sousuke's shadow


Prompt: future fish + kids 
Rating: PG-13
AO3: (tba)

‘You want children.’ It’s not a question. Sousuke is by the café to walk Haru home under the pretext of it not being safe, but everyone knows it’s just because Sousuke is paranoid and probably into Haru. Whether or not it’s reciprocated is a source of many bets in the local neighbourhood, and Sousuke has a strong gut feeling that Nagisa is the one running the pool.

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Free! Android AU: In which android!Sousuke and SAR officer!Rin get a break from the apocalypse (sort of).

Title: A (Metallic) Heart Full of Love

Author: ryukoishida

Fandom: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Part: 1/1

Genre: Android!AU, romance

Rating: NSFW

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sousuke/Rin

Summary: While the world is trying to deal with the apocalypse caused by a virus that has infected most of the Synthetic Human (SH) population, Matsuoka Rin, a human SAR officer, and Yamazaki Sousuke, one of the few SH units unaffected by the virus, find solace in each other in a brief moment of peace.

A/N: For the lovely aitaikimochi’s (super belated) birthday. This is a mini continuation of “It’s a Disaster”, so I hope you like it, friend.


“You know, it’s kind of funny,” Rin smiles with uncharacteristic bashfulness that should not look so attractive on a grown man, holding Sousuke’s curious gaze still as he pulls him to sit up on the edge of the bed while he remains standing, “Now that we have some time alone, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing.” He rubs the back of his neck with a hint of self-consciousness rarely observed in the usually confident and brash young man.

“How about we start with this, then?” Sousuke gets to his feet and crowds into the other man’s personal space, his eyes constantly gauging for any signs that Rin might be uncomfortable with what he’s about to do, but Rin doesn’t flinch at his approach, just allows the taller android to gently pull him into his arms and keeping him steady within his embrace.

Rin winds his arms tightly around the SH’s waist, his head buried in his chest, breathing in. Synthetic Humans don’t sweat or secrete any specific scents, though they require thorough washing every once in awhile, especially after prolonged soaking in the ocean during missions, so when Rin inhales, there’s only the soft hint of salt from the sea beneath the sharp waft of cleaning solution.

It’s a scent that he’s come to grow comfortable with.

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Sousuke is nervous about asking Makoto out for a date and he’s super excited when Makoto says yes. When it’s date day, Sousuke has shadows under his eyes from not being able to sleep at night and he is glaring the whole day that Makoto gets nervous and scared.