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Below the cut you will find 210 small/medium HQ gifs of the beautiful Lesley-Ann Brandt, best known for her roles as Mazikeen in Lucifer and Naevia in Spartacus. None of these gifs were made by me, they are all textless, and there are no repeats.

You can find 100+ additional gifs of Lesley-Ann in the following gif packs: 115

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articles about troye be like: “20 year old australian and south african internet sensation youtuber actor crooner heartthrob fashion model entertainer young wolverine singer-songwriter angel that fell from the internet photoshop pro toe weaver tumblr addict spontaneous tweeter graphic designer troye sivan has millions of followers across social media - all just because of his inane weekly vlogs!1!1!!”

Caspar Lee

Height: 6′2″

Most Famous For: South African vlogger, actor, and internet personality known for his YouTube channel, “Caspar”

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anthvnystark  asked:

Wait, kidnapping?! What kidnapping? If you wouldn't mind explaining.. I'm not sure i've hear about that!

Benedict was kidnapped while he was filming in South Africa.

If you want to read more, Benedict described the experience himself

(source - from this book):

“I had gone to South Africa to make a BBC series called To The Ends of the Earth and on a weekend off I went with two friends to do a diving course in the stunning Sodwana Bay. Coming down with a cold and feeling anxious about making it back early in the morning, I selfishly pulled rank and suggested we break a cardinal rule by driving after dark. 

I will always remember that “How to Disappear Completely” by Radiohead was playing. This haunting track was half-way through, the window was down and we were relaxing into the journey. That’s when things started to go wrong. The front right tyre blew and we pulled up after 100 years to fix it. It was 8pm, pitch dark and we were two hours from home. There was traffic on the highway, but the rule is you never stop, not even for other drivers who may be in trouble. We were on our own. 

I tried to change the wheel but I’m no mechanic and I couldn’t get the jack to fit. Theo and Denise called the South African equivalent of the AA, but our hopes for them arriving were slim. Although we said nothing to each other, we were all feeling tense and nervous. Stories of car jacking were very fresh in our minds. 

Out of the shadows of the bush we were suddenly aware of a group of six men moving towards us. It all happened so quickly. Theo calmly warned us not to look at them and do what they asked. They made us stand facing the car with our hands on our heads and were carrying what looked like weapons of some sort. 

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I wonder who are the lucky gentlemen that will get to play Chris’ love interests for the Noel bio pic.

I would love if my fellow Chris stans (and anyone else interested) To reblog and post a pic of English actors you think who should play the love interests of Noel in the movie!

I shall start first……

  1. In 1913, when Coward was 14, he became the protégé and probably the lover of Philip Streatfeild, a society painter. I think in the movie he should be played by non other than Tom Hiddleston cause just look at him! Older, yet gorgeous! 

  2.  Jack Wilson, an American stockbroker, had been his lover and business manager in the 1920s.  Played by Nicholas Hoult cause I love him, and also Jack Wilson and Noel were the same age I think, so I wanted a young actor :)  (I know he is an English actor, but Chris is an American so idc if he is not a real american actor or not :3 )

  3. And Idk if they would be in the movie or not, but if they are, then I would love for Prince George and Noel’s Late Lover Graham Payne to be played also :)
  4. Prince George, I want Alexander Skarsgard tro play him so badly cause he just screams awesome cray bisexual prince to me and I can’t, plus his face is everything <3

  5. After World War II Coward fell in love with South African singer/actor Graham Payn, and the two were together until Coward’s death in March, 1973. I would love for Daniel Sharman to play Graham, he is such a cutie pie ^_^ 

Or if not any of them for those leads, then any of these actors can just play the hot guys Noel had flings with because hot damn!