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Dean and Charlie

So, sourpatch-k gave me the idea to do this in his/her ask (x), so I’m gonna talk a bit about this. Dean and Charlie’s relationship.

In general, it’s always seemed pretty good, though, I think they first truly bonded when Dean had to coach her through flirting with men (interesting that he coached her through that, eh? Makes you wonder what Dean’s had to do in the past, but eh, this isn’t about contemplations of Dean’s hardships as a young adult, this is about Dean and Charlie).

Charlie’s relationship has been extremely good for Dean. In his line of work and the life that Dean’s led, Dean hasn’t really met many queer or nerdy people. Charlie is not only both, but she’s also pretty similar to Dean. Similar taste in women, similar likes. Charlie shows Dean that yes, if he doesn’t necessarily hate the thought of liking a man in a more lustful way, it’s okay. She shows that you could be yourself and people will still love you and praise you for it, even if you don’t necessarily fit the status quo or if you like things that aren’t necessarily popular.

Charlie understands Dean in a way others don’t understand him. She’s a person who allows Dean to express himself in a way he thought was wrong because his father taught him so. He’s able to like LARP around her. Allowed to maybe even show that he may not only like girls, but perhaps, may even have some attraction to men as well. And I think Charlie sees that.

She doesn’t make his brother uncomfortable either. She’s one of Dean’s friends that Sam doesn’t have a problem with. He doesn’t see her as someone who takes away from him or someone who Dean turns to when he’s perceives himself to be failing Dean. Sam is completely fine with her. Dean seems to open up to her as well, more so than he does with Benny or Sam. Dean has talked to her about Cas. She knows things, things that Sam may not know. She’s perceptive as well.

(Can we talk about how Charlie, lesbian at large, calls Cas dreamy? She has no interest in men and she says that specifically to Dean. Oh, all the things that would make no sense whatsoever in this show if Dean and Cas don’t become endgame. But this post isn’t about that. It’s about Dean and Charlie) Charlie cares for Dean like a brother, accepts Sam as well. She wants the best for the both of them, and wants to be more apart of their lives, like they are with hers. They visit her in Moondor. She starts hunting.

Honestly, I can’t wait until she gets back from Oz. I want her to meet Cas. Because she knows more than what has been said on screen. She gets Dean when it comes to who he loves. She encourages Dean to pursue his true likes and interests. She’s a BAMF who’s survived longer than Dean, Sam, and Castiel on this show. She’s always awesome when she’s around and I hope we see her again very soon. Dean needs the sister he never wanted back. Their bromance is too cute for words.

sourpatch-k  asked:

Hey, where were those quotes with Adam and Jesse from?

they’re from e news last night. blake and adam had a ‘60 second’ quiz during their interview but it was shown during last night’s show instead of monday’s.

(also, i guess i should specify - jesse’s the e news interviewer, not jesse from m5. i just happen to know his name’s jesse, so i thought to mention him by name, as opposed to just referring to him as ‘interviewer’…

i just realized that there may be some confusion there, so i wanted to clear that up.)

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