I liked the new episodes

I’m a bit surprised tbh. A lot of Steven universe accounts are just bashing the new episodes for lack of non-filler but are forgetting that SU has no filler episodes.

let me explain why the new episodes are great

1) your mother and mine: Garnet finally meets the off colors and we get to know the alleged “story” of what happened to Pink. Steven doesn’t believe it, which means that he’ll probably begin to question more of the gems till he gets answers. And it’s revealed that he has something called “empathy powers” (something like that) which means that he may be able to unlock characteristics in the future that involve manipulating homeworld gems. Like if he comes across in a fight between him and Yellow. He would be able to read her emotions, possibly and make her more vulnerable/not attack him.

2) The big show

In this episode it shows 1) the possibility of sadie becoming famous

2) fixing her relationship with her mother.


3) we finally get some background on Greg’s sad backstory. It was a very fun episode and i love that Lars is becoming infamous and sadie is becoming famous. It makes them such a cute couple.

Pool Hopping) Now this is one of my favourite eps. Not only does Garnet do unexpected things but she almost loses her cool completely. But she’s also able to regain it and realises that Stevens a grown up now and she has to get used to it.

And the best part is we now get Cat Steven! I think that this episode is really cool because we get a life lesson about how we can’t always be in control however its up to us about what we want to happen in life.

Lastly was “Letter to Lars” And honestly this was another favourite. We get to see the events leading to something amazing & pearl finally gets her own phone

Secondly, Peridot has cheered up about lapis and is finally recovering/recovered

But not only that, and i know that, we all somewhat lowkey dislike Mayor Dewey but i guess in this episode we feel kinda bad for him too.

Everyone has just forgotten about him and doesn’t even try to involve him. However when he works at the big donut, it all fits perfectly!

He has purpose again! And i know that we all sometimes feel like how Mayor Dewey did, from Time to time but there will always be something for you to do, even if you don’t think so. Oh, and the best part of the ep was that he finally made up with Lars’ parents

Which was honestly so sweet.

Yeah so that’s why i liked the new episodes. Season 5 has been amazing so far.