source; tvreport

[Trans] TV Report White Day Interview (B.A.P Youngjae’s Part)

[Trans: hellosaya]

Reporter: Since it’s White Day, I asked 14 members from 14 Boy Groups: What does White Day mean to you?

Youngjae: I’m not sure. White…Day?!

Reporter: Is there a special candy you would like to make it with your own recipe?

Youngjae: I would like to make a 1m pure white cotton candy in teddy bear shape.

Reporter: I wonder how would the boys confess their love. “ Is there a dreamy event with gifts and candy?”

Youngjae: Create a 1m cotton candy teddy bear and bring it to Japan Sapporo and place it in the snow. Then I’ll say “I’ve prepared a snow man teddy bear for you!” And when you get closer to the snowman, you’ll find out it’s a White Day gift as well. Oh my God, I’d like to try such a happy White Day event.