Soooo I just did this on my homepage...

♥ Brenda ♥ The Wallace to my Veronica
♥ Mon ♥ The Cheery to my Broody
♥ Dany ♥ The Haley to my Brooke
♥ Ally ♥ The Caroline to my Bonnie
♥ Jess ♥ The Penny to my Amy
♥ Nelly ♥ The Brooke to my Rachel
♥ Nicole ♥ The Savannah to my Alice
♥ Bianca ♥ The Brooke to my Haley
♥ Allie ♥ The Dan to my Blair 

If you guys dont like what I picked let me know and I will change it :)

and P.S

@CAT! I want to do one for you I want to do something with SPN but I dont watch it so think of something <33 lolol

@Shelby! you need to pick something as well I was thinking the Rachel to my Quinn?