source: rkoxsunshine

What the fuck is wrong with some of you people ?

I’m fucking tired to see bitches stealing RKOXSUNSHINE’s pictures. What do ya want huh ? Is it that complicated to search and do edits by yourself ? She takes time to do that like any other blogger but bitches are mad because she has great pictures, you know that, I know that, everyone knows that. I don’t care about why people doing that but STOP ! I met her here,  she’s one of my best buddies and I don’t wanna see her quit just because some fucking bitches are stealing her work !

GET A LIFE GUYS and STOP just like a lot of Randy Orton’s fans here, I love Jade, not only for her works and pictures but because she an amazing girl, and I respect what she does here


Allright, I’m sick and tired to see some bitches reposting pictures of RKOXSUNSHINE … Do ya even know how much time she takes for her tumblr ? Can ya respect her work ? or is that too much asking ? Seriously, get a life, because everyone knows that the most amazing pictures of Randy are from her tumblr, SHOW SOME RESPECT