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Do you have a timeline for the events of HTTYD 2? Like I'm constantly trying to work out the times of day that occur during the movie and you're reaaaaaally good at this stuff so I thought I'd drop you a message and ask? UwU

Oh my Odin oh my Odin I want to thank you SO MUCH for asking me this question! I am thanking you because I had a particular viewpoint on HTTYD 2 chronology before you asked this, but in the process of reading up to answer your question, my perspective has changed! I am now looking at the timeline of HTTYD 2 very differently than I did even a day ago. DUDE. This is really cool.

My original conceptualization was that HTTYD 2 took place in basically the course of two days. I feel weird reconstructing my old viewpoint now that it has changed, so I’ll just say that basically I thought that Dragon Racing, Hiccup meeting Eret, Hiccup talking to Eret a second time, and Hiccup getting kidnapped by Valka was all one day starting about midday and onward; and that Hiccup and Valka flying, Stoick refinding his wife, the Battle of the Bewilderbeast, and Stoick’s death all occurred within one day, too. Toothless Found happened at dawn, and the fight ended about forty-eight hours canon-verse after Dragon Racing.

But I wanted to support my arguments with looking at the script, and the time dates on the script actually surprised me and have made me hugely revise my viewpoint of the timeline. The script, after all, gives the approximate time of day… and the approximate times of days lined up to around a five day timeline rather than two.

This will, at least, be an interesting varying viewpoint people can discuss or dismiss.

Here we are:

Commentary on Time Reconstruction

My first shock was that “Drago’s Coming” happened at sunset. Looking again at the sky in the background during that scene, yeah, I get it. But that’s one area I messed up originally.

That said, even with the script, there are a few areas of slight ambiguity.  Astrid’s timeline is the most ambiguous. In fact, I now think that many of the events we see with Astrid and the gang are not completely correlated time-wise with the events before and after in the Dragon Sanctuary. To give an example, the scene where Astrid decides to kidnap Eret is between “Meet the Good Alpha” (dawn) and “Flying With Mother” (morning). However, the scene “Astrid Takes Charge” according to the script is nighttime. If we put “Astrid Takes Charge” as after the Dragon Sanctuary scene, we get a timeline error between “Meet the Good Alpha” and “Flying With Mother.” So not all the events in the movie are synchronized, then, between the stories of Hiccup and Astrid according to how I best read into events.

 Another question is how long Flying With Mother lasts (“Momma’s Boy,” as it’s called in the script). The script describes it as a montage, and montages tend to be condensed timelapses. This means I doubt Flying With Mother was only a morning’s adventure, though all we know is that it starts in the morning according to the script guidelines. However, that is one area where the storyline can be condensed. You could perhaps say “Flying With Mother” and “Stoick Finds Beauty” are the same morning. I think it makes more sense if we split them into two days to account for how much time it’d take for Hiccup and Valka to go through all those bonding activities and change their interactions from awkward to exuberant.

“Meet Drago” is sort of hard to place. It could happen either Day Three or Day Four depending on how close Drago is to Valka’s dragon sanctuary. I put it on Day Three to give extra time for travel. It takes an entire day (midday to midnight) for Hiccup to reach Valka’s dragon sanctuary on the back of a dragon. Drago takes a little bit more than a day based on how I’ve set this up.

Small Random Observations and Implications

There are some amusing implications about a more extended timeline that make me pretty excited.  I thought a two day timeline was awesome because it meant Hiccup was hit with a sledgehammer of ridiculous events all at once. But five or so days is still a sledgehammer, and extended times show some other cool things we otherwise would have seen.

One is that Stoick spends three days tracking down his son.  Hiccup leaves Berk around sunset of Day One. Stoick finds him on Eret’s ship midday of Day Two, but Hiccup leaves again. It takes Stoick another day and a half to relocate his son again. Even with Skullcrusher’s tracking abilities, there was still a bit of effort involved in the son-retrieval-process.

It also means when Hiccup says he gets “side-tracked” coming into the blacksmith shop on Day One, he’s coming in around sunset… and has consequently skipped basically the entire day’s work!

This timeline also means it takes a little time for Hiccup to track Eret down a second time. He leaves Berk at sunset on Day One. He and Astrid probably camp out and stay the night. They refind Eret on Day Two midday.

The next observation is that this timeline means Hiccup spends slightly more time with his mother than we thought before Stoick dies. It’s still not much time, but of course more than a compacted timeline interpretation would give him.

Hiccup putting his vambrace on right before Stoick “kidnaps” him confirms my guess that Hiccup had been sleeping beforehand. This is morning.  Hiccup’s starting a fresh new day. People have before wondered if the characters have gotten any sleep at all in a forty-eight hour period. With this chronology, there is more room for everyone to sleep more regularly and healthilly. Although I wonder… did Hiccup and Valka pull an all-nighter between Days 2 and 3 or something?

Note that crazydragonady has reconstructed the timeline from the script a little differently than me, putting Battle of the Bewilderbeast on Day Three rather than Day Four. It’s worth looking into her formulation!

Since this is an entirely new perspective for me looking at HTTYD 2, I’d love to hear what others say… if this is right, if I need to adjust some things, or if I am silly for having left my previous chronology viewpoint. So thank you so much for asking me this question again and I hope it helps in some capacity!!!

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What are your thoughts on Hiccstrid being an abusive relationship? I just unfollowed a buttload of people tagging Hiccstrid hate because it's abusive and I just thought it was quite an immature ideal but I'm curious as to what others think??

I’m going to clump these two asks since they are on a similar topic. Thanks for asking, you two! I will give you a lengthy analysis on this issue and I hope it works for anyone who’s interested in my perspective on the issue!

Now before I begin this discussion, I’m going to start with several disclaimers. I hope these don’t bog anyone down… I just want to voice these things since my analysis will be on a sensitive fandom topic. I just want everyone to be happy and have a good day on my blog.

  • I will tag this analysis under #abuse and #abuse tw to hopefully help those who might be triggered by this topic. Please let me know if there is another helpful tag I should put up, too.

  • I don’t hate any blog and I don’t hate any person and I don’t hate any opinion in the How to Train Your Dragon fandom. I’m happy to partake in this fandom and hear a variety of perspectives from a variety of great people. We might not have the same opinions but that is okay with me.

  • I personally believe Hiccstrid is not abusive. I don’t think that people who call Hiccstrid abusive are bad people. In fact, people who think Hiccstrid is abusive and people who think it isn’t agree on the most important thing out there: abuse is bad. We all agree abuse is bad! The fact we’re in agreement on that is a wonderful thing. It means each and every one of us want healthy relationships to be depicted positively in media.

    In general when I’ve seen people call Hiccstrid abusive, they’re trying to call out abuse. That’s not a bad motivation; abuse does deserve to be called out. I don’t think Hiccstrid is abuse, and that it arises from people misinterpreting body language, but I don’t think the motivation to call out abuse is bad. What I do think is bad is when people start verbally attacking each other and hating each other for the different perspectives. I would really encourage all of you wonderful people not to retaliate and say mean things to one another, whatever their opinion on the Hiccstrid issue is.

    For frankly, if you shout out and start being mean to people about their opinion, you’re perpetuating the very actions of abuse that you profess to hate. Please don’t verbally abuse anyone in the fandom. <3  <3 <3

    I am happy to talk about this but I will not respond to anyone who speaks disrespectfully of any person or group of people. Thanks so much for understanding, friends!

  • To get into a bit of a personal autobiographical comment which hopefully does not discomfit any of you… about four years ago I was the subject of relational abuse. I consider the topic of abuse important and serious. When I am going to talk about this matter, I am not going to be talking about it as someone ignorant on what relational abuse means. I know not all of us have the same experiences, but I hope my experience in the matter makes me a somewhat credible source to discuss this.

And now onto the topic of the analysis! Thanks for bearing with me on these serious disclaimers, and thanks so much for asking. <3 I hope this analysis can be a good thing for people to learn about abuse, to hear one perspective on the Hiccstrid issue, and to hear a pretty thorough discussion on why I don’t think Hiccstrid depicts abuse.

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Okay so I was reading HTTYDND again and I've only just registered the scars on Hiccup's torso just before the frickles and I have questionssss like. Are they from the accident? Are they going to talk about it? TELL MEE EVERYTHINGGGG :P

I couldn’t think of how to answer this except with a drabble… if that’s what you were hoping for, way to go! This takes place in between c25 and c26, on one of those “sexually successful” nights.

And here’s the HTTYDND masterpost in case you have no clue what’s going on?


“Can I ask you something?”

“No?” came Hiccup’s voice, sleepy, kidding. With the lights off, in the smallish intimacy of his bed, she snugged up against him—not quite naked, because it had started getting cold again, but the memory of their recent nudity (and subsequent activities) stayed on her skin like a loving film.

“Too bad. I’m going to ask.” Astrid slipped her hand under the shirt he’d pulled on just minutes before—she could remember the pale lines that peaked her interest time and time again, but she felt them now, just to be sure. “You have these scars right here,” she said, touching one. He flinched and she recoiled her hand, not looking at him.

“That’s not a question,” Hiccup replied bluntly. She’d annoyed him. Good, great.

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This was supposed to be a warm up but I got so frustrated with colouring that I just left the lineart with the basic colours and did some random background bits lel


just under 4 hours

They should be decent phone background size but I could be wrong idk

*throws lame art at you*

Forging Closer Together - Hiccstrid fanfic

Hiccup gasped and held his breath. This was not how he imagined it would go. He had his hands on Astrid’s back, which was tense and strong under his fingers. He felt the heat of his own body was being encouraged by Astrid’s. The little kiss and smile had turned more passionately than he had thought; when the kiss deepened, and before he knew it, Astrid was straddling him, kissing him and both of them were caught in passionate embrace. His pants were starting to get tight, and Astrid’s whispers and moans were just making it worse. His first thought: ‘Oh no… Astrid’s going there…’ Their lips moved in synchronised passion, and her hands were tangled in his hair, her soft chest leaning against his. Thank the gods for his armour, or he would feel all of her soft breasts, and this would REALLY heat up FAST.

Hiccup struggled and had a hard time. He wanted it. He wanted to give it all to Astrid, and it was clear she wanted it too. He wanted to press against her, press inside her. He wanted her to moan his name. Astrid too passionately desired Hiccup. She loved his adorable green eyes, his cute stubble, and his smooth brown hair. He had the loveliest strong arms, and fingers, and they were rough and tickled her, from working in the forge. But his touch was always gentle and soft, kind and considerate. She loved Hiccup, and she wanted him to want her more. It was clear that Hiccup was more considerate and kind than confident in his hold over Astrid’s desires, because she wanted Hiccup to hold her tighter, she wanted him to press his hands on her butt; she wanted him to press into her. The wetness and heat between her thighs deepened when Hiccup moaned. 'Uhh.. Oh…Astrid…’ Hiccup felt the mound between his legs straining against the tight pants, made only tighter and more obvious due to his flight suit.

'Hiccup…’ Astrid moaned into his ear. Her breath tickled him as she kissed him deeply, their tongues finding places in each other’s mouths. Hiccup responded, even though his mind was telling him not to, by touching her, holding her and pulling her closer. A hand rested on her waist, wanting to move her and rub her against his strain.

Oh man… This is bad… Hiccup thought. He really felt his heart racing, telling him to let Astrid have her way, but his head told him not to, this wasn’t very gentlemanly, to do this before marriage, to do it, in his room in the forge. But they both wanted it so bad. He had meant to tell Astrid to stop, but his voice came out as a moan and only served to make Astrid desire him more. She kissed on his neck, pressing her body against his, moving rhythmically along his member through the fabric, and Hiccup groaned, the desire and pleasure surging through him violently. His hands moved to stroke her lithe and agile back, her body straining to press more tightly against his. Ugh… This was going too well. I have to stop…

'Astrid…’ Hiccup whispered. Astrid continued grinding against him, kissing and nibbling on his neck. 'Astrid… Stop… I can’t…’ Hiccup moaned, taking all the amount of his considerably weak willpower to push her gently away. Astrid pulled back, her hair loose and her face alive with desire, causing a deep sensation in Hiccup’s gut. His face was flushed and full of desire, but he looked at Astird firmly. 'We really shouldn’t be doing this… And we both were waiting here for my mom right?’ Hiccup said. The afternoon began with Valka running late from wrangling all of the dragons under control, and the two of them had waited patiently, only to have Hiccup kiss her on the cheek, smiling, and Astrid kissing him back, and everything turned heated from there. Gods, he seriously needed to keep it under control, Hiccup scolded himself. Astrid sighed, and punched him in the arm. Hiccup cried out and glared at her, shifting her off his lap and the two of them sat together waiting. Now it was getting awkward, but Astrid only smiled and giggled at Hiccup’s chagrin. She loved that he was so shy about the 'physical’ part of that relationship they had. They were so comfortable with each other emotionally and mentally, like two really close friends. It was no wonder that things turned easily into such physical passion whenever a kiss got away from them.

'I’m sorry….’ Hiccup mumbled. His face was really hot and he fumbled with his armour.

'It’s alright Hiccup…’ Astrid sighed. 'It’s my fault really. I started it…’

'No… It’s not your fault…’ Hiccup insisted, putting a hand on hers

'It’s both of our faults then.’ Astrid snorted, punching Hiccup in the arm.

'Ow!’ Hiccup winced, rubbing at his side, but smiled at her in return, glad that she wasn’t angry at him.

Just then, Gobber and Valka ripped aside the curtain to his workshop and came through. When they saw the two teens looking awkwardly away from each other at seeing the two adults and sitting apart, they were surprised but smiled knowingly. Hiccup looked more guilty than embarrassed, and Astrid just looked them both in the eye, like 'So what? Problem?’ After Valka and Astrid had left, Hiccup turned his chair and leaned his body heavily on the desk, sighing deeply and dragging out the breath. He couldn’t stop thinking about Astrid, and he felt guilty for that. Astrid was a beautiful and intelligent young woman. She didn’t deserve his bad thoughts.

'So…’ Gobber started, leaning casually against the door frame. 'You and Astrid getting it hot now, huh?’ Gobber snickered, his face full of humour.

'What?’ Hiccup choked. He bolted up out of his chair in shock, papers rustling as they were disturbed by his sudden movement.

'I see your hair is all messed up. There are residual kisses on your neck, and your face is all over the place thinking about Astrid’s body.’ Gobber laughed. Hiccup smoothed back his hair and wiped at his neck, avoiding eye contact with Gobber as he pointed out his marks of shame.

Hiccup blanched. 'What..! No!’ Hiccup cried, looking at the older man with such embarrassment. 'We…didn’t go there… OKAY? We just…’ Hiccup stuttered.

'You’re saying, you two had a steamy kissing session, but you didn’t go there?’ Gobber pointed with his hook-hand, his face incredulous.

'That’s…not how I would have put it… You make me sound like a criminal… And I didn’t start it…’ Hiccup frowned, his face pink. He brushed back his fringe and sighed, dropping back into his chair with a thud.

'Well…’ Gobber smiled, looking down at the young chief who barely had time to grow up. 'Considering that you had the strength to stop, I admire you laddie…’ Gobber patted him

'Yeah… Let’s not talk about this anymore alright?’ Hiccup said, smoothing his hair where Gobber had mussed it.

'Well, why don’t you guys just get married, and you guys can actually do it?’ Gobber said.

Hiccup choked again. 'What?! NO!’ His face heated up to a bright red and he avoided eye contact. He had never felt more mortified and he prayed to all the gods that Gobber would just stop…. 'Marriage…is about more than just that Gobber. Can we please drop this?’ Hiccup yelled.

'Your father would be proud of you to say that… But really, why don’t you ask her? Don’t you want to marry Astrid? You’ve been wanting this girl since before you were 15 years old… I don’t see what the problem is now…’ Gobber complained while scrubbing the hammers and arranging his rack of left hands.

Hiccup sighed, and took a deep breath, stopping mid breath and holding it there. 'Well… I don’t know… I like what we have now. We’re just two people who really like each other!’ Hiccup shot out his arms to illustrate his point

'But marriage isn’t going to change that!’ Gobber countered.

'But… I just think putting an official label on it… Would just make it feel different. I just love her. And she loves me… But if putting a stamp on it to tell the world that that is the way it is… I just feel afraid that it would not be genuine or sincere…’ Hiccup frowned

Gobber gazed at the boy, the young son of his friend Stoick. He knew in his heart what Stoick would want, and what Stoick would say. Ah. If only he were here to see this, if only he were here to tell his son himself. But now, it had fallen on Gobber to do his duty as his friend. And he didn’t mind it one bit. Heck, he had been doing it for years, during those tumultuous 15 years Stoick and Hiccup’s relationship were not eye-to-eye.

'Listen here laddie…’ Gobber came forward and placed his good hand on Hiccup’s shoulder. The young man looked up at him with sad eyes, and he looked back with the pride of a father, as close as he had with Hiccup to be one, and smiled at him. 'You and Astrid love each other so much. We all see that. That’s why we are so excited for the two of you and keep pressuring you two to take it up a notch. Ah, not that way.’ Gobber spoke, cutting off Hiccup when he was about to object to the last statement. 'Both you and Astrid clearly love each other, and clearly you both want each other the same way. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The emotional connection is deep. Now the physical is clearly meant to be made here. Both of you are ready. Both of you love, and now are ready to show it in any way you please.’ Gobber smiled, pleased with himself, and was full of sincerity.

'You…really think so, Gobber?’ Hiccup asked softly, a smile creeping across his face.

'Of course, lad…’ Gobber smiled

Hiccup looked down at his hands. He had thought for so long that people expected him to marry Astrid. He had no idea if she did – another thing he had to note. But now he knew for sure that his love for Astrid wouldn’t change. They still would love each other. He knew he would love her no matter what axes she threw at him. His mind felt more at ease now, and his heart felt excited at the prospect of their future. And he had Toothless with him to help. At the thought of Toothless, he was suddenly reminded of the dragon sleeping outside the forge, waiting for him

'Well, I have to get to Toothless. He’ll get restless and want to fly.’ Hiccup got up, and smiled at Gobber. 'Thanks… Gobber…’ He patted him on the shoulder

'Great! Now that that’s out of the way, you can start thinking about making those heirs!’ Gobber exclaimed

'GOBBER!’ Hiccup yelled, facepalming himself.

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I was unbelievably blessed to find a letter from a strange address in my mailbox after a long and stressful day at work. It’s been a difficult task getting on Tumblr regularly lately– between my work schedule and lack of a working computer, my posts have been few and far between. So I wasn’t expecting many Snoggletog messages, much less the outpouring of love I received. Not only did I receive many well-wishes at Christmas and New Years in my inbox, but I was sent this amazing card and gift.

For a writer, it’s not often you find yourself lacking words, but the kindness and generosity of the dragons fandom has left me speechless. Not only did @malik-the-night-angel’s letter bring me to tears, but the time and effort that you guys (especially you, @midoriko-sama) took to send me a gift card astounded me. I’m not comfortable posting the amount, but it was extremely generous and definitely unexpected. I was overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness, and I am in awe of the friendships I’ve made and kept despite the loss of my previous blog.

A thousand sincere thanks to Malik, Midi, @kadarlepoet, @nefertsukia, @elusivist, @australet789, @thatsnicebutimmarried, @axonmanage, @dragonescence & hubby, @e-wills, and @gwewen. I love each and every one of you with all of my dragon-obsessed heart.