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top 5 people that you met on here and talk with regularly?

IM SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR THOSE I DONT MENTION HERE. you know who you are and i love you /sobs and oh gosh.. just 5??  i could name a few more. some people are so nice i dont deserve them alksjalsjaljsaljas ;;;;;; well, here goes.

  1. TINAAAAAA aka squishyshinki
  2. CLAIRE!! aka chimec
  3. EA aka chunprince
  4. MEGAN aka nyangalaxycat
  5. AIMEE aka nicewarmbed 

maybe not so regularly though coz i often go missing for days from tumblr otl. but tina is the only one who i chat with basically on a regular basis xDDDD

nicewarmbed  asked:

pssst pssst i just realized that i never formally introduced myself and we've been talking all this time L O L and i've just been referring to you as paperthief inside my head omg so HI I'm Aimee

Ollo, mate! I hope you know that this is not really something you ought to consider being a social misstep, this lack of introductions. And if so, well I’d say I’ve raised your step out of line with this crash through the wall because HAHAHAHA IT’S BEEN AN EPOCH since you first asked and this here actually being answered so good on you for the wait! ^^7 

Now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, can I just say some righteous laughs were had at the thought of you having a mental tag about me labelled, “PAPERTHIEF” primarily because the imagery is pretty amusing ya gotta admit. Also wow, absol flattered; I get a spot in your mind palace. (Not that you may have one, just jamming in all the references to our fandom overlaps ^^ because yes) SO ANYHOW, hello there darlin’ I’m Soli and here’s to forever having our feels destroyed and all dem good times on tumblr to come in the future~