What the hell is up with Stiles?

Why did Peter offer him the bite, but when it came to everone else he didn’t care to ask?

Why did the nogitsune choose Stiles, when he could have chosen anyone else?

Why is theo so fascinated with him?

Why is he the one that through it all, he still chooses to be human?

Why does everyone practically trust him, even if they don’t truly know him? (Example: Theo, he never lied to Stiles, he even told him what he wanted what he was going to get)

imagine if we aLL diD

You sat smugly in the back of the Jeep and observed Stiles and Derek arguing.
How were you in the situation? 110% Stiles’ fault. You were in the middle of watching a movie when he burst into your house, pleading for help. Long story short, He’d dragged you along to babysit Derek.

“Start the car, or I’m gonna rip your throat out. With my teeth"Derek hissed.

"Woah, it’s not even full moon and your turning into a sour wolf"you gasped sarcastically in the backseat.

Derek rolled his eyes.
"Not you now y/n”

“But the name suits you so well Miguel"you smiled mischievously as you patted his shoulder.

This was going to be a very entertaining evening.


SterekBigBang Fanarts for my author Niahl alias @midnightarrow <3 I love the story <3 they are such a teaspoon of cuteness :3:3

Theory of Overprotective Canines

Guys, I’ll admit that I was getting a little antsy only doing these short fluffy one-shots. So, instead, I present a 12k, College!fic full of pining, growling, AND, my favorite, fullwolf!Derek.

 Still, technically, this is for the Not Quite Normal OTP Challenge and the attempted mind meld challenge with andavs! (It sorta worked this time!! if you allow it to!)

 4. First Night in their First Apartment 

(I know it doesn’t really fit at all. Hush, I made the challnege. I can do what I want.)


“Stiles,” Derek’s voice is the low rumble that Stiles has long since gotten used to. It also sounds vaguely disapproving. Stiles is pretty used to that too.

“I know, I know,” Stiles replies putting up a hand before Derek can finish. “I said that there would be an elevator, but I thought there was! How was I to know it’s been broken since the 80s?”

Which is unfortunate since he is on the fourth floor and they have to bring up all his stuff, but he doesn’t have that much stuff. And Scott and Derek are werewolves so, really, they should not be complaining.

“You cannot live here,” Derek continues, as if Stiles hadn’t spoken.

Stiles blinks.

“Why not?” Behind Derek, Scott is looking around as well. His face also seems to be a bit pinched. “Is there something supernatural? Oh my god, I can’t believe my luck with these things!”

“No,” Derek says. “No, not supernatural but this is… Stiles, this is a terrible part of town.”

Scott nods. Stiles frowns.


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Imagine Derek feeling a bit “threatened” after the new guy at the Beaconshill Police station fancies you

You: You`re not from around here are you?

New Guy: No but a pretty girl like you should show me around

Derek: Alright I think it`s time we leave

You: Why, jealous? Lighten up sourwolf!

Ok so Chris wood is so bloody hot like LOok AT hIM RN *cue heart eyes
Enjoy xx :)