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If you're still doing that smut prompt thingie could you do #11 with Rin(finding an overly sensitive body part) like Sousuke or mako or sei or aomine finding out how sensitive Rin is somewhere and exploiting it

So this turned into SouRinSei?  And I was going to write more…. detailed parts but I kind of fizzled out on this one.  *hangs head*  sorrrrrry  smut is so hit and miss with me.

Rin drops his magazine onto his chest with a sigh.  "You are too old to be pouting, Seijuro.“  Seijuro is seated at the desk, staring glumly at the book in front of him, and doesn’t even turn to look at Rin.  Sousuke gives Rin a look from where he’s leaning against Sei, his hip pressed against Sei’s shoulder.

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