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Xiong Yiliao

Xiong Yiliao (熊宜僚), a warrior who fought under King Zhuang of Chu (who ruled from 613 to 591 BC), is one of the earliest known jugglers in History. The Chinese word for the practice was ‘nongwan’ (弄丸) and was defined as ‘the art of throwing multiple objects up and down without dropping them’.

During a battle in about 603 BC between the kingdoms of Chu and Song, according to the annals, Xiong Yiliao stepped out between the armies and juggled nine balls, which so amazed the Song troops that all five hundred of them turned and fled, allowing the Chu army to win a complete victory.


internet tips

-look at people’s pages before asking if they’re on other sites - chances are their links are on their page

-before asking what something is from, check the source’s tags

-if you don’t know the name of a song, google the lyrics

-not sure if someone has blogged about something? use /tagged/ and /search/ on their blog

-read FAQs

-learn how to reverse image search on google (upload the image using the camera button)

-don’t cite wikipedia, but you can cite the sources wikipedia cites


Beautiful cast of American Gods (IMDB)

The series will focus on the mysterious Shadow, a man who is released from prison a few days early after serving a three-year sentence for bank robbery when his beloved wife Laura is killed in a car accident. Flying home for the funeral, Shadow is seated next to a man who introduces himself only as Mr. Wednesday, and this man knows more about Shadow’s life, both past and present, than is possible. Shadow comes to learn that Wednesday is, in fact, the god Odin of Norse mythology and that all of the gods that mankind has ever believed in are alive in human form and live among regular people. Shadow is soon thrust into a gathering conflict between the Old gods and the so-called “New gods”, the gods of money and technology who believe there is no longer room on Earth for the old gods.

(source: Wikipedia)

the gangsey and youtube

-they have a group channel!!
-and create really eclectic content lmao
-which means they’re fairly popular
-ok let’s start w gansey
-he does a kinda…. drunk history thing except he’s not drunk and all he’s allowed to use as a source is one wikipedia page which he gets ten minutes to read through
-it’s a mess
-oh he also does monthly videos of him reacting to things in pop culture bc he’s as aware of pop culture as most elderly folk
-noah does makeup tutorials
-hear me out
-he does really outlandish looks that look absolutely amazing?? and he does weekly videos which can be:
-looks only using drugstore products
-looks using only vegan products
-looks using products for sensitive skin
-it just depends on how he feels when he wants to film
-(sometimes he flickers and blames it on camera quality. shh)
-blue does rant videos, diy videos and sometimes features the girls of 300 fox way
-her rant videos are incredibly popular because ?? she speaks the Truth and has no filter
-ok so sometimes the popularity
is through discourse but…… she can handle herself…… y’all…..
-her diy videos are usually like those ‘reuse ur old clothes’ videos bc she’s Cool like that
-and smart
-she mainly features orla in the diy fashion because orla actually knows fashion and blue. doesn’t really.
-calla gets featured in the rants
-she is both feared and adored
-ronan does stunt videos and most of their fanbase worry for his health tbh
-he’s the only one who doesn’t post regularly
-it’s 3am on a monday and whoops everyone’s watching ronan lynch somersault off monmouth manufacturing and landing on a skateboard or something
-he did post a video of chainsaw too once
-she kept trying to peck the camera
-adam doesn’t post often, but they’re regular
-like maybe a video every two months
-he usually does book reviews or positivity videos
-(one time he posted a video of him playing the ukelele and the fanbase went wild)
-(then again,, it was ‘can’t help falling in love’ and “for ronan” was the title)
-group videos are always chaotic but Great
-you can tell they’re all really close and it’s so cute
-one time they did a video where they had to sing songs from musicals and if they didn’t know the words they had to make them up
-most of the made up lyrics had to be bleeped out
-one time they videoed a road trip
-henry was featured in that one. #sarchengsy was. lowkey viral. for a while.
-this was very self indulgent im not sorry
-it’s also probably been done

NEET Collection Characters

Osomatsu | Momotarou

Momotarou was a baby sent from heaven, who was found inside a peach floating down a river. He went on to become a hero by defeating a group of oni with a talking monkey, dog, and pheasant.

Karamatsu | Urashima Tarou

Urashima Tarou was a fisherman who rescued a turtle and was allowed to visit the underwater palace of a dragon god. After returning to the surface, he finds that during the time he stayed in the palace, 300 years had past. Despite being warned not to, he opened a box given to him by the turtle he saved (who had turned into a girl) and rapidly aged into an old man.

Choromatsu | Kintarou

Kintarou was a child with superhuman strength, who was raised by a mountain witch after being abandoned by his mother. In his childhood, he fought various monsters. There is a famous story about him battling a giant carp underwater.

Ichimatsu | Oni

Oni are youkai that have horns, wear tiger-skin loincloths, and are usually seen carrying giant iron clubs. In folklore, most of them are evil and terrorize humans. (If Ichimatsu isn’t just a generic oni, hmu.)

Jyushimatsu | Issun-boushi

Issun-boushi was a boy who was born to an elderly couple and only grew to be 1 inch tall. He sailed to the capital to become a warrior with a boat (bowl), paddle (chopstick), and a sword (needle). He went on to save a girl by defeating an oni and used a magical mallet to become 5′9′’ (then he married the girl).

Todomatsu | Princess Kaguya

Princess Kaguya was a baby who was found and raised by a bamboo cutter who discovered her inside a shining stalk of bamboo. She was extremely beautiful and 5 princes asked to marry her. She gave them impossible tasks to win her hand in marriage and they all failed. Even the emperor asks to marry her and she says no. Later on, she literally pulls a “I MUST RETURN TO MY PEOPLE” and floats back to the moon, where she came from.   

Tour Scheduling For Max Impact

If I don’t write this down, I’ll keep thinking about it. One Direction’s touring was 100% album support focused and on a strict yearly cycle. Album support touring is the most common/traditional reason to tour, but nowadays a lot of artists tour the shit out of a record because that’s where the money is. When more than one leg is possible and you can hit tour markets more than once, you have an opportunity to use and harness momentum in your favor for publicity and promotion (and Grammy’s).

New-Breaking-Big Grammy Bait

EXAMPLE: Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour, Washington DC

3/24/14 - U Street Music Hall (on the back of the EP) - 500 capacity

5/26/14  - Album Release

9/16/14 - Echostage (normal album support) - 4,000+

9/30/14 - Grammy cutoff, 1st round voting begins, (nominees in Dec., final voting through Jan) 

1/12/15 - Patriot Center Arena (full tour design, prestige tour leg 1) - 7,100

1/26/15 - 2015 Grammy’s: 4 awards, 7 noms

7/24/15 - Merriweather Post Pavilion (hyfr I won Grammy’s tour) - 10,000+

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I don’t know how I went this long without knowing that Alistair Theirin’s characterization was inspired by Xander Harris and Malcolm Reynolds.

But now that I know that - I can totally hear it.

Considering that I was a hardcore Buffy and Firefly fan long before I played Origins… no wonder I instantly fell for that dork.

(Also, they originally wanted Fillion to voice him, but decided against it on account of his accent. I love Fillion’s performances to bits, but I’d say that was the right call.)

I appear to have caused some minor controversy on the Schipperke facebook page… I have been sharing quotes from sources I’ve been reading about schipperkes and it seems people disagree! I’d be happy to be corrected, but nobody can provide a source for their information.

The Spectre of Newby Church (or the “Newby Monk”) is the name given to an artifact found on a photograph taken in the Church of Christ the Consoler, on the grounds of Newby Hall in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

The image was taken in 1963 by the Reverend K. F. Lord. As the artifact appears to resemble a human, much speculation has been had regarding what type of person might be in the image. 

Most speculation has concluded that it resembles a 16th-century monk, with a white shroud over his face, possibly to mask leprosy or another disfigurement. In relation to the nearest furniture, any figure would measure at 9 feet tall


serval /ˈsɜːrvəl/ (Leptailurus serval), also known as the tierboskat

The serval is active in the day as well as at night; activity might peak in early morning, around twilight and at midnight. Servals might be active for a longer time on cool or rainy days. During the hot midday, they rest or groom themselves in the shade of bushes and grasses. Servals remain cautious of their vicinity, though they may be less alert when no large carnivores or prey animals are around. Serval walk as much as 2–4 kilometres (1.2–2.5 mi) every night.[4][14] Servals will often use special trails to reach certain hunting areas. A solitary animal, there is little social interaction among servals except in the mating season, when pairs of opposite sexes may stay together. The only long-lasting bond appears to be of the mother and her cubs, which leave their mother only when they are a year old.[8]



King Xerxes was king of Persia from 486-465 BC. His wife was Queen Amestris. King Xexes was murdered by Artabanus, who then gave the position of power to his seven sons. According to Aristotle, Artabanus was then killed by Artaxerxes, son of Xerxes and Amestris.

This draws interesting parallels to FMA, where the country of Xerxes was destroyed by Father. Father then created the seven homunculi, and gave the highest position of power in the country to one of his sons, and the other homunculi watched over the Amestrian cities.

It is fitting, that Father, like Artabanus, was killed by Edward Elric, with a mother from Amestris, and a father from Xerxes. Like Artaxerxes, Ed avenged the Xerxesian people by dealing the final blow on Father.


*tries to take deep breaths* Is it just me or is everyone getting the feeling that something’s wrong when you look at ‘Hail and Farewell’?

Reblog to spread the word(if it hasn’t been spread already, that is).

SOURCE: Wikipedia


Samothrace temple complex, also known as the Sanctuary of the Great Gods (Ιερό των Μεγάλων Θεών), one of the principal Pan-Hellenic religious sanctuaries, located on the island of Samothrace within the larger Thrace.
It was celebrated throughout Ancient Greece for its Mystery religion, a Chthonic religious practice as renowned as the Eleusinian Mysteries.Numerous famous people were initiates, including the historian Herodotus – one of very few authors to have left behind a few clues to the nature of the mysteries, the Spartan leader Lysander, and numerous Athenians.The temple complex is mentioned by Plato and Aristophanes. During the Hellenistic period, after the investiture of Phillip II it formed a Macedonian national sanctuary where the successors to Alexander the Great vied to outdo each other’s munifence. It remained an important religious site throughout the Roman period. Hadrian visited, and Varro described the mysteries – before fading from history towards the end of Late Antiquity. (source: Wikipedia)

Photos: Vera Bousiou.

Marzanna (in Polish), Morė (in Lithuanian), Morana (in Czech,Slovene and Croatian), or Morena (in Slovak and Russian) or also Mara, Maržena,Moréna, Mora or Marmora is a Baltic and Slavic goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is often described as a demon and is associated with death, winter and nightmares. In Slavic rites the death of Marzanna towards the end of winter is juxtaposed against the birth of Jarilo – a Slavic god representing the coming of spring. (source: wikipedia)