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Let Mako bring Christmas cheer to your living rooms the M'Lil way~

  • Lector: (passes out at the guild)
  • Rogue: Looks like a cold... Frosch, stay away from the infirmary while Lector gets better. You don't want to get sick too.
  • Frosch: (pouting) ...
  • (Later)
  • Frosch: (enters the infirmary) Fro came to play!
  • Lector: (covering his face under blankets) No, you can't! You'll catch my cold!
  • Frosch: Fro doesn't catch colds so Fro will be fine!
  • (scene cuts to Rogue holding Frosch as Sting is actually doing paperwork for once)
  • Rogue: (glaring at Sting) Repeat to me who told you can't catch a cold, Frosch?
  • Frosch: (points to Sting)
  • Sting: I read in a book once that idiots can't catch colds!
  • Rogue: (table flips thus ruining Sting's paperwork and fighting ensues)