DJs and producers “discovering” afrobeat, south asian beats and rhythms, and just ~ethnic~ music in general and creating bullshit genres like “tropical house” and making millions ayy 

TWEEK: It doesn’t count!
CLYDE: C’mon, you gotta tell us.
TWEEK: *sighs* O-Okay, so you know Calvin?
CRAIG: … That guy with that weird cap?
TWEEK: Yes, him.
TWEEK: Okay, so remember when we went to that field trip to the Pioneer Village? And we had to hold hands?
CLYDE: And then we were held hostage? Token, we were partners, right? And you held hands with Kenny.
CRAIG: Jesus Christ, why do you all remember this?
TOKEN: Because we almost died.
CRAIG: We always almost die.
TWEEK: Anyway, Calvin and I held hands. 

TWEEK: And then when we were held hostage, I thought we were gonna die, man! A-And I thought I was gonna die without ever having my first kiss and so did he!
CRAIG: So you kissed each other?
TWEEK: Yeah.
CRAIG: … That’s actually a good explanation.
CLYDE: But why does Jimmy know?
JIMMY: I saw it. I p-pr-promised not to tell anyone, though.

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Do you watch anime? If so, what's your favourite ?

Tweek: Sometimes; I mostly watch action and comedy shows, like “Angel Beats” and “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

Craig: I don’t really watch anime, but I like Tokusatsu shows like “Kamen Rider” and “Super Sentai”.