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Basically the era where being thicker than a midget was a crime just because Africans happen to be thick. Sarah (Saartije) Baartman was a Khoisan (South African) woman who performed under the name “Hottentot Venus” in 19th century England and France. She is the original video vixen: discovered at home in South Africa during her late teens, she was offered money and fame in Europe as a singer and dancer. Little did she know that she would be exploited and put on display for everyone to gaze at her large butt, long clitoris/labia, small waist, big breast and kinky hair– all traits that are very common amongst Khoisan women. As her shows attracted more fans, she was forced against her will to have sex with men AND WOMEN who gave enough money to her exploiters. Sarah got none of the money, as she was once promised. After her act got old, she was forced into prostitution, where she died of std’s and alcoholism. The obsession with Saartije lasted after her death as well. For more than 100 years, visitors and “scientist” were able to examine her dissected body parts in Paris museums. The 19th century shapewear, the “bustle” was inspired by her in order to give european women her unique physique. Yes, an old school booty pop. On behalf of Nelson Mandela’s request, Paris returned Saartije’s remains to South Africa in 2002. Black men, it’s time that you start respecting the black woman’s body, because this act of objectifying it was taught to you. #sarahbaartman

Xhosa - South Africa

Xhosa people are a Bantu ethnic group from South Africa. The name “Xhosa” comes from that of a legendary leader and King called uXhosa. There are approximately 8 million Xhosa people in South Africa, and the Xhosa language is the countries second most-populous language in the country, after Zulu. 

Xhosa women have a history of wearing traditional head wraps, that would increase in size as the woman aged. For special events, the head wraps would be even large and more elaborate than usual. 

Culture Clash

Summary: tbh, I don’t know. You flirt really badly in Afrikaans with Sam and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: This is fluff. Foreign languages. terrible flirting. Self-indulgent. I tried. explaining culture is hard.

Word Count: 929

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“Hierdie voel soos troumateriaal!”: This feels like marriage material
Is jy n Universiteit? Want jy’s anibrand!: Are you a university? Because you’re on fire!
Ek sal jou so vol wors prop jy sal soos ‘n slaghuis venster lyk: I’m going to shove you so full of sausage you’re going to look like a butchery window. This does not translate well.
Volk: The people?Country. Fellow Afrikaners.
I love it when you talk foreign: This is a thing. It was an ad a couple of years ago about an Afrikaans guy talking to his girlfriend, saying words like “Mochaccino” and “Creme Brule” she melts and says “Oh Henry, I love it when you talk foreign”
Pantoffel Regering: Slipper brigade. Wives.


You stride toward Sam, grab the hem of his dark grey shirt and tug it gently to gain his attention. His hazel eyes meet yours, you stare him straight in the eye and say, “Hierdie voel soos troumateriaal!”

His face goes blank. He doesn’t speak your language. Any attempts to teach him is met with hilarity.

Afrikaans was not a language for the faint of heart. It’s a hard, guttural language full of rolling “R”s and hard “G”’s.

He raises an eyebrow, waiting for you to translate.

Instead, you decide to have a little fun with him. “Is jy n Universiteit? Want jy’s anibrand!” The last line makes you burst into a fit of laughter.

Sam is not impressed. “Are you going to explain? Or am I going to have to google?”

You snigger evilly. “Sam, you couldn’t spell one word even if you tried.”

You throw him a wink before striding to the kitchen. It was your night to cook and you had decided you were going to go authentic. Boere Kos, hearty and warm, meant to put meat on your bones. The rice had been boiling merrily for fifteen minutes. Roast potatoes were currently in the frying pan. Cauliflower smothered in a cheese sauce was browning in the oven accompanied by sprouts, again covered in cheese sauce. Sweet pumpkin and carrots, and a creamy mash to finish off the meal.

Dessert consisted of Melk tert and Jan Ellis pudding. Three sherry glasses stood next to the plates. The one bottle of Old Brown Sherry you’d managed to smuggle in was ready and waiting to be drunk.

You were raised to take care of your family. Feed them well, tend to their needs, and in return, you would be cared for. Afrikaner families are a tight-knit unit. Nothing is more important. The Volk is everything. Manners and Respect were a close second.

To this day you struggled to call Dean by his name. He was ten years older than you, and the need to refer to him as “Oom” would flare up in every conversation you had. You doubted he would be very impressed you had the overwhelming urge to call him Uncle every time he opened his mouth.

Your mother would be horrified if she knew you were using his given name. It would have earned you a smack to the back of the head in five seconds flat.

Your upbringing confused them.  Conditioned to smile at everyone who made eye contact. Made for open veldt and the rolling plains of Africa, bred for hard work for the good of the family. Family and Country. The Afrikaner way.

They were not prepared for what they called ‘the fire’.

You took none of their bullshit. Calling them out on their self-loathing and complete disregard for their own lives. The notion that a South African woman was meek was laughable. You were prone to blow up, regardless of culture. Strong and opinionated. There was no way you would keep your mouth shut.

It’s what the men affectionately referred to as the “pantoffel regering”. It was a joke between them. Sitting around a campfire, beer in hand, they would lovingly complain about the unfairness of their wives but would revel in the fierceness they possessed.

Happy wife, Happy life.

Sam chooses to waltz into the kitchen as you take the pressure cooker off the stove. He inhales, smacks his lips appreciatively, and rubs his stomach. “Man, that smells good.”

You wink saucily. “Ek sal jou so vol wors prop jy sal soos 'n slaghuis venster lyk.”

Sam huffs in annoyance. “What am I going to do with you?” he groans.

You laugh loudly before smiling sadly at him. “If you don’t know what to do with me after all this time, Sam, then there’s no hope left.”

Sam looks momentarily startled before he plasters a grin on his face and hurriedly exits the kitchen.


After dinner, some more dirty flirting, and much grumbling about overeating, you bid them a goodnight.

Sam eyes you with interest as you head to your room. He’d been uncharacteristically quiet throughout dinner. It was slightly worrying. Sam wasn’t one to chatter aimlessly, but he always made sure to keep the conversation flowing.

His silence was unnerving.

A knock at your door pulls you from your thoughts, and you call out a distracted, “Come in.”

Sam strides in, deathly quiet. He places his phone on the table and presses playback.

You pale. All your dirty suggestions read aloud in English. Every word perfectly translated. Every innuendo laid bare.

“Sammy, I’m so sorry!” you squeak.

He moves forward, eyeing you up and down. “Let’s get started, shall we?” he replies huskily.

Your heart soars. You match his naughty grin before flinging yourself at him. “Oh, Sam. I love it when you talk foreign!”


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I've never played any of the Uncharted games, would you recommend Lost Legacy to me? As in, does it make any sense whatsoever despite me having absolutely NO knowledge of the other games? Except that there's some Lara Croft wannabe dude called... Nathan, I'm guessing. Or Nate. Something N. I'd just be so interested in playing a game with 2 badass ladies teaming up, but I don't want to play 5 games to be able to understand what's going on. ;___;

Yeah, it makes perfect sense without having played the other games. You have a much better understanding of the backstory for Chloe and Nadine (plus knowing the kind of person Chloe is, which is someone who doesn’t have a problem with lying to people). Chloe also slept with Nathan Drake in the past. 

Nathan Drake was the hero in the last 4 games. A great character, absent in this game, but Chloe and Nadine snark intelligently at each other enough that I don’t miss him (Nate is a wise-cracker). 

The whole series is excellent, the writing is VERY good. The characters are extremely developed and both the protagonists of The Lost Legacy are PoC women. Nadine is a black South African woman and Chloe is half Australian, Half Indian. Worth playing just for that!

South Africans protest over violence against women

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Pretoria on Saturday, angered by a rise in violence against women and children in South Africa, including killings and sex attacks.

Answering the call by a group calling itself “#Not In My Name” the protesters, most of them men, marched through the streets of the South African capital behind a woman symbolically dressed head to toe in white.

“The time to take collective responsibility for our shameful action is now,” said Kholofelo Masha, on of the protest organisers, who described himself as “a loving dad, brother and uncle”.

South African men have remained quiet on the issue for too long, he added: “You hear a lady screaming next door, you decide to sleep when you know there is a problem next door… No man should beat a woman or rape a woman while you’re watching”.

Reports of the rape and murder of women and girls have been front-page news recently in South Africa, which has some of the worst crime rates in the world.

According to official figures, a women is killed by someone she knows every eight hours somewhere in the country and one woman in five has been subjected to at least one act of violent aggression in her life.

The killing of Reeva Steenkamp by her boyfriend, Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, drew global attention to the issue of domestic violence in South Africa.

South African President Jacob Zuma on Thursday visited the home of the parents of a three-year-old girl who was raped and killed.

“We as the citizens of this country must say enough is enough,” Zuma said then. “This is one of the saddest incidents I’ve come across. It’s a crisis in the country, the manner in which women and children are being killed.”

The ruling African National Congress has called the wave of violent acts “senseless and barbaric” while the main opposition Democratic Alliance party has denounced the “failure to make South Africa safe for all,” and has called for a national debate on the problem.