source: sentbyfools
Needs More Pot

Author: sentbyfools

Pairing: Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr

Rating: R

Genre: Crack, Humour, AU

Length: Short

Summary: For this prompt: One of the kids walks in on the two right as the money shot occurs, leading to massive awkwardness and oh god I saw Erik’s dick and I saw him jizz and it landed on his face and oh god he liked it grossgrossgross

Mod Comment: I laughed for a good ten minutes over this. I don’t know what’s up but lately, short cracky fics are the way to my heart.

  • Me: kinda off-topic but--
  • *http: //
  • *>dying
  • Me: that cat looks just like mine
  • Me: so i was laughing my ass off
  • Rhia: Someday that'll be you.
  • Me: DD8 !!!!!!
  • *i will definitely leave the cat out of the room
  • *if that happens
  • *otherwise--
  • *i'll be too busy LMAOing
sexpollen's got nothing on this

Author: sentbyfools

Pairing: Hank McCoy/Raven Darkholme, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Alex Summers/Darwin

Rating: PG 13

Genre: Crack, Humour, Romance

Length: Moderate (5, 429)

Summary: It’s Hank’s fault. It’s always Hank’s fault except when it’s Sean’s, Angel’s, Raven’s, Erik’s, Charles’, Alex’, or Darwin’s fault, and it is their fault.