“All three of us were born in this town in the same year, the year of the tiger. We are also widows and as our zodiac predicted, we have been loyal to each other as tigers as far as I can remember. Of course we have had few minor fights throughout our lives but miraculously we are here, strong and watching the shows together.”

What are you watching?

“The Beijing opera!” - replied two of them at the same time and started foretelling us the following scenes and chants which followed. Soon I found out that they are actually watching a DVD.

Is there anything you wish you have done differently in your lives?

“No, everything was as it should be.“

"I would have liked to see Beijing.” – replied one of them after a long pause.


- met them in ‪Yangmei‬, ‪Guangxi‬ [‪ ‎CHINA ‬]

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opens today, Sat, May 2, 4-6p:

And You May Find Yourself…
 Beverly Buchanan

Andrew Edlin Gallery, 134 Tenth Ave., NYC (bt 18th & 19th St.)

features a selection of her wooden sculptures and oil-pastel-on-paper drawings depicting houses and other buildings of America’s rural South. Buchanan, best known for her art’s exploration of the vernacular architecture of the American South, uses wood chips and scraps or sometimes Foamcore to make small-scale replicas of traditional saddlebag houses, cabins, school buildings, churches or barns. In a statement on her official website, she has written: “Remembering the look and feel of structures has been a strong focus in my drawings and sculptures. My vision and interest shifted to the reality of current places and their surrounding landscape. The house and its yard and the road behind and across.”  - thru June 13