'The 100's Eliza Taylor Dishes on Clexa's Unwavering Bond and How They Taught Each Other to Love

What made Clarke and Lexa’s relationship so special in your eyes?

I think it was the fact that they are two such strong human beings who share a very similar cause, and that is just to do whatever is best for their people. They’ve always had to be so strong and stoic, and what they found in each other was a way to be vulnerable and to love. I think that is something that people can relate to, and that’s what I love about them.

In what ways did Clarke and Lexa bring out the best and worst in each other?

They taught each other how to be open and how to love. The only bad thing about it was that they came from such different sides of the coin and had to face a lot of struggle with the outside world and what other people thought of them.

Many fans of The 100 have been very vocal on social media about Lexa’s death. How do you feel about the tragedy and the public’s response to it — especially about the way that fans have banded together to raise money for The Trevor Project?

Obviously there was a lot of controversy surrounding the death. It’s a really sensitive issue, and I think it’s great that people felt so passionate about it. The fact that The Trevor Project has raised so much money — I think it’s about $100,000 or close to that now — was insane. Also, the fact that our on-screen relationship could create that sort of reaction was just brilliant. It makes me feel really, really touched. They’re doing such good work.

Can you share your favorite behind-the-scenes moment with Alycia Debnam-Carey?

Oh gosh, there are so many! We laugh a lot. I think our main thing is doing really, really rough Australian accents to each other. And sometimes we’re testing out lines in an Australian accent which is hilarious.

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What happened with Clexakru on Friday March 25th

1. Clexakru won in the finals of Zimbio’s March Madness Challenge

2. The results were announced at 10am PST and by 10:30 CLEXA IS OURS started to trend worldwide on twitter.

3. Zimbio released a statement about the LGBTQ movement that inspired the win and donated $1,000 to Leskru WW

(View at

4. CLEXA IS OURS trended world wide for nearly 6 hours and reached 148k tweets before it fell off the top 20 chart

5. The Trevor Project donations in the name of Leskru reached $75,000

Conclusion: Clexakru fought well today


“Clarke and Lexa have deeply connected experiences and past lives. They have both lost loved ones, and they both have to lead their people, and make a lot of hard choices that most young people their age don’t have to. So to be able to find comfort and solace in someone who shares the same similar background is lovely, and that is why the dynamic works so well.”

- Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa)

Vote Clarke & Lexa


I just came back and “Clexa Is Ours” is still #8 on the WW trends. I also hear Zimbio is making a $1,000 donation to the charity. A website is stepping up and doing what a television network hasn’t and we made that happen. Hand on heart, if I could kiss every one of you I swear I would. We’re so good when we come together. Let yesterday be a lesson learned. This is what we need for the rest of this campaign. 

Let’s just let this sink in.

Zimbio acknowledges that we basically got as far as we did with pretty much ZERO official support, and that that’s what made all the difference in the world. And they give SWEN major props for it.

(This is in no way a comment on POI or its fandom, but rather a comment on OUaT and their complete incompetence and/or lack of willingness to acknowledge fanon f/f ships.)