BBS 30 Day Challenge: Day 2

Okay….after 3 errors from Tumblr and internally (and externally) screaming, I hope that this will work.

So there are many different ships in the bbs (it’s so hard to just settle on one xD), so I’ll share my favorite popular ship and uncommon ship ^^

Fav Pop. Ship: H2oVanoss (how can you NOT ship this?). I just find their entire relationship to be fucking perfect, they are just so compatible with each other and it’s beautiful. I think I started shipping them when I first watched Vanoss’s Gmod Tornado video. They just acted like a cute married couple and it was adorable. I also found their Q&As to be adorable when they explain how they first met. These two have a beautiful relationship and it makes the fangirls (and fanboys) wild.

Fav uncommon ship: Tyvan (wildcat x vanoss) I find their relationship to be completely underrated, considering there’s hardly any fanart of it. Don’t get me wrong, I ship Minicat like there’s no tomorrow, but I always characterized their relationship as a best friends–>boyfriends kinda thing. They just always make each other laugh and I find that really adorable. I think I really started shipping them when I was watching their GTA 5 vids. They did these really cute skits together and also make a great pair.

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