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pinar • miky • mikaela • amal • camis • marta • lovisa

flawless blogs my dash can’t live without:
somergasms • sourstiless • klaussdick • datherine-s • clacesworld • delenabear • kolsbat • piercequeen • somerhalderwhorespobiesspauleskidenburysianslut • birdysalvatorebenzobriendelenagilbertsomerhaynes-iansomerhoesprettylittlenian-damonssmolderhaldersbuttrippahsdreamsclaireholteakathscurlstear-of-a-phoenixmrs-somerhalderdelenasworld

in no particular order and i’m so sorry if I forgot someone
i love you all

i haven’t done a follow forever in a million years, so here it is :’)))))

i love all these blogs so much and it’s always a party to see them on my dash, so thanks guys
this is not in any special order, i just looked in my blogroll so don’t be sad if you’re like the last one because it really doesn’t matter

somerhaynes petrovabitch sourstiless delenabear jacesclarissa stelenaswhore mehlurk thepiercefire clacesworld niklausex salvacest kathscurls 1864impala thatmotherchucker sassystefan ikisseddamon odairbear odairsgasm damonsaviour thenightofthecomet -damons warriorsprincess fang-irls twin-flames sethsscohen piercecurls blanksociety dobrevascurls mystic-blood theongreyjoy delenass rickoffstark loochdobrevs niansomerhalder rainwoods gameofgifs robbstark lydiamartn dot-dot-delena ffinnck katerinapierce robstenisfearless rebellious-heart paulswhore brandedsouls pdubber rekkka delenashope xxxdoortjexxx paulwes petrovacharm jenlawrenced nianslooch midnightsorrow somergasms gilbertsfire rkheaven birdysalvatore paulmorgasm katspierce smolderhaldersbutt northerndawn delenasworld
Vote for my first BOTM!

The Nominees Are:

  1. sourstiless
  2. Piercely
  3. Jomogasms
  4. Kolsbat
  5. Wesleysbitch
  6. Littlegirlycaroline
  7. Wasilewskibutt
  8. Sassystefan
  9. Somerhaldersalvatores
  10. Paulwesleyisgod
  11. Wasilewskis-boo
  12. Peetasbutter
  13. Threesomewithjomo
  14. Buffysalvatore
  15. Wesleysex

 Tsveti is one of my favourite people here on tumblr .. actually she’s more like a sister to me. She’s funny, sweet, talanted → FLAWLESS !! I can talk to her for hours about anything <33 So go follow this fallen badass right now !! 

Honorable mentions:
/ a.k.a more amazing blogs that will make your dash perfect /

wasilewskiswand - sourstiless -  pauleski - spencerhastingsss

And my BOTM is: Piercely

Carmen’s blog is wonderful,you have Delena,you have Stelena,everything your heart desires is on this blog.Her edits/gifs are amazing and you can always make requests.She will always help you if you have any problem,so don’t be shy…go and talk to her and DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW HER!!!

Flawless blogs that also deserve your follow(ordered by the number of votes):