TO ALL TAO STANS WHO MAKES TAO EDITS. i don’t want to call you guys out. but pandanuna just tweeted and you know shit has gotten real. i already made a post to warn you guys to STOP uploading and editing her photos but you guys wouldn’t listen.



1. Do not take out download links. 
If you want to share this compilation, pls put the link to this post, but not the direct download link, otherwise I’ll shut it down. 
2. Follow common rules of using fantaken photos:
2.1. Don’t modify any of these pictures, don’t cut the logo.
2.2. Personal usage only.
2.3. If you share any of these pictures, 
pls, put the credits: PANDANUNA


 120408 (site open) - 140212
Date of compiling: 140217
Members: Tao + a few pictures of other members 
File: Zip | 478.5 Mb | 1320 pictures | 146 folders
Download: MEGA 


[PANDANUNA] 2014 TAO Wall & Desk Calendar “ABOUT TIME”

Hi! This is the US pre-order for the wonderful people at PANDANUNA and they’ve got a great calendar set for you Tao stans! please refer to this post and the #abouttime tag for updates on this amazing set! I HIGHLY SUGGEST getting your friends in on this; the more orders, the cheaper the shipping for all of us >3<

1. Detail

  • Wall calendar: A3 / 26p / ALL COLOR / released&unreleased photo Desk calendar: 150 * 210mm  / 26p/ ALL COLOR / released&unreleased photos
  • *70%-80% UNRELEASED photos
  • *Wall calendar’s photos are different from Desk calendar’s

2. Special gifts

For Wall & Desk calendar:
  • small photo cards
  •  mouse pad
  •  stickers
  •  memo pad
  •  key ring
  •  mini photo book
  • luggage tag

(Wall only or Desk only does not receive mini photo book)

3. Price

  • Wall & Desk Calendar Set = 30 USD + EMS & Domestic
  • Wall only = 18 USD + EMS & Domestic
  • Desk only = 12 USD + EMS & Domestic

Final price including domestic shipping will be confirmed after ordering period.


  • I will not be accepting any more order forms after OCTOBER 30, 2013.
  • Exact totals will be emailed 1-3 days after deadline.
  • Payment deadline is NOVEMBER 5.

ORDER FORM HERE! I will email you with a confirmation notice as soon as I process your form.

I am also willing to do pick-up/drop off if you are in the Los Angeles/San Gabriel/San Fernando/San Bernardino/Orange County areas! If you have any questions or concerns, please send an ask or fanmail and I’m on twitter (@taottoos).

Great guys! really! Well done! 

Why can you people follow the rules? are you really that desperate to gain followers/likes? 

Pandanuna is great and she kindly shares her pics with us but how do you pay her? breaking her rules, uploading to Tumblr when she explicit asks not to, editing/removing her logo and being stubborn just because you can. 

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides not to share her pics anymore. Do you realize lots of Tao’s sites have been closing down their sites? it’s true two of the sites decided to work together but more have been closing, just two/three days ago Taoasis went into hiatus, what I’m trying to say is don’t take those beautiful pics of Tao (or any other ido for that matter) for granted.

So please, just stick to the rules.

xing-li asked:


Taos probably gonna get it if she sells them otl. He knows her and he’s gonna be like “look she made a photobook for me, I should get it, it’s me anyways.” he is a fan of her pics of him pmsl. I want one, is she gonna sell some or is she just making one? (I really want thatphoto book;;)