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The house ‘with the blue shutters’ from the 2004 film The Notebook is a real house located on Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, built in 1772 and named Martin’s Point Plantation.


As the world anxiously awaits the release of Wonder Woman, we highlight Kristy Guevara-Flanagan’s Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. Themes of gender, power, and influence are explored in this film that chronicles the evolution of heroic women in pop culture – from the comic book superheroines of the 1940s, to TV action chicks of the 60s and 70s, to big screen blockbusters of today. The film received the 2011 Documentary Film Fund Grant from Sundance Institute, and went on to premiere at the 2012 South by Southwest film festival.

All film stills courtesy of Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines


In 1991 Julie Dash premiered her first feature, Daughters of the Dust, at the Sundance Film Festival, which went on to win the award for Excellence in Cinematography. The film is set in the early 1900s and follows a Gullah family of women preparing to move from the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina to mainland America. Daughters of the Dust was the first film directed by an African American woman to receive a national release. 

The film appears to be a source of inspiration for Beyonce’s Lemonade. The visual album echoes imagery from the film with shots of young African-American women in the Southern wild and desolate beaches wearing turn of the century garments. 

Daughters of the Dust screened at the Festival again in 2012 as a part of the “From the Collection” program. The film has recently been digitally restored by Cohen Film Collection and will screen at film festivals and theaters in addition to a Blu-ray release this fall. Click here to view a trailer for Daughters of the Dust.

Film stills courtesy of Daughters of the Dust

Tragedy Girls featuring Josh Hutcherson is coming this fall!

Variety reports Gunpowder & Sky has acquired rights to the horror-comedy for release later in 2017.

Josh has a brief but memorable role as Toby, the ex-boyfriend of Mikayla, played by X-Men’s Alexandra Shipp.

Tragedy Girls has garnered positive reviews with showings at multiple North and South American film festivals this year. Its European debut is set for later this summer.

No specific theatrical release date has been announced yet but we will let you know once that information is available!



This was the argument that the BBC chose to Simon Bolivar as the most prominent 19th century American.

“With only 47 years old fought 472 battles being defeated only 6 times, participated in 79 major battles, with great risk of death in 25 of them. 

Freed 6 Nations, rode 123,000 miles, more than sailed by Columbus and Vasco de Gama combined. 

He was Head of State of 5 nations, he rode with the torch of freedom linear distance of 6,500 kilometers, is about half that distance back to earth. 

He ran 10 times Hannibal, Napoleon 3 times, and twice as Alexander the Great. 

His ideas of freedom were written in 2632 92 proclamations and letters. The amazing thing was that many of them were issued simultaneously in different languages ​​and different secretaries. 

The army commanded never conquered … Only liberated. ”


Matthew McConaughey As A Confederate Civil War Soldier In ’ Free State of Jones'  

In Jones County, Miss., Newt Knight  joins forces with other farmers and a group of slaves to lead a rebellion against the Confederacy- Hits theaters May 13, 2016

Keri Russell, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mahershala Ali also star.

Portraying defiant farmer Newton Knight in writer-director Gary Ross’ upcoming Civil War drama The Free State of Jones.  The image captures Knight in battle; McConaughey plays a soldier for the Confederacy during the Civil War who becomes disillusioned with the South’s cause, flees the battlefield and defiantly declares a safe haven in Jones County, Mississippi. Filmed in and around New Orleans.


FREE STATE OF JONES- Starring Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey

Epic action-drama set during the Civil War, and tells the story of defiant Southern farmer, Newt Knight, and his extraordinary armed rebellion against the Confederacy. Banding together with other small farmers and local slaves, Knight launched an uprising that led Jones County, Mississippi to secede from the Confederacy, creating a Free State of Jones.

Knight continued his struggle into Reconstruction, distinguishing him as a compelling, if controversial, figure of defiance long beyond the War.

In Theaters May 13, 2016