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Kishi -

A demon from Angola, South Africa, the Kishi appears as an attractive man to lure women closer to it. It has two faces. It has a very attractive human face and body at the front but the face of a hyena on the back of its head. The hyena face is said to have long sharp teeth and jaws so strong that it cannot be pulled off once it starts biting. 

The  Kishi eats young women. It will use its attractive human face to charm women and get them alone. Once they are alone with him he will turn around and eat them using his hyena face. They have also been known to marry human women, have children with them and then eat the wife after she notices the baby has two faces. 

Some of you have mentioned the idea of having an African Tumblr meet up. Many of you are interested in meeting your fellow Africans and networking, etc and we think this would be a good way to make this happen. We want to use our blog to help facilitate an African Tumblr meetup for this summer. To help start the discussion and make this meetup a success, we need three things from everyone:

1. Month you want it to happen = Choose between June or July (dates have not yet been set, once the poll has been taken the dates will be set)

2. Volunteers (we will need volunteers to help with facilitating and planning of the meetup) if interested or want to be a part please say yes in this post and send us a message

3. The area of where you want the Tumblr meet up to happen: we are starting off with two locations for now and based on previous suggestions here are the options to vote on:
California ( LA)
Texas (Houston or Dallas)
New York (NYC)
DMV area
Georgia (Atlanta)

Please leave your votes under this post. If you want to volunteer, don’t forget to mention yes in this post and send us a message.

Let’s get this show on the road and make this African Tumblr meetup one to remember. This is a good time for you guys to finally meet each other in person, create friendships, who knows you may find your ozzband or wifey!

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“Decades ago we came barreling around a corner in Onjiva and drove into a T-34 tank. We were just a SAI section in a Buffel. This was a seriously unequal encounter. Like when Bismarck concussed himself bouncing off Eben Etzebeth.

You get two kinds of leopards, Oom Schalk Lourens said, one with more spots and one with fewer spots. But when you come across a leopard in the bush you only do one kind of running. And that’s the fastest kind.

The same applies to a T-34 tank. If you’re in a Ratel I guess it’s different. I hear they knocked out quite a few T-34s. If you’re an NSM BokKop in a Buffel, there’s nothing you learnt in bush-alley shooting that can help you.

You become acutely aware of your shortcomings when facing a Russian tank. A bunch of R4’s, an LMG and a shotgun don’t get you far. I suppose we could’ve used our pikstel knives as well but this wasn’t the time to check inventory.

They said don’t volunteer for anything in the army but in that moment your body commits treason against you. Your anus volunteers to open right there and then in the Buffel.

That’s a secondary and unimportant reaction. Your first response is to scream at the driver to Reverse! All of you, screaming the same thing simultaneously.

At the same time you duck down behind the steel plating. A T-34 cannon is pretty intimidating when you’re facing it from the front. And when it’s job is to erase you from the planet.

Not that ducking down helps much. There’s also that little round bubble on the T-34 with a short barrel poking out. You don’t know if it’s a 7.62 or a 20mm or even a 30mm cannon. Whatever, you suspect it can fire big chunks of Siberian lead right through your Buffel.

Christo, our driver, was now under severe pressure. He had a bunch of screaming, shitting maniacs behind him and a Russian tank in front.

Pressure wasn’t Christo’s thing. He was everyone’s buddy but had cracked in Basics. They were chasing us around with bed frames at 1am when Christo gave in. Sat down, lit a cigarette and told the Instructors to fuck off. THAT was something to witness. Another story for another day.

Point is, he couldn’t take the punch, they said. Let’s keep him away from contacts. Make him a driver. So much for that theory. But now Christo had the chance to redeem himself. Pretty easy, you might think. Just hit reverse gear and back up around the corner.

Maybe his hesitation was influenced by 10 infantryman and a sergeant yelling at him in 3 languages - English, Afrikaans and NuweVloekerei. The last is when you spontaneously construct sentences consisting only of swear words. Bad ones that make you cry when confessing to the Dominee. He also cries.

Some of the swear words are old, the stock ones in your vocabulary. When they don’t work and Christo is grinding the gears trying to find Reverse, you spontaneously invent new words. These involve a combination of the driver’s, your own and everyone else’s mother, including the T-34’s.

The amazing thing is that this new language works. Christo hammered us into Reverse, popped the clutch and we shot backwards faster than a T-34 projectile goes forwards.

Straight into a line of Buffels behind us that veered left and right to avoid a crash. This caused Onjiva’s biggest traffic snarl-up since Antonio the Porto arrived with fresh veggies from Lubango.

On top of the skidding and sliding Buffels a company of BokKops jumped up shouting What’s Your <NuweVloekerei> Problem!?

Kak vraag sit. Go round the corner and see for yourself.

… So last month I walked around London’s Imperial War Museum looking at nice war things like Spitfires and bent steel girders from the World Trade Centre and suicide bomber vests and stuff. Relics from other people’s wars.

Then you walk around a corner straight into the barrel of a T-34 tank. Deja vu. Instinctively I ducked and shouted out the same NuweVloekerei I’d used many years ago. I didn’t know those words were still in my vocabulary.

A museum guide smiled and helped me off the floor. He told me the tank fought at Stalingrad where they defeated the Nazi Panzers. I told him I know this tank. And asked him to take the picture.

We don’t get many visitors who fought against a T-34, he said. I had to correct him. You don’t get many visitors who ran away from a T-34, I said.”

-Veteran Steve De Witt

More African Nations

Himaruya had planned to add Libya in Gakuen Hetalia, but did not appear in the game. Hima has stated that Libya and Ethiopia were characters he wanted to design some day. He also mentioned he would love to draw South Africa some day. Himaruya, in 2011, posted this sketch:

While the identity of this character is still unknown, many speculate due to the habitat of meerkats, that it is either Nambia, Angola, or South Africa. 


Her dance moves are on fire


Damara Tern (Sternula balaenarum)

…a species of tern (Sternidae) which is native to western South Africa, Namibia, and Angola. Non-breeding Damara terns migrate north reaching Benin, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Togo. Like other species of terns, Damara terns are typically encountered near shallow seas, sandy shores, and coastal saline lagoons, where they will feed on a range of small fish via plunge diving


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Charadriiformes-Sternidae-Sternula-S. balaenarum

Image: Ron Knight

also– location: ‘african coast’

what the hell. no? that is not a location. are we in the mediterranean, along the coast of algeria? tunisia? we hanging out in the red sea, along the coast of egypt, sudan, or eritrea? no? that was a bigger looking ocean yeah–arabian sea maybe–that could be, what, the coast of somalia then? 

oh, atlantic you say? big ocean– clearly we’re on the atlantic coast of africa. that’s good, yeah. alright then: would that be the atlantic coast of morocco, western sahara, mauritania, senegal, the gambia, guinea-bissau, guinea, sierra leone, liberia, cote d’ivoire, ghana, togo, or benin? how about the atlantic coastlines of nigeria, cameroon, equatorial guinea, gabon, congo, democratic republic of the congo (it’s a small coast line, but it’s there!), angola, or south africa? how about namibia’s roughly 1572 km of atlantic coastline? we maybe somewhere in there?


Fairy Circles in the Outback

Whimsically classified as fairy circles, these strange hexagonal patches of land never over-lap and can only truly be appreciated with an aerial view. Resembling the same pattern as honeycomb, they can be found in the millions along a 1,800km (more than 1,000 miles) long area of South Africa extending from Angola south toward the Northwestern Cape province. Most of them, however, are located in the Namib desert. Individually they appear as rings of tall grass enclosing barren centers of red earth, which can measure between 2m (7ft) and 20m (65ft) in diameter.

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Rock Pratincole (Glareola nuchalis)

…a strikingly marked species of pranticole that is native to Africa. Two subspecies occur G. n. nuchalis which occurs from Chad to Ethiopia, south to Angola and northern Namibia to western Zambia and Mozambique and G. n. liberiae which occurs from Sierra Leone to western Cameroon. Like other pranticoles (and unlike other shorebirds), rock pranticoles prefer inland habitats to coastal/wet areas, where they will forage for insects and other invertebrates, usually among rocks as their common name suggests.  


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Charadriiformes-Glareolidae-Glareola-G. nuchalis

Image: Francesco_veronesi