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  • Hilda: Date a boy who looks at you like you’re a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Ravio: Date a girl who looks at you like you’re a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Yuga: I shoved a Monet painting up my butt.
  • Ravio: You okay?
  • Yuga: I died.
Facebook and Google Helped Anti-Refugee Campaign in Swing States
The big tech companies worked closely with a conservative, non-profit advocacy group.

In the final weeks of the 2016 election campaign, voters in swing states including Nevada and North Carolina saw ads appear in their Facebook feeds and on Google websites touting a pair of controversial faux-tourism videos, showing France and Germany overrun by Sharia law. French schoolchildren were being trained to fight for the caliphate, jihadi fighters were celebrated at the Arc de Triomphe, and the “Mona Lisa” was covered in a burka.

Unlike Russian efforts to secretly influence the 2016 election via social media, this American-led campaign was aided by direct collaboration with employees of Facebook and Google. They helped target the ads to more efficiently reach the intended audiences, according to internal reports from the ad agency that ran the campaign, as well as five people involved with the efforts.

During the 2016 campaign, in addition to its ads about Muslims and refugees, the group made a parody site, “Hillary’s Inbox,” with fake email chains between the candidate, her advisers and public figures. Secure America Now ran ads for the site on the Fox News politics page last October, according to internal reports, generating more than 206,000 visitors to the parody site.