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South Australia to get $1bn solar farm and world's biggest battery
System will include 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries, with operations set to begin by end of 2017

A huge $1bn solar farm and battery project will be built and ready to operate in South Australia’s Riverland region by the end of the year.

The battery storage developer Lyon Group says the system will be the biggest of its kind in the world, boasting 3.4m solar panels and 1.1m batteries.

The company says construction will start in months and the project will be built whatever the outcome of the SA government’s tender for a large battery to store renewable energy.

A Lyon Group partner, David Green, says the system, financed by investors and built on privately owned scrubland in Morgan, will be a “significant stimulus” for South Australia.

“The combination of the solar and the battery will significantly enhance the capacity available in the South Australian market,” he said.

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Union soldiers posing on sandbag fortifications and with Parrott rifles in Battery Stevens on Morris Island near Charleston, South Carolina, 1863. Battle smoke from nearby artillery fire is possibly visible in the background. By Haas and Peale.

Source: Library of Congress.

MICHAEL: We’re solid 10s. Except for Henrietta. 
HENRIETTA: Excuse me?
MICHAEL: You’re like an 8, because you had a crush on Raven.
RUBY: Who is Raven?
FIRKLE: Stan Marsh.

RUBY: That jock, animal loving Stan? We’re talking about the same person, right?

MICHAEL: Henrietta, you want to answer that?
HENRIETTA: Shut the fuck up. I was, like, 10.

The first time the South Dakota’s main battery was tested with a full nine-gun broadside, the wave of blast pressure pushed through the passageway where Captain Thomas Gatch was standing, tearing his pants right off him. The vast power of the sixteen-inch guns required a perfect physical apparatus to ensure not only their working order but also the safety of the ship.
—  Neptune’s Inferno: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, by James D. Hornfischer

Church Street, Charleston, South Carolina, 1910

Church Street, named for the new St. Philip’s Church, was one of the regularly laid out streets of the 1672 Grand Modell, extending the length of the town from what is now Cumberland Street to Vanderhorst Creek (present Water Street). Early references call it New Church Street, signifying the removal of St. Philip’s from its original site, and in some cases, New Meeting Street, reflecting perhaps the loss of Old Meeting Street due to construction of the city walls, and perhaps the presence of the Baptist Church near its south end. By 1739, it was known simply as Church Street. By that time, also, Vanderhorst Creek had been bridged and Church Street Continued was cut from Vanderhorst Creek south to Broughton’s Battery on White Point.

From the old Charleston tour guide exam study book

luke-warm-batteries  asked:

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Kyle: What the fuck Cartman?!

Cartman: Sorry, Kyle. I’ve let your kind exist far too long, it’s time to exterminate the jew scum.

Kyle: ……..

*confetti explosion*

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