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I’ll be going out of town for a few days and don’t know how often I’ll have internet access but I have some posts queued! See you in the weekend. :)

Thomas Sanders (Written by Joan "@jonerstrokes")

source: Am I ORIGINAL? | Thomas Sanders

written by joan (@ jonerstrokes [tumblr and insta])
sung by thomas sanders (@ thatsthat24 [tumblr and insta])
rap track by chris shaw (@ czekiel [insta]; @ czekiel_ [twitter]; christian shaw [soundcloud])

credits taken from video description.

yeah, i converted and downloaded an mp3 of the entire 12 min video onto my phone, edited it and then edited screenshots for an album cover just so i could have this downloaded. logic is my fav.

i figured i could upload it to tumblr for yall too. thanks to @thatsthat24 for always brightening my day!

lexxicona  asked:

The source for the "better use science to see if he's dead" is from "JoJo's Bizarre adventure: Phantom Blood Abridged" (and would it be possible to add that to the tags?)

I don’t tend to add sources to the tags; too many really ;) But if you really want me to I will :) - Also sorry for the suuper late reply; I haven’t been on in a couple of weeks! ;(



I got that good // I got that good good 

Luhan (鹿晗) – THAT GOOD GOOD (有点儿意思)
  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.
  • 707: I changed my password on everything to "incorrect".
  • MC:
  • 707: That way when I forget it, it always reminds me that my password is incorrect.
  • MC: ...Aren't you supposed to be a professional hacker?
  • Yuri: *sees Victor kissing Yuuri's skate*
  • Yuri: If my life gets any worse, I’m phoning Hell to ask about their exchange program.
  • Saeran: You remind me of Rapunzel.
  • 707: Really?
  • Saeran: Yes, but instead of letting down your hair, you let down everyone in your life.
Assassins bragging about their fighting styles

Arno, Jacob, and Evie: we can kill ten guards in five seconds

Edward, Shay, and Connor: we’re the most brutal

Ezio: I do the most amazing kills

Altair: bitch please. Talk to me when you can bitch slap a guy and send him flying over five feet

He is planning
  • Saeyoung: *points at Saeran's black clothes*
  • Saeyoung: Hey, who's funeral is it lololol
  • Saeran: I don't know.
  • Saeran: I haven't decided yet.

Jason: Did you hear the rumor about me? That I’m gay?

Nico: I did. Yes.

Jason: And?

Nico: What?

Jason: Do you think it’s true? Do you think that I’m… gay?

Nico: Are you attracted to other men?

Jason: [scoffs] No! But, let me kick you a scenario. I’m at a beach cabana, and Brad Pitt approaches. He tries to lean in and kiss me. I would definitely resist, like at first. But if he was persistent, [long pause] I think I might give in a little bit, just to see what it… felt like.


Jason: Would I push him away? How hard? Like, what if he’s like really aggressive?

Nico: If you resisted Brad Pitt a little bit, he would still… need to get to you?

Jason: It’s not real Brad Pitt, this is like, this is my fantasy. Or it’s like, not a fantasy, it’s just… it’s just a scenario.

Nico: Wow. I wish… I wish I could help you. I don’t… you might be gay. You might be gay.