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Sou cuddle headcanons 💙

  • Afternoons are his favorite cuddle times!
  • He’d often initiate it when he sees that you’re in a bad mood or simply, when he’s just feeling like it. 
  • Is always the big spoon. Don’t even try :) 
  • Loves giving head pats, especially if you’re really cute and small. He wouldn’t be able to resist your cuteness, trust me. 
  • Likes giving forehead kisses, and likes being kissed on the cheek. 
  • Will stroke your hair until you fall asleep. Sometimes you’ll wake up with braids in your hair. 
  • He likes playing love songs on his Ipod while cuddling. He’d share the other half of his earphones for you to listen as well.  
  • When he’s in the mood, he’d start a tickle fight with you until you both got tired (which is unfair because he’s not ticklish)
Never forget that, in the episode that some people call the "Rinharu episode" (the trip to Australia):

- Haruka and Rin traveled while being in critical moments with Makoto and Sousuke (Haruka because he found out that Makoto is going to Tokio and Rin because he found out that Sousuke won’t be able to swim professionally. In other words: that they won’t be able to be together anymore).

- During the trip, Haruka told Rin that he had an argument with Makoto. In response, Rin told Haruka about his own arguments with Sousuke.

- When the trip is finished, Haruka returned to Makoto and Rin returned to Sousuke, and Makoto and Sousuke received them with the “welcome home, Haru/Rin”.


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HELLO OMG. I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’VE MADE THIS BLOG FOR THE BABY WHALE SHARK. And everything is so nice and in character, I am super stoked for this blog, and you’ve really understood the shy stoic cute baby. :D Could I ask for marriage headcannons with Sousuke, like how would be as a husband?

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! <3 ~

  • Sousuke wouldn’t force you to be a house partner, even if his job was more than sufficient to support the two of you. If you had a job you absolutely loved doing, he wouldn’t want to to keep you from doing it.
  • The highlight of his day would always be coming home to you, though some days he wouldn’t show it as clearly as others.
    • He’ll do the cliche kiss before he leaves and first thing when he gets home.
    • Even if he has to bring someone back with him, the first chance he gets to get away from them, he’ll give you a hug and a kiss on the top of the head.
  • Sousuke usually can’t be bothered to cook, so he’ll leave it mostly to you.
    • He can cook, and pretty well, but he’s just lazy. He’ll cook for you on special occasions though!
    • You can challenge him to a paper-scissors-rock throwdown to make him cook dinner!
      • On days when you’re very visibly tired, he’ll challenge you and lose on purpose, unbeknownst to you.
  • Sousuke would probably see having children as a normal part of marriage, and would likely want a child after a few years of happy marriage.
    • But if you’re uncomfortable with it, after some persuasion and time, he’d be alright with it. So long as you’re happy, he’s happy.

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Finally finished watching Voltron. Had to do a crossover.

And as much as I like the red aesthetic for Rin, he’s def better suited as the leader, especially since Sousuke likes to do a lot of things his way. … I did give him the glowy Galra hand though because APPARENTLY I HAVE A THING FOR TRAGIC HOT DADS.

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Translated the Free! Eternal Summer Vol. 4 Creation Notebook original illustrations, including one illustration that depicts all of the characters post-Eternal Summer! Enjoy~


Makoto and Haru Picture by Nishiya Futoshi:
This scene with Haruka and Makoto takes place after their daily swim practice is over. Haruka gets tired and starts dozing. I wonder if they’re both waiting for Nagisa and Rei?

Rei and Nagisa Picture by Ikeda Kazumi:
“A small bird perches on top of Rei’s head!” is kind of the image I had as I drew this piece. It’s supposed to be a somewhat brisk Spring day that merits heavier clothing. Oh, and also melon bread!

Group Picture “Future Scenario” Explanation by Utsumi Hiroko:
I drew this scenario while trying to imagine what each character would be doing post Free! Eternal Summer.

Haruka: In the middle of going to college. He wants to hurry up and go swimming, so he’s wearing his trunks and is half naked. He gets sideglanced by someone he just passed. Also, he values lunch time, so I thought that the thing he really can’t give up would be mackerel, so people around him do a double take when he’s out.

Rin: He’s spending everyday training with his new friends in Australia.

Makoto: He is probably practicing his teaching skills in the field I guess? I think that he would be spending a lot of fun times with kids.

Nagisa: Even though Nagisa is an angel, he is a third year after all so…He must have gotten bigger and more mature?

Rei: Since he is now captain of the swim team, there are a lot of things he wants to get involved in while of course, also doing his best during swim practice.

Sousuke: When I think of Sousuke, the image of him doing his best in his rehabilitation comes to mind. I think that Sousuke will definitely be able to find something within himself.

Nitori: Because he is captain, he gets caught up in a lot of things, especially with Uozomi and Minami. Even though they’re friends, they all fight quite often. It seems like it would be very worrisome, and Nitori looks like he might go crazy! I await the birth of the new Captain Nitori!

Momotarou: Since his brother often comes to visit, he gets messed with often. By challenging himself to matches and even if he has a losing streak, this does not discourage these cute brothers.

This is a very personal interpretation of what I think each character would be doing, but imagining what their futures would be like was very fun!


T/N: There are still some Creation Notebooks on Aitai☆Kuji left for anyone interested!