The amount of people on this site who repost images without including a proper source or giving credit to the owner is extremely disheartening. Sharing something from pinterest or weheartit and then putting a link to your own blog in the description is NOT a proper way to source something. At that point you are taking credit for that image, and for what? To get notes? I’ll never understand why people think this is okay.


After about six months of making (and keeping it a secret), my Mel cosplay is finally here! The portal gun and boots were made from scratch using EVA foam and a few other materials like the wires and lights, and the suit was a boiler suit altered by my mum and I :).

Portal Stories: Mel is honestly such an important and meaningful game to me, and I’ve never seen a cosplay of Mel before so I decided to do it myself. I’m really excited to finally be showing this to you guys, because I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long! The community I’ve met (and become a part of) since I finished playing the game is so lovely, so I’m sooo happy to share this with you all.

Honestly, I could talk for a lot longer about what the game means to me, but I might make that a separate post instead! In the meantime, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did while making it :).

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Slytherin: My boyfriend just broke up with me…

Hufflepuff: Aww, I’m sorry! Do you want a hug?

Slytherin: What? No! I am waiting for Ravenclaw to say something…

Hufflepuff: What can Rav…

Ravenclaw: I have access to all their credit cards, bank accounts, social security, and their entire background information from the pentagon, as well as their IRS tax statements…

Hufflepuff: … Slytherin, don’t do this … this sounds like a very bad idea! ….

Slytherin: *rolls eyes*

Slytherin: … anything else?

Ravenclaw: His Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CrunchyRoll password is SnakesRule4ever…

Slytherin: Hufflepuff, do we have anymore ice cream?

The ID Boys

Duo shot of the Doom Slayer/Doomguy and William ‘B.J’ Joseph Blazkowicz from Doom and Wolfenstein respectively, both of which were created by ID Software and gave birth to the juggernaut that is the first person shooter genre. Hope you guys like it!

Rendered in Source Filmmaker and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

I own NOTHING. Both Doom and Wolfenstien are copyrighted by Bethesda Softworks and ID Software!

Just watch babies. They’re in a constant state of love. How could they possibly be so joyful? Because they’re in harmony with the source. Some call that source God or soul or spirit or consciousness. They have no resistance to being joyful - unlike adults. You didn’t come forth into this world to suffer, to be anxious, fearful or depressed. Remember, your thoughts, not your world, cause you stress. And you can change your thoughts.

Wayne Dyer

Some Possibly Helpful Awakening Survival Tips

* keep your mind open!
* learn about energy points in the body, both physical and etheric, like the chakras
* if meditation is difficult, start with visualization or guided meditation
* love is the purest form of energy in the universe
* as such, research vibration and frequency
* yes, crystals can help
* no, you are not going crazy
* sometimes you can hear through things other than just your ears
* you are not alone
* nature heals
* if you feel a longing for the stars, there is probably a very good reason why
* not everything is as it seems, and not everything you see is real
* knowledge is power
* there are still a lot of people who aren’t where you are in terms of reality and consciousness; have patience, this is changing
* get accustomed to the idea that we are far from alone in the universe
* pay attention to repeating numbers and look up what they mean
* it’s not a coincidence, it’s synchronicity

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