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Dr. Frederick Chilton III Modern Renaissance Portrait (2015)

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Okumaya devam et

Channel 4 reporter interviewing a Greek MP regarding the possibility of Grexit (Greek exit). Repeatedly uses the phrase “But aren’t you obligated to pay your debts?”, again the moral perception of debt in placing the burden on the debtor is used. No mention of how 90% of IMF/ECB ‘bailout’ money doesn’t go to the Greek people but cycles back to banks, no mention of how free market policy of the EU forces deficit financing to sustain first world countries. No mention of how it’s ultimately German and British banks that benefit from bailout funds.

PSA to all my followers and everyone else

I’m sorry to be annoying about this, but it is important.


This rant is particularly aimed to graphics. Graphic makers work on something and choose to post them somewhere, say here on Tumblr. Even if we add a watermark so it’d be recognizable anywhere else, we do not appreciate our work taken a screenshot of or taken and reposted. It’s not fair. Why should you get recognition for a nice graphic we did?

That said, DO NOT USE SITES LIKE WEHEARTIT, where people repost stuff and, unlike Pinterest, the original source link is deleted (at least that’s what I saw). Most importantly, DO NOT TAKE SOMETHING FROM WEHEARTIT AND REPOST IT ON TUMBLR.

I can report my reposted content here on Tumblr, but getting it down from WeHeartIt is hard, since you: a) have to join the site b) can’t contact the user c) there are no ‘reposted content’ category, only one for copyright holders that is extremely inadequate and bothersome. So you are only encouraging theft by using the site and liking stolen posts—even more if you choose to repost that image like it’s no biggie.

Please, respect people’s work of any kind. You’re not a stupid person for not being able to write, draw or make a graphic… but you are a goddamn piece of garbage for reposting stuff you know you’re not supposed to and claiming it as yours. Even more if the owner of said stuff asks you to delete it and you don’t (like just happened to me).

Destroy the mentality that just because it’s not a physical thing and it’s on the internet, it’s up for grabs and doesn’t count as theft.

Mason Verger II Modern Renaissance Portrait (2015)

As always: Please do not remove the caption or the source. I would really appreciate that. Thank you guys! Reblog it to the end of time but don’t repost it without a source/link.

The Sources and other Modern Renaissance Portraits are below

Okumaya devam et

The Presidential candidate with the greatest number of royal genes has always been the victor, without exception, since George Washington.

Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke’s Peerage, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, October 28th, 1996.

The 1988 Bush Election, the 1996 Clinton election, and the 2000 W. Bush Election, were all actually predicted ahead of time (mainstream sources linked).

Burke’s Peerage is the “the aristocracy’s bible” and has even designed Coat of Arms for the Bush and Gore families. They are the preeminent authority on the lineage of the royal families of America and Europe.

Every presidential election since 1996 has also gone to the candidate with the most “blue-blood”, except in 2004 when Bush defeated Kerry, though Bush was the “most royal” president up to that point. George W. Bush’s 2nd election is the only time the candidate with less “blue-blood” was elected, in an election with the most “blue-blood” ever (it was thought Kerry had “slightly more”, it appears they were wrong). 

While both candidates generally have royal lineage, Barack Obama’s lineage surpassed both McCain’s and Romney’s.

So basically, the candidate with the closest relations to the royal families of Europe will win the 2016 election. Voting has nothing to do with it. As Josef Stalin said long ago, “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.“

Adopt Don’t Shop Masterpost - progress!

I just wanted to let people know that I’m finally in the last stage of composing the “Adopt Don’t Shop” myth-busting masterpost (writing the final draft in a web-friendly format with links to sources). It has taken a couple of months of research, compiling sources, and outlining to get to this point, but now I estimate it should only take me 2-4 weeks more to completely finish it. PHEW.

The very first myth I’m covering, “pet overpopulation,” will probably take me the longest to write about because my response is essentially a summary of all the reasons we need shelter reform in America (and there are lots). But after getting the first one out of the way, I think most of the remaining myths will be much simpler to address. ;n;

Just wanted to give people a quick update since I know several of you have been waiting for me to finish ahhhh!

cockroach-boy sordu:

What kind of search terms do you typically use when shopping online? Or do you just scroll through until you find something you like?

in the past i’ve just lucked out and found source links on posts here. 

search for things like “draped” and “asymmetrical” and you’ll usually end up in the right place. 

anonim sordu:

Question. Why isn't there more info about the whole vietnamese water park incident aside from the links and whatever Tumblr says? The link of the guy who initiated the whole thing shows nothing about what Tumblr says. This whole thing sounds fishy at the moment to be honest.

well i doubt the guy is gonna post about what he did on his own profile… there are multiple sources linked but as mentioned in the post, they’re in vietnamese. It may be that there’s not much more info because it happened in vietnam and not the west so theres not as much coverage on it in western media, as usual?

Either way I would question the OP if you have further suspicions about it, not me. 


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