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Kit Harington Says Not Knowing How ‘Game of Thrones’ Will End Is 'Amazing’

Moviefone: “Brimstone” is quite an amazing piece of filmmaking, and I imagine it was a very easy “yes” for you to get involved. But what were the specific motivators for you? What were the things you saw in the character and in the story that really got you excited creatively?
Kit Harington: I’ll be honest: I read the script a while before I joined it. Then, as sometimes happens, the role went to someone else. It went to Robert Pattinson. I kind of put it to bed in my head. Then whatever happened happened, and I came aboard very late.
I think first and foremost, I really wanted this role from the get-go because the script was so strong. It was so interesting. It was so surreal. It wasn’t really specific to any kind of genre.


Smiles all the way!


Justin: “Have you ever had a really good idea for an invention, like Facebook, that you thought could make you rich?”

Andrew: “If I had, I would be rich.”


Andrew: “Money, money… Money don’t buy you love. You know what I mean?!”

Justin: “No it certainly can’t.”

Andrew: “I’m rich in soul.”

Justin: “That’s what I tell people about you. They say, How was it working with Andrew? I said, That dude is rich in soul!”

Jesse: “But alway asks to borrow money.”


“It can be many things. It normally is the material and the director. But I can give you a specific example. When I read the script for "Dracula,” it had a line in it, he said, “I’ve crossed oceans of time to find you,” I wanted to do the movie for that line. I wanted to say that line to someone. I just thought that was an amazing line, and I thought, Who wouldn’t want to say that to someone they loved? And that hooked me.“

Gary Oldman, on what makes him want to do a film

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