source: wired

Samantha Payne’s startup Open Bionics allows anyone in the world to download and 3D print their own bionic limbs. 

Tilly was just 15 months old when she had to have her hand amputated after contracting meningitis septicaemia. Now, with a bionic arm from Open Bionics, Tilly can move all of her fingers and perform more complex movements. EMG sensors on her arm detect muscle movement, telling her bionic arm how quickly or firmly to squeeze its fingers.

Of all of Class’ teens, the darkest is Charlie (Greg Austin), who looks like the male lead of a CW show but has a disturbing secret.  'I love a character who has something really uncomfortable about them,’ says Ness.  'Charlie is handsome. He is our stereotypical hero.  He has a lovely boyfriend.’  And yet, Charlie’s relationship with the group’s thorny teacher, Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly), is one of the most twisted things the Doctor Who universe has ever seen.

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