I have two people on fb and who never have anything nice to say when I post stuff about baby. They’re mothers themselves and they make me feel dumb for everything I post…I just want to comment the bitchiest things back sometimes, but I just let it roll off. Seriously, why can’t people just let someone be excited!? I know obviously not everyone cares about a photo of pineapple lol but ITS EXCITING TO ME TODAY OKAY! Jeeze

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Pope’s Quotes: No to pessimism, no sourpusses

Palace of the Popes .. Avignon, France

Image by Jasperdo
For nearly 100 several years, from 1309 by means of 1403, the Roman Catholic Pope resided in Avignon, France. This wonderful Gothic Palace nonetheless stays.

Pope’s Quotes: No to pessimism, no sourpusses
Pope’s Rates: No to pessimism, no sourpusses. Dennis Coday | Nov. 26, 2013 The Francis Chronicles &middot PrintemailPDF. Highlights from Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Pleasure of the Gospel”) issued these days. Don’t presented in to the&nbsp…
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fortroughs replied to your post: dang some of the people on tumblr have gotten... ( it’s been happening for a while;;; )

ikr like take a nap guys, eat something, watch a funny cat video or something 

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Day 70: Field trip!

Today we went into Ely (and Chatteris), and specifically the Ely Museum. They have a lot of kid-friendly learning, like trying on hats.

…Which as everyone knows, I am a sucker for.

New favourite dress, bought at last week’s derbyfest, is from Last Gang Emporium. It is tied for most expensive piece of clothing with my other Sourpuss dress, and also might be tied for favourite piece of clothing.


Here, @lawnbeaner ! Some extra pics of my Halloween Sourpuss Clothing skater dress. It’s decently long, about mid-thigh and I’m 5'8" so if you’re shorter than that, it’d be a bit longer. This is a size medium and my waist is 28", it’s not skin tight but it’s not baggy or anything. I really like it and it also looks very cute with my over the knee socks!


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