BasicallyIdoVanoss (fluff)

“It’s fucking bullshit…” Marcel buried his face into Evan’s neck, glaring at nothing in particular as he wrapped his arms around the man’s waist.

Evan peeked up from his book, already knowing that the man’s sour mood was from the GTA session he had about an hour ago that ended with him screaming until his head started hurting and ragequitting the entire game. He soon came into the room and flopped onto the bed next to his boyfriend.

The man was silent for the longest time, silently fuming at Evan reached down to run fingers through his hair in a small effort to calm him down (and to keep him from taking away his book in order to initiate a … ‘different’ way to get rid of his anger) and finally, an hour later, Marcel muttered the words with a pout.

“Was it, babe?” Evan asked, glancing back at the book in his hands.

“Such bullshit. Those race tracks were fucking impossible and fuck Mini for getting first place in all of them!” Marcel looked back up at Evan with a frown, only to realize that the man had the nerve to smile about it. “Hey, it’s not fucking funny!!”

“Oh, I know.” Evan chuckled, folding a page corner down to mark his place before finally placing the book aside so he could focus on his boyfriend. “I was just thinking about how cute you get when you’re pissed.”

Marcel’s nose wrinkled. “Don’t bullshit me, Evan…”

“I’m not bullshitting you!” Evan protested, but the hard stare was enough to bring the truth out. “…Okay, I was also thinking about how funny the whole thing is too.”

“I fucking knew it. Asshole, I hate you…” Marcel grumbled, leaning back into Evan’s neck.

“Love you too.”

smii7y’s 1 million milestone video…


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but seriously im SOOOO proud of him! he deserves it with all the hard work he’s put into his editing (my fave editing out of all the boys tbh) and omg that video was so good and you can tell it means so much to him!!! i love that milkbag so much 😭😭😭😭

My design of the BBS Bois poster that I’m goin’ to sell at CF9 in Indonesia! :D

i wasn’t goin’ to show the full pic of it because, ppl can get really annoying about sellin’ stuff online w/o my permission and reposting shit :^) (y’all are cunts if u do that, no offense but it true)

but since i don’t have art to post atm, imma just post this to y’all. its the least i can do :’v