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Antony Sher, self portrait as Arnold Beckoff in Torch Song Trilogy (1989) and portrait of Rupert Graves (1986)

So not only is Antony Sher (definitely) one of the greatest stage actors of his generation and (possibly) of all time, he’s a great writer and a disgustingly good artist too. These are from Characters, a book of his sketches and paintings that I have owned for a disturbingly long time. 

Sunburnt James Wilby circa Maurice, 1986–7

The real reason I bought the Hugh Grant Japanese fanbook. [x] [x] <333

Specially for mistressofjameswilby who needs cheering up, for ignite0me (because I owe you lord-knows-what, including another post I planned weeks ago), and for everyone who loves James.

The Great Rupert Graves Peen Scandal !!!

Late (but great) update: I’ve had a lot of fun with this so I thought I’d share. Yesterday evening, as a part of my usual “Goodnight Graves” mini-spam, I reblogged a naked (but safely flaccid) picture of the delicious Mr G.

Considering yesterday was Penis Friday, it was probably the most innocuous thing you could find under that tag but I ended up losing eight followers in under ten minutes! (Bye then!)

I went to bed and didn’t think a lot more of it and then all sorts of hilarious messages and even a post appeared overnight (as well as more than the eight followers who left!) which has had me smiling all day ;D You lot are the best!

P.S. Just in case there is anyone left who is unclear on this one - I don’t reblog porn on this blog (I don’t mind porn, it just doesn’t fit in here) but I will reblog pictures of the naked human body in non-sexual situations (esp. if said body belongs to Mr Graves ;) )

Anyway, onto more important Rupert-related things. As it is his birthday on 30th June, please may I draw your attention to the following:

The Rupert at 50! project by exponential63

Rupert’s birthday project by gravesdiggers

The Rupert Confessions by notluvulongtime as well as her excellent ongoing Silver Fox Saturday(including today!)

(I will reblog all these links after this post, just in case)

And, shameless self-publicist that I am, my own Cumbermum project (and giveaway), celebrating the ‘more mature’ fan, inspired by the fact that Rupert’s 50th birthday and my own are a mere week apart!

And finally (because I can’t resist it, sorry)

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Here, have this video of Rupert Graves, age 24, in his second movie ever, kissing a dude.

Does anyone else remember when I posted that thing about nudity in A Room With a View vs. Maurice and received a very thorough guide to nudity in Maurice, book and film? (many thanks for that, by the way, exponential63)

I hadn’t actually read or seen Maurice, and now I have done both. And can I just say, for any of my tumblr friends who a) like queer lit, and/or b) want to see a very young Rupert Graves be very naked: DO IT. 

Maurice was written by EM Forster in 1913 and published posthumously in 1971, and it has SO MANY THINGS that I look for in queer lit and wasn’t expecting to find in something written so long ago. Things like evolving sexuality and (what I interpret as) some form of asexuality and positive endings. And EM Forster’s writing, which I love.

Basically it’s a great novel, and as a bonus you get to watch Rupert Graves rub his mouth on James Wilby’s ear.

Taggle Waggle

I was tagged by the magnificent exponential63, so I must obey…

Post a sentence of which you’re proud

Alrighty roo… this one is from The Shop Boy and is a typical bit of kid Sherlock nonsense…

If he seeks legal recourse for your belly-bullying, we shall be cast into the life of tent-inhabiting panhandlers, seeking nuts and roots to fill our hungry mouths and I have not a reference book to find items that shall not immediately strike us down with their bitter toxins!

A book meme! Pick 5+ books of a certain color/colour.

Since I was tagged by exponential63, I’ve been thinking about what GREY or BLACK books to choose… It ended up with books with kinda interesting connections. And I’ve got to admit I’ve only finished reading two out of six lol Those are marked with *

* The City and the Pillar by Gore Vidal

- On Queer Street by Hugh David
  (Bought for my graduation dissertation - partially read)

- Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh
  (The cover looks nice - hasn’t been touched for YEARS)

- Nagasaki: The British Experience, 1854-1945 by Brian Burke-Gaffney
  (My husband has read this book twice; by a long-time Nagasaki resident  Canadian professor)

- Nagasaki by Craig Collie

* The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

- American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert  Oppenheimer by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin

As you might have guessed it, the first three deal with sexuality.
The last four are ultimately about Nagasaki - with Anne Frank book on the Second World War which towards the end a bomb(as a resulf of the Manhattan Project led by Oppenheimer) devastated my hometown.

Thank you exponential63 for giving me this opportunity to look into my bookshelf! So many books to read, so little time (sigh). And I’ve realised I haven’t got many novels in my mother tongue …time to search for Japanese classics or discover bright young writers out there :)

I’m going to tag glowinginahuddle (Always love your posts)​ . The colour is Blue or Green! Don’t get stressed about it, try it ONLY when you’ve got time to kill…

expo63  asked:

Fans have been pleading for a Blu-ray of Maurice for as long as Blu-rays have existed. :(( I fervently hoped/believed we’d get a Maurice Blu-ray in 2012 for its 25th anniversary, but NOTHING HAPPENED. A new Blu-ray of A Room With a View came out in Aug 2015 – but ARWAV has a different rights owner, so sadly we can’t assume Maurice will follow. The background: the distribution rights to Ivory’s films are a complicated mess: see my ‘merchant ivory collection’ and ‘criterion’ tags for more detail.

I read something about that but I didn’t quite understand it so I will definitely check your tags to get more insight on the issue.

I just hope there will be a solution for all these problems, so Maurice can get the blu-ray it deserves, until then I will cherish my dvd copy…

exponential63 replied to your post “There is also a lot of full frontal male nudity again?? No idea why…”

…and only 30 seconds of Maurice is casually full-frontal. I must admit it always amuses me slightly when the internet gets overexcited about it. :) Ivory’s attitude was more ‘no one IRL holds a casually draped towel over their bits, so why do it in movies?’

omg that’s incredibly delightful. it’s a pretty sensible attittude to take, too. 

(ngl I could have done without seeing Mr. Beebe run naked through the forest, but it did add in that sense of the Dioynsian madness that follows George around.)

exponential63 replied to your post: exponential63 replied to your post:…

Blimey, I don’t even expect to be tagged. I have very good RL excuses for any flakiness, but the harsh truth is I probably spend more time on here than nurturing my RL friends…

Understandable, though.  I mean, if our RL friends would wave photos of half-naked post-punk musicians at us as often as Tumblr does, maybe we’d be more front-and-center, you know?

expo63  asked:

Hello! Actually, A Room With A View was made in *1985* – it had its UK Royal Premiere in front of the Queen (yes, really ;)) in Dec 1985. In the UK it’s always had a PG certificate, and almost every time it won an award, the bathing scene was shown on British TV. No one was bothered by this (just amused). Attitudes to nudity (especially in a comic, non-sexual scene) have always been more relaxed in the UK and Europe, and I reckon have become a lot MORE conservative since the 1980s.

huh, that’s really interesting actually, thanks for the tidbit(s). it did cross my mind while i was watching the scene that it probably wasn’t a big deal cause of the lack of sexual undertones but tbh there wasn’t much room in my brain for thoughts other than “oh my god oh god i’m seeing rupert graves naked THAT’S RUPERT GRAVES’ DICK” cause i’m a mature adult

clarasteam replied to your post: A Different Cab Ride - part f…

eeeeeeee! *rushes off to read*

BLESS YOU :D And can I just say thank you for being awesome. You always have something positive to say, and so very often get to the heart of what I’m trying to do. And I’m glad you’re sticking with tumblr. :{D

And while I’m here, thank you ever so much to exponential63 for such remarkably kind and delicious words, and to yesterdayswhisper for getting all hot and bothered and saying lovely things, and of course to cinemaocd for pretty much everything, especially the MOAR SMUT theme of our current discussions. 


not sorry

exponential63 replied to your post “Looks like i’ve cornered myself into a “almost  no one else ship it”…”

i honestly think that ross/george is only niche because (2015) Poldark is such a new fandom; & weirdly, not one with much fic yet; & romelza is ‘the’ otp. I think you should dive in there and hold out for S2, because dynamics will surely evolve. 

You’re right, sadly there’s not much fic or fandom activity in the Poldark tag and i’ll definitely hang in there for S2….keeping fingers crossed for more ross/george. ;)