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Announcement: AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo & Voting Single

Location: Toyosaki Seaside Park & Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach, Okinawa

Date: 17/06/2017

AKB48 48th Single (Sousenkyo 2017 Voting Single)

Song title: “Negaigoto no Mochigusare”
(NHK Minna no Uta NCON Middle School Category Set Piece)

Release: 31/05/2017

35-man Senbatsu

Matsui Jurina (Center)
Miyawaki Sakura (Center)

Oda Erina
Kubo Satone
Kawamoto Saya
Muto Tomu
Iriyama Anna
Kizaki Yuria
Kashiwagi Yuki
Oya Shizuka
Kato Rena
Minegishi Minami
Komiyama Haruka
Kojima Mako
Takahashi Juri
Mukaichi Mion
Yokoyama Yui
Watanabe Mayu
Okada Nana
Oguri Yui

Furuhata Nao
Goto Rara
Suda Akari
Takayanagi Akane

Shiroma Miru
Yamamoto Sayaka
Ichikawa Miori
Yoshida Akari
Yamamoto Ayaka

Tomonaga Mio
Matsuoka Hana
Sashihara Rino
Kodama Haruka

Kitahara Rie
Nakai Rika

It’s been too damn long since we had a choir-style A-side. Last one was what, Sakura no Shiori? Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s not why we’re interested in this announcement.

Okinawa, of all places, and at a beach, too? Damn, whoever’s winning this year is gonna have one hell of a view standing at the top.

Let the games begin.

Matsui Rena “It was tough being an idol”, she reveals the hardships and her dream which led up to her graduation

17 December 2016 06:00 JST

“During my idol days, I had no problems with relationships. We were all very close to each other. However, the number of fans we have didn’t always translate into our position in songs and in the senbatsu selections, so I felt that was tough at times”

These are the words of Matsui Rena (25), a former top idol who after her debut in 2008 as the first generation member of SKE48, proceeded to take on the position of center and was also chosen as one of the senbatsu members of the main branch AKB48. She, whom after her graduation last year has been active as an actress in mainly movies and theatrical plays, spoke of her hardships as an idol and stories behind her graduation.

“When I was 23 years old, I got 5th in the 2014 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, but in the next single I was dropped to around the 15th position. I was aware that they had to push the younger members forward but the votes fans obtain come with the CDs, so it made them feel "We did our best and yet…” and that made me feel very apologetic and I hated that. If that were the case, I would be more happy if they didn’t have to spend so much on Sousenkyo, but instead use it to watch me more in movies and on stage. That was one of the reasons I did not participate in the Sousenkyo in the following year"

Matsui says that she had thought of graduation constantly after she turned 20 years old.

“There are actresses who are at the top of the tier at 17 years old. I had already passed that age by that time so, I knew I had to move out of my nest. To be honest, I was feeling hasty. When I made my decision to graduate, my mother said only one thing ‘Do your best’, and that made me feel relieved about my decision. My mother is someone who would accept me for everything that I am. For example, if I got really angry about something which happened because of my own wrongdoing, my mother would listen to everything I have to say and guide me on the right path, so I feel at ease talking to her about anything. Even now, we contact each other almost everyday”

She says that even after she took flight as an actress, her mother’s presence has become even more prominent.

“After I left SKE48, I was busy preparing for the main character, Okita Souji of "Shin Bakumatsu Junjouden” which went live last summer, among other things. After I finished this stage, I got my first 1 week long holiday after my debut 8 years ago, and I went on a trip to Taiwan which I had wanted to go for a long time. Since I went alone, I realized how grateful it is to have my parents. Even now, when I get sick and ask them to come, my mother would come with my father driving all the way from Toyohashi. They would stay at my place and prepare food for me. My favourite from my mum’s kitchen is her kimpira gobo and braised pumpkin. We have a special recipe, we boil the pumpkin and soak it in lemon and honey. It fuels my body and soul!“

Early next year, she will perform "Shin Bakumatsu Junjoden”, which has made her popular as a versatile actress, in her hometown Toyohashi in January, and in April, the movie in which she stars in as the main actress, “Harahara nanoka” will premier.

“It will be the stage which marks my triumphant return to my hometown, which was my dream since I was a child, so I want my parents to watch it. I have another dream. I bought a home theater for our house. I’m looking forward to seeing my father, who loves to watch movies, watching the movies I’m in on the big screen at home. I would like to watch the movies I’m in together with my parents at home someday so I would like to do my best as an actress in movies now.”

The 49th Single Senbtasu Sousenkyo will take place at Toyosaki Seaside Park, Toyosaki Villa SUN Beach, Okinawa on June 17th.

The Schedule for the day:


Application period for members

The application period begins on March 25th 11am JST and lasts until 31st March midnight JST. All members must give in their applications at their respective theatres. 

[UPDATE] STU48 are eligible to apply


The rankings are the same categories as last year:

Senbatsu: 1 - 16
Undergirls: 17 - 32
Next Girls: 33 - 48
Future Girls: 49 - 64
Upcoming Girls: 65 - 80


Voting opens at 10am on May 30th and closes on June 16th at 3pm.

As usual the 48th Single will contain a voting ticket [44th single post here]

*Status of voting through STU48 channels is unknown currently*

the other usual methods also apply:

AKB48 Official Fan Club

AKB48 Mobile

AKB48 Official Smartphone App

AKB48 Monthly Mail


AKB48 Official Net

SKE48 Mobile

SKE48 Monthly Mail


NMB48 Mobile

NMB48 Monthly Mail


HKT48 Mobile

HKT48 Monthly Mail


NGT48 Mobile

NGT48 Monthly Mail 


This gives a total of 19 ways to vote this year.









Video appeals


Preliminary Results




(message me nearer the time for links)

More information will be added

SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Election

July 25, 2015

  1.  Zhao JiaMin (Savoki)(Team SII) (74,393 votes) (↑2)
  2.  Ju JingYi (Kiku)(Team NII) (64,785.5 votes) (↑2)
  3. Li YiTong (Team NII) (47,134.5 votes) (↑3)
  4. Huang TingTing (Team NII) (35,189 votes) (NEW)
  5. Zhang YuGe (Team SII) (32,306 votes) (-)
  6.  Wan LiNa (Team NII) (31,608.3 votes) (NEW)
  7.  Li YuQi (Team SII) (31,215.9 votes) (↑4)
  8.  Yi JiaAi (Team NII) (30,004.8 votes) (↑6)
  9.  Zeng YanFen (Team NII) (25,861.2 votes) (NEW)
10. Lu Ting (Team NII) (25,669.2 votes) (NEW)
11. Zhao Yue (Team NII) (25,245 votes) (NEW)
12. Feng XinDuo (Team NII) (22,028.7 votes) (NEW)
13. Mo Han (Team SII) (20,201.7 votes) (↓6)
14. Qiu XinYi (Team SII) (20,078.3 votes) (NEW)
15. Dai Meng (Team SII) (17,907.3 votes) (↓2)
16. Kong XiaoYin (Team SII) (17,658.9 votes) (↓1)


  17.  Lin SiYi (Team NII) (16,050.5 votes) (NEW)
  18.  Gong ShiQi (Team NII) (16,047.3 votes) (↓6)
  19.  Shao XueCong (Team X) (15,874.3 votes) (NEW)
  20.  Xu JiaQi (Team SII) (14,351.7 votes) (↓12)
  21. Jiang Yun (Team SII) (11,174.1 votes) (NEW)
  22. Chen GuanHui (Team SII) (10,897 votes) (↓12)
  23. Song XinRan (Team X) (10,179.2 votes) (NEW)
  24. Chen Si (Team SII) (9,811.7 votes) (↓15)
  25. Liu JiongRan (Team HII) (9,718.4 votes) (NEW)
  26.  Qian BeiTing (Team SII) (9,407.5 votes) (NEW)
  27. Liu PeiXin (Team HII) (9,023.6 votes) (NEW)
  28. Tang AnQi (Team NII) (9,015.2 votes) (NEW)
  29. Li DouDou (Team HII) (8,590.1 votes) (NEW)
  30. Hao WanQing (Team HII) (8,523.8 votes) (NEW)
  31. Xu Han (Team HII) (8,415.1 votes) (NEW)
  32. Meng Yue (Team NII) (8,218 votes) (NEW)

Time: March 25, 2017  12:34:56 JST
Title: (no subject)☆

On the first day of Sousenkyo applications
I hurried and submitted my candidacy with the first group!

There were 9 AKB48 members in the first group!

Second row from the left
First row from the left

I hope many AKB48 members can rank in
and be the group with the most ranking members again this year!

My personal goal is
Ranking in the top 7!!
Kami 7
After all, this is a goal I have always aimed for,
to be a member who can truly represent AKB not just in name!

Obviously I’m the Soukantoku
And it’s because I’m the Soukantoku that I have many many things I want to say
This year I’m also uneasy about the Sousenkyo, but I’m still going to take on the challenge.

Yui fans,
let’s fight together
in the Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

I’m asking everyone!!

The photo I took in front of the theater
The camera lens fogged up,
so the photo turned out blurry


Translated by Nirooni Yuihan Team

AKB48 45th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo: Confirmed DNPs vs. Graduation Announcements

Will be updated as new information comes in

Announced graduation
First-party confirmation that member will not graduate

A: Ogasawara Mayu (U), Kojima Haruna (DNP), Maeda Ami (U)
K: Aigasa Moe (U), Ishida Haruka (71), Nakata Chisato (DNP)
B: Umeta Ayano (U), Takeuchi Miyu (DNP), Tanabe Miku (DNP)
4: Nozawa Rena (U), Murayama Yuiri (DNP)
8: Fujimura Natsuki (U), Yamamoto Ai (U)

S: Tsuzuki Rika (DNP), Oya Masana (20), Yakata Miki (U)
K2: Takagi Yumana (U), Matsumura Kaori (13)
E: Kato Rumi (62), Shibata Aya (15)

N: Jonishi Kei (36), Yamaguchi Yuuki (U)
M: Kinoshita Momoka (DNP), Tanigawa Airi (74)
B2: Watanabe Miyuki (12), Kinoshita Haruna (U)

H: Anai Chihiro (33)
K4: Ota Aika (41)

Chikano Rina (DNP), Nakagawa Haruka (DNP)

Total: 2/30

AKB48: 1/13
SKE48: 0/7
NMB48: 0/6
HKT48: 0/2
JKT48: ½

Previous DNPs: 9
Previous Rank-Ins: 10

For reference:

2015: 21 members did not participate (10 graduations within the next 12 months of announcing DNP status)

2014: 14 members did not participate (9 graduations)

2013: 29 members did not participate (25 graduations)

Mail March 21st

March 21st

aaaah what a nice sleep~…

Yesterday after returning home

I took a bath, remember some dance moves

and go to dream land at 00:00

Good Morning zzz

I’m looking forward to the performance today


Probably because my hair is longer now

my super saiyan level is increased too lol

Negai goto no Muchigusare

I’m in Senbatsu for AKB48 48th single, 

“Negai goto no muchgusare” !!!

ever since the 44th single, Tsubasa wa Iranai

I’ve always been on senbatsu

I’m really really happy

I understand that

I can just be relaxed and let my guard off

so I always pray everytime there are senbatsu announcement

and I also wish to be an existence who is worth to be in senbatsu

and for that I need to put more efforts

and maybe some luck

my goal right now is

- HS & shamekai

I want to sold all of the slot

-Senbatsu Sousenkyo

To be in Kami 7

-And to be a center

in a single song

That three.

I hope I can make it come true

along with you

and all the fans

Regarding NMB48 Kenkyuusei Nishinaka Nanami’s Graduation

March 27
On today’s NMB48 Kenkyuusei「Todokanasou de Todoku Mono」stage
Kenkyuusei Nishinaka Nanami has announced her graduation。

Below you can find her personal comment。
「I declined participating in this year’s Senbatsu Sousenkyo。
And I、Nishinaka Nanami will graduate from NMB48。
Starting about a year and a half ago、I’ve been troubled with the thoughts about the compatibility of NMB48 and school、
I’ve been thinking a lot、consulting with my family、friends and staff members。
Thinking about the future、I’ve decided to focus on school。
I really want to enter my dream high school。
I entered NMB48 as a Elementary Schooler、knowing nothing、
To all the members who taught me a lot、
For the Staff members who supported me、Thank you。
And、I will never forget all the fans who supported me like no one did before。
Thank you so so much。」

As a Draft 2nd Generation、
Nishinaka Nanami who loved the members and fans。
The one who showed glamorous performance at the Kenkyuusei Stage。
Please look over Nishinaka who decide
To go towards her dream until her graduation。

【Future Activities/Last performance】 
The last days of her activities haven’t been decided yet。
Please be understanding。

NMB48 Official Ameba (27/03)

Good EveNakotan(^o^)

AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo、the submission time begun at 11am。

The fans were looking attentively、
I suddenly got relieved。
If you were looking、thank you very much!

And、Theater no Megami double stage(^^)
It was a long time since I performed in Theater no Megami、and I was perfoming Bagutte Iijan in Sashikochan’s position
I was really nervous、but I was able to do it without making a mistake☺️

I am glad I saw a lot of uchiwas and T-shirt!
Thank you so much😊

My unit was Candy🍭
As for my hairstyle、
I had a ponytail for the noon performance
And for the night performance I had a half-up( ^∀^)

And it was Mariri’s seitansei!!
Once again、thank you so much(^^)
It’s really amazing she has such big wonderful dreams of being a voice actressー✨
I appreciate her for going towards this dream one step at a time!
I want to go out to lunch with her😊

The catering today was Carry、when I went to the waiting room it smelled like curry笑
After the stage ended、my manger dropped letters and we ate ice as well😭💕

NakoNakoTanTan( ^∀^)

Yabuki Nako G+ / 2017.03.25