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The first time Y/N met Harley Quinn, she knew that she was going to hate her. She’d known of Harley, Deadshot, Croc, and Diablo since as a fellow bad guy she liked to keep tabs on others’ work. However, she had never got the pleasure of properly meeting all of them until she got taken to the helipad with the rest of the Suicide Squad. She was still angry that the guards had interrupted her meditation in her cell but stayed quiet as Rick Flagg explained what they would be doing.

 “Hello, boys!” Harley said as she stretched her arms out above her head.

  She had a wide smile on her face and wore her prison uniform shirt in a crop top fashion. Her long tangled white hair was in long pigtails and she seemed extremely happy. At that moment, Y/N knew that Harley was going to be irritating—Y/N hated cheerful people.

   Rick Flagg and the rest of his army men brought out the Suicide Squad’s belongings and everyone began suiting up. Y/N smiled as she pulled on her dark red muscle tank top with the deep slits on the side. Then, she changed into her black leggings and tied on her black boots. She immediately felt like her old self again as she rummaged through her stuff. She slid her pistol into her hip holster, shoved one of her knives in her boots, kept another knife in her hip holster, slid her lucky revolver into her waist band, leaving her absolute favorite weapons for last: a series of small, pointed silver canisters the size of nail polish bottles lined on a belt like a vintage bullet belt. Thinking of the destruction she caused just by using these alone made her smile and goosebumps raise up on her arms.

  “Oooh, those are pretty,” Harley cooed.

  Immediately, Y/N whirled around, pointing her pistol between Harley’s eyes. The army men around them quickly brought out their own weapons as Harley’s eyes widened and she held her hands up in innocence.

  “Lower your weapon, Shadow,” Flagg said.

  “She snuck up on me,” Y/N said.

  “I just thought those little dagger things were pretty,” Harley said.

  Y/N narrowed her eyes at Harley before lowering her weapon and putting it back in its holster. The army men relaxed and went about their business.

  “Next time you sneak up on me, those army men aren’t going to be able to help you,” Y/N said.

  “Someone’s a sourpuss.” Harley stuck her hand out towards me. “Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya, Shadow.”

  Y/N looked at her hand and back up at Harley. “Listen, Harley, you seem nice—no, you seem crazy, but that’s fine. Just don’t irritate me.”

 “Or what, you’ll detonate the bomb in my neck?”

 Y/N held up her silver belt. “You see these pretty silver things, they’re very dangerous. I crack open one of these and do a little magic and you’ll be history so leave me alone.” Y/N slid her silver belt over her head and grabbed another pistol from her belongings.

  “I like you, Shadow, I can already tell we’re going to be friends!”

  “We’re not—” But Harley had already gone over to her own belongings and began changing in front of everyone.

  Y/N shook her head at her as she finished getting ready but she knew their meeting on the helipad was only the beginning of their problems. When they crash landed in the half-destroyed city of Midtown, Rick Flagg led the Squad throughout the city, looking for the black humanoid creatures that were part of the reason as to why the city was so messed up. As they walked, Harley ran up to Y/N and hip bumped her.

 “Hey, Sourpuss!” Harley cheered.

 “Don’t call me that,” Y/N griped.

 Harley tsked. “Fine, Shadow. Why’s that your name anyway?”

 Y/N sighed. “It’s short for shadow man or woman. It’s like a witch doctor.”

 “Like with voodoo dolls and stuff?”

 “Exactly, so don’t mess with me.”

 “Ooh, feisty.”

 “Are you two done back there?” Flagg called over his shoulder.

 “Yes,” Y/N said.

 Then, a battle broke out with the black humanoid things. Deadshot shot most of them; Croc tore those who came near him apart; Boomerang fought them with his bare hands; Katana wielded her sword; Flagg and his men shot as many as they could down; Harley went between using her bat and her own fists; and Y/N went between using her twin pistols and her knives. Every black humanoid that came near Y/N ended up either cut to pieces or having their brains blown out. She ended up being surrounded by them so she alternated between using her pistols and fighting them off with hand-to-hand combat. When she shot the last one in the face, she relaxed a little, only to hear shrieking behind her.

  “Shadow!” Floyd yelled.

  Y/N turned just in time to see one of the humanoid things raising its hand up above her. Just as she grabbed her knife, the humanoid got knocked to the side and Harley was standing behind it with her bat. She bent over and began wailing on the thing until it stopped moving.

   “I think it’s dead, Quinn,” Y/N said.

   Harley looked up at her and blew a piece of white hair out of her face. “I thought I saw it move.” She held her bat over her shoulder and straightened up.

  “Thanks, I guess,” Y/N muttered.

  “See, we do make a great team. We have to be partners now.”

  Harley cocked her head at Y/N. “The voices in my head said so.”

  Y/N rolled her eyes and followed Flagg and the others as they began walking towards the federal building. “Out of all the people that could attach themselves to me, it had to be her.”

  “At least it isn’t the crocodile,” Captain Boomerang said.

  Croc hissed in reply and Y/N rolled her eyes. Part of her wanted to do something to get Flagg to detonate the bomb in her neck just so she could escape. But that was a coward’s way out and the last thing Y/N was was a coward.

  A few minutes later, they arrived at the federal building where the good guy’s were waiting to be rescued. Here was where Y/N made her biggest mistake. After Floyd broke the glass to the entrance door and everyone followed him in, Harley caught Y/N by surprise and dragged her to the elevator with her.

  “What are you doing?” Y/N demanded.

  She tried to get out of Harley’s grip but she was a lot stronger than she looked.

 “We’re taking the elevator. The stair’s are no fun.”

 Y/N opened her mouth to argue then shrugged. “Fine.”

 They got in the elevator and leaned against opposite walls. The boys watched them from the lobby looking gobsmacked. Y/N took the opportunity to reload her pistols and her revolver.

  “Why do you have so many guns?” Harley asked.

  “I like options.”

  Suddenly, the glass from the elevator’s back wall broke as one of the black humanoids jumped into the elevator. Harley yelped and began fighting it while Y/N chose not to use her guns in this fight; she wasn’t Floyd and didn’t want to risk getting in trouble for hurting Harley. So, she used her fists as more humanoid creatures came in. She was good at hand-to-hand combat as she ducked attacks only to come up with her own. She occasionally stabbed the stupid things before throwing their dead bodies out of the elevator. Once the humanoids on her side were gone, she turned to see Harley struggling with one. He held her above his head while she struggled to get out of its grip. Y/N quickly grabbed one of her silver canisters and broke the top, allowing a pastel lavender mist to pour out into the elevator.

  “Tuis egredientur latebrasque pugnare parabis creatura ex alia terra relinquite puella sola creatura occidere,” Y/N chanted.

  The mist surrounded Harley and the black humanoid. Half of the mist focused on releasing Harley while the other half engulfed itself around the humanoid. The humanoid screamed and released Harley. She scrambled to the corner and grabbed her bat, watching the scene with wide eyes. Y/N continued chanting under her breath focusing on making the mist gut the humanoid before flinging it out onto the lobby. Then, she coerced it back into its canister, capped it, and put it back on her belt.

  “Wow,” Harley said.

  “You okay?” Y/N asked.

  Harley stood and flung her arms around Y/N. “You saved my life.”

  Y/N stiffened up and gently pushed Harley away. “Just consider it me paying you back for what you did outside.”

  Harley smiled. “Friends don’t have to pay each other back.”

  “We’re not friends, Harley.”

  But Harley didn’t listen. For the rest of the mission, she continued to glob onto Y/N even more than before. She ignored Y/N’s sarcastic sniping and rude digs as she continued fighting alongside her. Throughout the mission, Y/N noticed that Harley kept glancing at her phone, making Y/N roll her eyes.

  “It’s him, isn’t it?” Y/N asked as they walked up onto the roof of the federal building with Waller, Flagg, Flagg’s men, and the Suicide Squad.

  “Who?” Harley asked.

  Y/N narrowed her eyes at Harley. “The same man that gave you all that jewelry. He’s coming to get you, isn’t he?”
  Harley smiled a little and nodded. “You won’t tell, right?”

  Y/N shook her head. “If I were you, I’d take that out too.”

  Harley smiled fondly at Y/N. When Joker arrived in the helicarrier for Harley, Harley made sure to hug Y/N before she ran off to join him. Waller was shouting orders for her men to shoot Harley but no one could get a clear shot. Harley jumped on the rope that Joker sent down for her and began performing acrobatic stunts as Joker and his men flew away. Waller instructed Floyd to shoot her but he “missed”. When Harley faked dead for all of five seconds, Y/N almost strangled Floyd. Harley had been his actual friend and he didn’t seem too irritated by her but she relaxed when Harley was fine. Waller got upset and began eyeing the Squad.

  “Did any of you know about this?” Waller walked down and examined Croc, Floyd, Katana, and Captain Boomerang’s expressions. Then, she stopped in front of Y/N. “From what I heard, you and Quinn got quite close.”

   “She got close to me, I didn’t get close to her,” Y/N said.

   “Did you know anything about this because I will set off the bomb in your neck,” Waller hissed.

   “And where’s the fun in that?”

   Waller narrowed her eyes at Y/N before turning on her heel and ordering another set of soldiers to shoot down Joker and Harley’s helicarrier. Y/N suddenly felt sick to her stomach. No, it wasn’t possible that she felt sorry for Harley. The only reason she saved her in the elevator was to keep out of trouble. There was no way Y/N actually liked Quinn. But Y/N felt sicker and sicker as she watched Harley’s escape fall down in flames. Waller ordered everyone off the roof and down to the streets.

   “That’s messed up,” Captain Boomerang said.

   “How? Waller wasn’t going to let any of us go free,” Floyd said.

   “Let’s just get out of here,” Y/N muttered.

   It began to rain as the Suicide Squad followed Flagg and his soldiers throughout the streets to wait for their own way out. To their surprise, they found Harley sitting ontop of a car, looking miserable. When she noticed her old friends, she managed to perk up and lift her hands above her head in a pose.

   “Hi guys, I’m back,” she said.

   “Sorry about your friend,” Floyd said.

   Harley didn’t respond as she jumped off the car and grabbed her bat. The rest of the mission was pretty much just one crappy thing after another: Waller got kidnapped by Enchantress, Diablo died while killing Enchantress’ brother, and we all almost died while trying to take down Enchantress. She was one weird witch.

   “Join me, join me and rule over all the Earth,” Enchantress said.

   The Suicide Squad stood in front of the witch as her machine continued whirring to life behind her. They were overpowered and pretty much on the edge of defeat.

   “Maybe we should take the deal,” Harley said.

   “Harley, she’s proposing world domination, we can’t join her,” Floyd said.

   “What’s the world ever done for us? The world hates us,” Harley said.

    Harley walked towards Enchantress. “Listen, lady, you said you could do anything if I joined you. Could you bring my puddin back?”

   “Of course, my child, all you have to do is bow to me,” Enchantress said in her strange voice.

   “Okay.” Harley began kneeling down.

   “Harley, don’t!” Floyd called.

   Harley grabbed the sword that was laying on the ground. “Only one problem, you messed with my friends!” Harley stood and cut out Enchantress’ heart.

    Enchantress screamed and doubled over. Harley tossed Floyd a gun and he killed her. Then, Harley blew a piece of hair out of her face as Flagg hurried over to Enchantress who had finally left Dr. Moon’s, his girlfriend, body.

   “Well, looks like the bad guys just saved the world,” Captain Boomerang said.

   “Yeah,” Y/N said.

   Harley turned to Flagg. “You’re welcome!”
   Flagg nodded to her. “Thanks, I guess.”
   Dr. Moon smiled sheepishly. 

   Waller returned from wherever Enchantress had kept her. “Seeing as you all managed to complete your mission and save the world, I’m ready to hear your demands.”

   Floyd wanted to see his daughter; Harley wanted an espresso machine; Boomerang wanted time off his sentence; and Croc wanted BET. Waller turned to Y/N.

   “And what do you want?” Waller asked.

   “My freedom but if you can’t manage that a Bose speaker, an iPod with Spotify, and the wifi password.”

   “That can be arranged.” 

   The next day, everyone went back to their respective cells at Belle Reve. Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” played throughout the prison and everyone was enjoying their individual demands. Harley especially loved her new espresso machine and was getting another cup when a group of men dressed in SWAT uniforms burst into her cell area. They shot all the other guards and one of them walked into her cell. Harley stood by her espresso machine, ready to fight them, only to be overjoyed when the SWAT agent took off their helmet, revealing the Joker.

   “Puddin!” Harley squealed.

   “Let’s go home,” Joker said.

    She hugged him and smiled widely. She had pretty much everything she’d wanted since she got placed at Belle Reve. However, she knew she couldn’t leave without a certain someone.

    “Wait, we have to get someone else,” Harley said.

    “Whatever you want, baby,” Joker said.

    About five minutes later, the alarms were going off all throughout Belle Reve but that didn’t stir Y/N from her meditation. In order to keep her powers up, she had to make sure her mind, spirit, and body were in good alignment. She was facing the wall of her cell to insure her focus. Suddenly, her cell door opened and she groaned.

   “Whatever slop it is you have for me today, you can choke yourselves on it,” Y/N said.

   “Someone’s a sourpuss,” Joker said.

   Y/N stiffened a little as she turned around to see Joker, Harley, and Joker’s men standing at her cell. She was confused as she stood and walked towards them. “What are you doing here?”

   “I’m breaking you out! Well, Mistah J is helping,” Harley said.

   Y/N glanced at the green-haired clown and nodded. “This is crazy. Why would you risk getting caught while you’re escaping to get me?”

   “Because you’re my friend, even though you’re a sourpuss. So are you coming or not?”

    Y/N would’ve been an idiot not to go with them so she did. She never felt so happy as when the helicarrier carried them further and further away from Belle Reve. She had her freedom back and she could go home.

   “We’re not friends, Harley,” Y/N muttered when Harley plopped down next to her.

   “Of course we are. If you really hated me, you would’ve asked Waller to kill me as one of your demands,” Harley said.

   Y/N opened her mouth to argue but closed it. “Waller wouldn’t have done it anyway.”

   “And you saved my life.” Harley nudged her. “Admit it, you like me.”
   Joker came over to them. “Anyone that’s a friend of Harley’s is a friend of mine.” He grabbed her face and kissed her cheek with a loud smack.

    Harley laughed at Y/N’s surprised expression. “You’ll get used to it since you are going back to Gotham with us.”

    “Wait, what?”

    “Yes, Harley told me about your witchy abilities,” Joker waved his fingers in her face, “and I know I can use someone like you on my team.”

    What had the sourpuss gotten herself into?

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Ivor doesn't die, does he?

Man I remember when people used to hate Ivor, and now I get messages like this from people that clearly love him. That grumpy lil sourpuss has come such a long way.