south 12th


April 12th, 2016: Karlie at USC

It’s mid-autumn festival!



A friend of mine, knowing me to be a young ailurophile (a.k.a. creepy old cat man in the making), tweeted this viral video at me yesterday. Now, I’ve seen this video at least half-a-dozen times but not since I self-initiated myself into the Windsor Defense Fund. There I was, waiting for this particle of digital virion to buffer and what do I discover? I discover that the people who brought this young child inspiration via Kittens were inspired themselves by WINDSOR. 15,389,297 viewings of Windsor to date. Three cheers for the subtle yet steady undercurrent that is Windsor.


// Genocide since 1492 //
Genocide in the America’s has been happening since 1492, (Since the arrival of Christopher Columbus on October 12th in South America.) Weather it be from mass murders because of your ethnicity, culture, philosophies or from the things that are instilled in us from growing up in a white dominated society. I made this shirt because I felt that every time Columbus Day (indigenous peoples day) was brought up, it was just like “oh get over the past. Y'all are stuck in the past, move on.” How can I get over the fact that over a 100 million indigenous peoples were killed within a 500 year time period? How can I get over the fact that not only men were killed, but children, woman and elders? Or how whole tribes with unique cultures were just obliterated off the earth and nobody really knows about them. I can’t just get over that. The smiley face contradicts the whole thing and represents those who tell us to “get over the past.”

W/ @kimmmykiim