There were peonies covering an area of about ten tsubo. It was too early in the summer for them to be in bloom. At the edge of this field of peonies was an old bench. Sensei stretched himself out on it. I sat down on the end and began to smoke. Sensei gazed at the sky, which was so blue that it seemed transparent. I was fascinated by the young leaves that surrounded me. When I looked at them carefully, I found that no two trees had leaves of exactly the same color. The leaves of each maple tree, for instance, had their own distinctive coloring. Sensei’s hat, which he had hung on top of a slender cedar sapling, was blown off by the breeze.
—  Natsume Soseki, KOKORO, 1914.

Monster Rock (February 17, 2015)


Common Knowledge Quiz! 

Host: What’s the name of the cat fromNatsume Souseki’s novel, “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru” (an old way of saying “I Have a Cat,” but the official translation of the novel is “I am a Cat)? 

So, it’s actually “I am a Cat.” Not I have a cat. lol. Please take note of this slight change from here on. Thanks jibun-rock69 for the heads up! ^^

(The question is actually what’s the line after “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru, Namae wa _________” which means, I have a cat, and it’s name is ___________.)

Daisuke Han: Please write your answers on the flip board. Thinking time, start!

Taka: Somehow, the questions have become more difficult.

DH: It’s the same level.

Nao: Perhaps, if we ask the public, about 85 percent will get the right answer.

Toru: No way.

DH: Look, the audience is getting turned off. They’re getting turned off. This is bad!

Voiceover: I’m sure everyone in front of their TVs already knows the answer. It’s “No-Name-Yet.” For this Common Knowledge question, here’s the answer from ONE OK ROCK members.

DH: Let’s start with Taka.

Taka’s Answer: “None.” (His answer is close.)

Nao: Somehow, the drawings look similar to the real thing.

DH: So, this is Souseki-san? (the author)

Taka: Yes. It’s Souseki-san and little kitty.

Nao: I see.

DH: The reactions from the audience look good.

Taka: I thought I’d attack with some images.


Toru: Mine somehow overlapped with his (Taka’s) answer. I have a cat, and it’s name is None-But-There-Is. (He tried to make it rhyme. “Wagahai wa Neko de Aru, Namae wa Nai no de Aru.”)

(Everyone seemed impressive with his answer, especially Taka. lol!)

Toru: I thought this would make their hearts jump.


Tomoya’s Answer: Tsutomu (It’s an ordinary name for a guy. That’s why they laughed. Lol!)

Toru: It’s like the name of one of those guys who did your tattoos.

DH: I see. For the last one, Ryota, please show us your answer.

Ryota: There’s a story behind my answer. When I saw the question, I thought, “There’s no other correct answer but this.” (tried to flip his board, but talked again) But then I thought…

Nao & DH: What the hell?


Ryota: I have a cat, and it’s name is Betty. (Hahahaha!)

Nao: I see. Let’s hear his explanation. Let’s hear the story.

DH: Everyone was like, “Waaaah…”

Ryota: I’m not really sure, but when I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to have a dog.

DH: A dog, huh? (because the question is about a cat)

Nao: It’s okay. It’s okay.

Ryota: I wanted to have a dog, and two days ago, I actually bought one.

Taka: That’s right. He really bought a dog recently.

Ryota: Then I named it “Betty-chan.” So, when I heard that the question is about a name, I just immediately thought of the name Betty.

Taka: You just wanted to introduce your dog to everyone, right?



So, no one got the right answer. ^^