The ABCs of Captain Swan, TV's Swoon-Worthy Romance by Zimbio

Love has never been so dangerous, steamy, and susceptible to curses. They call her the savior and him a pirate, but we call them Captain Swan. Ever since Once Upon a Time brought Captain Hook and Emma Swan together, we knew sparks — if not swords and magic — were about to fly. We haven’t been disappointed yet.

If you’re new to the good ship Captain Swan, have no fear! We’ve created this handy primer for the newbie shipper as well as the veteran. 


A is for “About Bloody Time”
Are we jumping too fast into this ABC list? Perhaps. But “about bloody time” echoes our sentiments concerning Captain Swan. It’s also what Hook said after Emma grabbed him — even though she was just preventing him from hitting a trip wire.  B is for Backstory Madness
These crazy kids have crazy history. Emma is your run-of-the-mill fairy tale gal, born in the Enchanted Forest, but raised in the “real word” thanks to a magical curse. And Hook? Oh, he’s the legit Captain Hook — with a bonus former relationship with Rumplestiltskin’s wife. 

C is for Captain Innuendo
So Emma’s a tough cookie, but it’s a tall order to ignore a heartthrob who’s tall, dark, handsome, one-handed, and wickedly flirtatious — and good with his sword. D is for Dueling
With swords, with words, with darting looks of hatred/smoldering desire… No one ever said love was easy, and we’re all about their rocky, tumultuous about-to-be affair.

E is for End Game
Sure, Hook’s been in love before — and so has Emma — but we’re not interested in beginning games or middle games. These two have what it takes to make their romance last. 

F is for Failed “True Love’s Kiss”
When that pesky curse got undone, Emma forgot all about her merry adventures with her pirate crush. Hook tried to kiss the memories out of her, but all he got was a knee to the groin. G is for Grandpa (of the Not-Really Step Variety)
Weird detail: Hook almost was Henry’s (Emma’s son) step-grandfather. Trippy, right? (Or gross?) See Rumplestiltskin and his wife, Milah, are the actual grandparents of Henry, and if Rumplestiltskin hadn’t murdered Milah, Killian would’ve probably married her. 

H is for Hooked
In the J. M. Barrie play,Captain Hook earned his moniker after Peter Pan fed his hand to a crocodile. In OUAT, Rumplestiltskin chops it off in a (failed) effort to obtain a magical bean. 

I is for In Demand
Emma’s usually got more suitors than she knows what to do with. As should be obvious from this article, we’re all about Hook and Emma, but a huntsman, Rumplestiltskin’s son, and (according to some corners of fandom) Evil Queen Regina, are all in the mix. J is for Jennifer Morrison
She solved medical mysteries with Dr. House and flirted up a storm with Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, but the charming American actress has never been better as our Emma Swan.

K is for Killian Jones
Surprise! Hook has a real name. He was born Killian Jones and was introduced to the sea life by his brother, Liam Jones. The whole handless situation inspired him to make the name change.

L is for Love
No, not love love. Though that works, too. Hook has a habit of dropping semi-sarcastic terms of endearment like “love” and “beautiful” when referring to Emma.
M is for Make Out
Oh yeah, we’ve got a canon lip-lock here, people. And it’s pretty steamy. N is for Neal Cassidy
Boo, go away, Neal. Just kidding (kind of). We like Neal, AKA Baelfire, but he can’t hold a candle to Hook. Though he did have a real world relationship and a son (Henry) with Emma.

O is for O’Donoghue, Colin O’Donoghue
When the dapper Irish actor was cast as Hook, the role was a mere supporting part, but he was billed as a series regular by the end of the second season — a testament to his sizzling chemistry with Emma (and the rest of the cast), we presume.

P is for Purpose
Hook came to admire Emma’s steadfast devotion to saving her son. That selfless love gave him his own sense of purpose — and his own reason to not be his usual backstabbing self. Q is for Queen
Ugh, queens are the worst, right? After dealing with treacheries of Evil Queen Regina and Cora, Queen of Hearts, Captain Swan is taking on The Wicked Witch of the West, who’s not so much a queen, of course, but she is a real royal pain. 

R is for Redemption
Hook is what you might call an anti-hero. Or at least he was. The rough-around-the-edges pirate hasn’t led a squeaky clean life, but he’s willing to make a change to redeem his dishonest ways.

S is for Ship Shape
OUAT is OVER-FLOWING with possible relationship pairings. From Rumbelle to Swan Queen, we’ve seen them all, but Captain Swan is the only ship that sails itself, figuratively and literally. T is for Trickery
Who needs trickery when you’ve got roguish charm? As Hook told Emma, “When I win your heart, and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

U is for Understanding
At the end of the day, Emma and Hook understand each other. They’ve both been abandoned, they’ve both lost their loved ones — they’re both used to being alone in the world. 

V is for Vengeance
Hook and Emma both love a little vengeance, and a shared hobby is important. Taking down evil queens, reversing curses, putting devious little magicians in their place… Great first date ideas!

W is for Whatttt
Nothing to see here — just Hook dressing Emma’s hand wound in the most seductive way known to man. X is for XXL Fan Fiction Archives
If you can think of a better thing that starts with an X, please let us know (no, really), but for now we’re going with an XXL sampling of fan faction, courtesy of an Archive of Our Own.

Y is for “You and I”
Captain Swan is a powerful thing, folks. With their combined brains, brawn, and sex appeal (okay, the last one is only marginally helpful), the villains of our good Storybrooke heroes have better watch out.

Z is for Zero Limits 
So sometimes they try to kill each other, sometimes they make out, and sometimes they save the world. What could possibly be next for television’s most magical, butt-kicking duo?

Okay shipmates, I’m no good at motivational speeches, but I’ll try anyway.

As you can see, we’re losing, but we’re only losing by one percent and before we were ahead by 3. I honestly think that we can beat Destiel, even if they are the two times running champions of this competition. But it’s not going to be an easy win and it can’t be done with half hearted and minimal votes every other time or another. It’s going to take a lot of effort.

So here’s what I’m proposing.

We all vote at least 30 times each right now. I calculated it and it only takes 3 minutes, so I can easily assume that every 10 votes takes a minute.

3 minutes. In a twenty-four hour day, that’s absolutely nothing. Just 3 minutes. It’s not a long time. But if we have 10 people vote 30 times each, that’s 300 votes in one go. That’s good, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot more of us than 10 people. Just at least 30 votes, at least 3 minutes of your day right now, and if you’re motivated enough, you can vote more times: 40 votes will take 4 minutes, and 50 will take 5, that’s still a small amount of time in a day.

Honest to God, we can win this, but we have to persevere and we have to keep voting. I honesty don’t mind losing this whole thing. I don’t mind if Swan Queen becomes the new champion, it’ll still be an OUAT victory, and that’s good enough for me.

But we’re the ones up against Destiel and we the opportunity to be the ones who defeat the undefeated and that in itself is a victory. Whoever is the new champion, we’d be the ones who directly defeated the former champions.

I know that some of you might read this and think ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘I don’t care, it’s just a poll’ but please please please lust use 3 minutes of your time to see if we can pull ahead, to prove that we’re not a new and weak fandom. Let’s prove that we have presence and power and demonstrate our passion and loyalty for our ship.

30 votes, 3 minutes.

Vote, refresh, vote.