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I know this is probably a question I could easily answer on my own accord but I want to know your opinion. Why would someone want to create a "deity" or "god" thoughtform? What would that achieve for a person? Positives of doing it? Negatives? It just seems like an odd concept in my brain. Not meaning any disrespect, though! Just very curious.

I imagine there can be many reasons why one might do this. Having never done it personally, I can only speculate, and even that may not be accurate. 

Honestly, the ego boost is freaking huge for your craft. If you can make yourself a damn deity, I think you’re pretty good at what you’re doing. 

In that vein of thought, it could also be a personal test of your own skill. 

It may also be as simple as, “I can, therefore I will.” 

For some, there are no currently known or existing deities that they may find suitable to their needs or desires from a devotional relationship. So, you make something you are comfortable worshipping, giving your energy to, asking favors of. With a created thoughtform, you know it isn’t just any random spirit saying they’re a deity and fucking your shit up. 

See, the thing is, this is such a personal thing. People’s relationships with deities, created or pre-existing, are such personal things. People worship for so many different reasons. Asking someone who hasn’t really done that to generalize a group of a lot of different people into one box is, well, not very accurate, and also kinda hard. I honestly couldn’t tell you what may be going through any one’s head when they decide to create their own deity versus finding one that they are already aware of its presence. Same as I couldn’t tell you why any one person may choose to worship in the first place. Faith comes from a lot of different places, and looks like a lot of different things. As someone who hasn’t been in that place, I can’t give the answers that readily. Just my suspicions, which may not necessarily apply to anyone anyway. 

Well, perks of creating your own deity might be:

  • you get exactly what you want and need out of the relationship
  • the deity can represent exactly what you wish it to, have only the qualities that you may admire or desire in a deity
    • I know some people find a lot of lore stories about particular deities super not good for them for various reasons, and that could be a huge hindrance in working with a pre-existing deity
  • you can trust the being as you created it
    • you can know it isn’t just a random spirit lying to you since, again, you created it
  • this may be a solution for those that may have difficulty communicating with spirits or deities (can’t godphone, etc.)
  • the more tasks a thoughtform performs, the more it gains strength, and the more shit it can do for you
  • if you feel you are unable to maintain the relationship, instead of worrying about pissing of a deity by going “ok I got what I wanted peace” or breaking a contract, the thoughtform can be destroyed 

Some downsides to creating a deity may be:

  • some may view the deity as “fake” because of its source
    • but if you think about it, where did the “classic” deities come from anyway?
  • they can be really draining on energy to make
    • thoughtforms in general can be, but I would assume that, since you’re making a deity, it would be “more” in a lot of ways than a “regular” thoughtform
  • sometimes even thoughtforms are not entirely in our control, especially with the more power it gains
    • *cough cough* the Will incident
  • these sorts of things can indeed be corrupted by external sources
    • say, for instance, another magic user finds the vessel the thoughtform is contained in / bound to, if they have it, or break it… 
  • if you can’t power it, it will fade from existence, whereas most existing deities likely won’t
    • in other words, your created deity is reliant on your energy, unless you link it to an external source, but there’s some debate about that lowering the effectiveness versus personal energy, but I digress; if you don’t fuel the thoughtform deity, it loses power and can’t function, but external deities aren’t solely reliant on you and you alone to have a place in one’s life

Again, this was all speculation, my personal thoughts on the topic, and not necessarily fact or true for all it may apply to. Feel free to voice your personal opinion or experiences on this post, if it applies, for a broader perspective!