sources are so hard to find with this fandom

i know i post about this so much and i probably sound annoying but cropping fans out of photos is so rude and i can’t even begin to explain how unthoughtful it is !! imagine meeting your faves and posting about it only to have people steal the picture and remove your face. please don’t do it, and please don’t support it

Shout out ...

to all the amazing fans in every fandom out there.

Thank you to those smart folks that write all this amazing meta and make all that amazing fan work. Write that fic (better than published authors at that, where is YOUR movie deal, amirite?) and go on with those insanely gorgeous edits! And you DREW that?! How are you real, super cool fan artists? How are some of y’all so funny and clever? Thank you for making me smile.

Thank you to those that stay level headed and chill and know how to be the voice of reason when things get crazy. Being a fan girl is hard but when rumors go flying and people panic you help keep things calm and stay rational. And we all know how quick things get crazy in fandoms but you don’t spread misinformation, you always demand them sources and hold it down.

 Thank you to those people we all know who are just masters of Google and finding information. We got questions and you got the answers! Or you try your best to find out! Thank you for your endless fount of information and for always having the latest scoop!

Thank you to those shippers out there that respect the fact the actors, actresses…etc are real people with real lives and not puppets for our amusement. Thank you for not sending hate to their loved ones or spouses and not being hateful and malicious in the tags. Thank you for being civil and showing them fandom is full of smart, passionate people who love the craft and appreciate them regardless of their relationship status. 

Thank you to those eloquent and passionate folks who show people that fandoms have valid opinions and respectful constructive criticism and we’re not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. Thanks for showing The Powers That Be we care about real issues and we want real, complex characters and stories that are well written and exciting. 

Thank you to those folk that shut down the haters and put them in their place. Demand those receipts! Don’t let them put you down, you know they only mad because they have nothing going for them. They’re just upset because they want the confidence and joyful passion that we have. Bitterness isn’t pretty, y’all. But you don’t let them get to you. You tell them like it is, but you keep it classy. 

Thank you to those that reblog all this cool stuff and are always nice and friendly. Thank you for being kind and patient and understanding.  Thank you for keeping fandom a safe place where people can have fun and aren’t afraid to jump in and participate. Fandom shouldn’t be a clique and you always make sure people feel welcome. Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You all are a blessing to your fandom family and I appreciate you. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep it up.

Art theft in the Yogscast Tag

I’ve noticed recently there’s been an increase in reposted and uncredited artwork in the Yogscast tag. The people posting the images have taken there time to remove the artist signature and/or watermark. Problem is, the fanart is really old, and by really old I mean over 3 years old. Its very hard to find the original source cause the stolen art pieces have been uploaded so many times onto pintrest and similar sites. I only remember these people are not the posters cause I remember quiet vividly when I first joined the Yogs fandom on tumblr these pieces were circulating after just being posted by the original artist. Be careful about who you reblog your art from guys. I’ve even seen @yogscastduncan reblog some of the stolen art.