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Just caught up with the recent chapter (it's never too late) and I just love you guys so much for translating it and adding in your witty T/Ns! Thank you! There's just too much badassery & epicness in Chapter 50: Mori and Fuku being the original Soukoku (and their, somewhat, close relationship), Natsume Souseki fixing the city in 3 easy steps, Dazai's phone upgrade from a flip phone to an iPhone, not to mention the fact that Katai is alive. Thank you so much! I feel relieved seeing Dazai again.

Aaaah and thank you! This was such a great chapter that answered a lot of questions *-* (Didn’t notice Dazai’s phone upgrade tho, so maybe it’s time I reread it haha) And speaking of Katai, DUDE what a genius……

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everyone asking what Dazai did to the nurse and here I am wanting to know how the hell Fukuzawa survived a scapel to his neck. Is it the power of his love for his cats? Did Natsume-sensei cleared his skin and watered his crops?

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Did dazai crush the crucial information? But why?? The biggest plot twist is that fukuzawa n mori were the mother of all the soukokus n not to mention fuku looks fine as heck when he was young

fuku is admittedly finer than he had any right to be.  also a lot more petty, which only serves to make him finer still.

What Dazai crushed looked like an earpiece transmitter to me, although I can’t claim to know exactly what it was pre-crushing.  This would mean that the device didn’t hold information (and it certainly didn’t look anything like parts of a thumb drive or anything other data storage device), it was a means of communicating with a person who shares information verbally.  My guess is that Natsume was in a hurry, gave the transmitter to Dazai, said “here, i’ll explain on the way” and jetted off to keep his little idiots from killing each other.  Dazai might have crushed it to prevent any kind of signal from being picked up by, say, Fyodor.  No clue about the veracity of any of this.  Maybe Natsume gave Dazai additional instructions and we’ll see what they are next month.  Haven’t the faintest.

Bungou Stray Dogs Theories:

I came up with a bunch of theories after watching and reading BSD. These are all based on my observation and just my predictions for the upcoming chapter 43 and so on.


  • Theory # 1 : The ability to kill just by touch. Almost the same with Dazai’s nullifying ability. So I came up with this after observing that Fyodor didn’t touch anyone in Ch. 42. His arms were even tied up and he never tried to defend himself. The only time he touched someone was when he silenced the little guy who’s a bit fond of him. I noticed that he did it in the same way Dazai nullified Atsushi’s tiger ability. And an addition to this is that contradictory to Dazai’s ability, he can only use this to non-ability users which explains why he wants to erase all ability-users so he can freely use his power making him the most powerful person in the world. 
  • Theory # 2 : Nullifying ability through touch. Again, same with Dazai, he also has the ability to nullify. This is pretty hard to prove but then again, this is just a theory so it’s worth a try. Mmm… so as I’ve mentioned above, Fyodor silenced the little guy in the same manner Dazai nullified Atsushi’s ability. Since the little guy didn’t actually have an ability it doesn’t really prove anything… but! The little guy is under the influence of Ace’s ability which is turning his subordinates’ lifespan to jewels—and if I’m not wrong with this, the little guy’s whole lifespan is cursed with this jewel ability, therefore, if Fyodor really nullified Ace’s ability, it will result to the little guy’s death. I know it sounds confusing lol, but this is how I saw and understood the hints of the chapter. And I have a feeling that if this theory is actually correct, Dazai and Fyodor will also experience the oddity  that happened to Odasaku and Gide (BSD: Dazai & the Dark Era)…Or! It might’ve already happened when Dazai said that he met Fyodor once. 
  • Theory # 3 :  The ability to cause someone to die by admitting his crime or by the thought of betrayal. I know this sounds quite stupid lol. But what I wanted to point out about this theory is the relation between Fyodor’s ability name which is ‘Crime and Punishment.’  So in this case, I’m thinking that Fyodor’s ability is to cause someone to die when they admit that they they’ve sinned or when they are guilty of a crime. First case was Ace, he admitted that he’s a cheater and he wanted to betray Ougai Mori and I’m guessing that this is already considered as a sin and therefore lead him to commit suicide and die, which pretty much means that Fyodor’s ability caused the situation. The second incident was the little guy. He said to Fyodor, that he wants to be freed from Ace and kill him in a way. And he admitted that they’ve done some bad things because he’s part of the mafia (not sure if I remember this part correctly), so with this, he is already considered as a sinner/traitor and guilty which makes Fyodor’s ability to punish him with death. 


  • Theory # 1 :  So my theory on why Fyodor wants to get rid of ability-users is that he hates this kind of abnormality. If I guessed it correctly regarding his ability to kill by touch, then Fyodor most probably hates his ability. He was regarded as a monster/demon before and hated how he’s different and special compared to others and that lead him to think that the world is better without special abilities. In addition to this, I related the name of their organization which is “Rats in the House of the Dead.” This might sound a bit strange and I understand that the name of their org is based on his book but I just wanted to point out that rats are unwanted creatures because they’re filthy and etc. so I’m guessing that Fyodor’s org members are also hated by people and probably also hates their abilities. 
  • Theory # 2 :  This’ll sound a bit cliche among villain-types of characters but my theory about this is that Fyodor just wants to become the most powerful person in the world that’s why he’s trying to eliminate all ability users and this is if my theory about his ability only works on non-ability users is correct. And that’s it lol. 


  • Theory # 1 : Dazai will use his nullifying ability in another way. So basically, Dazai knew everything; that he will be shot and probably the poison is an ability itself. He most likely thought of this right away when Yosano couldn’t cure Fukuzawa with her ability and then, it was confirmed by Fyodor. Since it’s like that, there’s no other way but to kill Mori, but then again, they’ll just do what Fyodor wants them to do. So… since Fyodor stated that Dazai won’t be able to nullify it because touching it is suicide then…. this is the theory. Fukuzawa is currently at a weakened state and I’m guessing that this also means that the influence of his ability is also affected which means that Dazai’s nullifying ability can be used in more than one way instead of touch alone. I’m not sure if Dazai’s ability actually ends with just touching since he never used it in the Dark Era novel and it’s not further explained but maybe it doesn’t just end with that. Sooo…. maybe he can nullify abilities by making use of what’s part of him or his body like his blood(?), maybe through transfusion he can nullify internally the effects of the poison. And what I find odd is that dazai is currently in a different hospital. So why is that? Maybe he just wants to turn the attention away from him so he can successfully test his ability. And also why did he get shot on purpose? Maybe because he wants to show that he needs to be hospitalized and treated resulting in some blood transfusions thingy, therefore, making an excuse and not explain/hint the extent of his null ability. 
  • Theory # 2 : Katai Tayama is somehow involved and will take part in this. So Katai is the one who had a crush on Gin and he’s been recently recruited to the ADA so I’m guessing that he’ll probably help in some way esp against Fyodor’s computer skills. 


  • Theory # 1 : The book gave birth to ability-users and Natsume Souseki is the one who originally wrote in it. So the miracle of having an ability! This isn’t quite explained and all we know is that some people have special abilities. But I have thought that maybe this book was the cause of all this! Because it’s a very powerful object that can turn whatever’s written on it to a reality. Someone must’ve written about having special abilities and it was turned to reality. So why Natsume-sensei? Mmm… I am actually not sure with this and he might not be the one, maybe someone older than him? But basically this is my guess. Based on BSD: The Dark Era, Natsume is a writer and Odasaku read his novels and interestingly, the novel is about a former killer which reflects Odasaku’s story. And soooo…. I have a feeling that all along Natsume is writing about the story of BSD characters in the blank book xD lol and turning it to reality. Then again, this is just a theory.
  • Theory # 2 : Atsushi is related to Natsume Souseki and so he’s the key to the book.  So… why Atsushi? If my theory above is correct, I’m guessing that Atsushi is the last ability user created. And I’ve been thinking about this but I’m confused why everyone already knew their ability except for Atsushi. This is quite a mystery for me and this’ll probably explains a lot of secrets regarding the world of BSD.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion regarding these theories.. :) You can point out what’s wrong and what I missed from the manga, novel and anime. Looking forward to hear your thoughts about this. 

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relationship with natsume souseki-sensei

JEE WHAT CAN I SAY THAT HASN’T ALREADY BEEN SAID ABOUT THAT PERVY CAT…I think he means well, but I also think he adheres too much to old fashioned ways of thinking and doing things. He likes to pick on mine and Dazai’s relationship, but there was nothing conventional about us to begin with, so some of his ideas…just don’t fly. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Also anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to leave Mori Ougai in control of anything has my suspicions. 

And can he PLEASE STOP FINDING HIS WAY AROUND WHERE DAZAI AND I ARE? I’m tired of dealing with a cat voyeur. 

bsd 50 question

there’s one thing i don’t get from bsd 50…

if natsume souseki’s tripartite plan was supposedly established before he retired - an “agreement” to share the burden of protecting yokohama between ADA/PM/government - and this was established as “successful” when mori has replaced the bloodthirsty ex-PM boss……

why is it such a big fucking deal then for the port mafia to get the license thing (i can’t remember what it’s called when it’s 2AM sorry) to operate with special ability users??? it’s supposed to allow port mafia to legally have ability users right??? mori had to play that game with mimic and the government just to get it… but shouldn’t they already have a sort-of-alliance with the government by then? or at least an “agreement” that they’d need ability users to actually operate and help protect yokohama??? so shouldn’t the port mafia (a) already have it way before the dark era timeline or (b) not need it because it’s should be naturally included in the tripartite plan already???

i hope i made sense as it’s still 2AM here

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Any general thouhts or headcanons for Natsume Sōseki?

since he only appeared in the latest chapter im not going to make this rlly long bc we havent discovered much abt his character yet..

but i do have this hc if oda’s still alive and they meet hsbbxyb yknow that one *cracks fingers* heh

  • he literally spies *cough*stalks*cough* on EVERYONE 
  • including oda
  • he make fake echoes in the alleyways to creep oda out..
  • GUESS WHAT, it failed so he decided to approach him head on
  • natsume:”surprise bi tch” 
  • odasaku: holy shatt its you
  • they quickly become frens and natsume is so proud of him (now imagine if thats canon hahahhh*sobs*)
  • odad and grandpa natsume 
  • oda’s children mistaken natsume as oda’s father -in-law 
  • oda: L I S T E N
  • natsumes revelation: oda, a 24/26 y.o. individual who is still friggin single and adopts 5 kids. wtf (edit)and reccomends him a dating app prolly
  • looks like the children likes natsume-sensei more than u oda *slaps*
  • the kids probs call him ‘neko-jiisan’ or furry
  • kousuke kept asking natsume if he has a daughter or son (oda:WE LL TH E N)
  • sakura loving his mustache 
  • “he looks like that one dude in lazy town”
  • yuu and katsumi just loves his cat form 
  • shinji and natsume sharing their love for books (i got this other hc where shinjii rlly loves books and mangas)
  • dont forget odasaku..
  • they spent  their entire afternoon in the library talking abt books etc god-knows-what..include philosophy in, yea..

ok so this turned out to be quite long after all haha, welp thats all anon!!! hope you like it :DDD feel free to add though;

**i fotgot too add: -odasaku gave him the ending for the ripped part of the book ;;;

me, internally: where tf is my bbgide

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What do you think of Natsume Souseki-sensei

Well…. He is a wise old cat. Tbh I find it very impressive how he marked not one, but the two next generations that came after him, basically turning him into a living legend that everyone in Yokohama apparently wants to please. His cat obsession is somewhere between cute and borderline pathological making me ask whether he is a catkin or smth? I find it funny how he basically snuck around for years and dug up crazy secrets about everyone around here simply because he was done and didn’t want to deal with being human anymore.

At the same time…. please stop him from acting like a grandparent for everyone. He is not supposed to that and he is a bad rolemodel in that regard. He also makes up weird shit about me having freckles which is COMPLETELY UNTRUE.