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So hicksderhune has done this beautiful video and I’m just amazed by the talent in this fandom. This is amazing. Thank you so much. :)

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Do you have a timeline for the events of HTTYD 2? Like I'm constantly trying to work out the times of day that occur during the movie and you're reaaaaaally good at this stuff so I thought I'd drop you a message and ask? UwU

Oh my Odin oh my Odin I want to thank you SO MUCH for asking me this question! I am thanking you because I had a particular viewpoint on HTTYD 2 chronology before you asked this, but in the process of reading up to answer your question, my perspective has changed! I am now looking at the timeline of HTTYD 2 very differently than I did even a day ago. DUDE. This is really cool.

My original conceptualization was that HTTYD 2 took place in basically the course of two days. I feel weird reconstructing my old viewpoint now that it has changed, so I’ll just say that basically I thought that Dragon Racing, Hiccup meeting Eret, Hiccup talking to Eret a second time, and Hiccup getting kidnapped by Valka was all one day starting about midday and onward; and that Hiccup and Valka flying, Stoick refinding his wife, the Battle of the Bewilderbeast, and Stoick’s death all occurred within one day, too. Toothless Found happened at dawn, and the fight ended about forty-eight hours canon-verse after Dragon Racing.

But I wanted to support my arguments with looking at the script, and the time dates on the script actually surprised me and have made me hugely revise my viewpoint of the timeline. The script, after all, gives the approximate time of day… and the approximate times of days lined up to around a five day timeline rather than two.

This will, at least, be an interesting varying viewpoint people can discuss or dismiss.

Here we are:

Commentary on Time Reconstruction

My first shock was that “Drago’s Coming” happened at sunset. Looking again at the sky in the background during that scene, yeah, I get it. But that’s one area I messed up originally.

That said, even with the script, there are a few areas of slight ambiguity.  Astrid’s timeline is the most ambiguous. In fact, I now think that many of the events we see with Astrid and the gang are not completely correlated time-wise with the events before and after in the Dragon Sanctuary. To give an example, the scene where Astrid decides to kidnap Eret is between “Meet the Good Alpha” (dawn) and “Flying With Mother” (morning). However, the scene “Astrid Takes Charge” according to the script is nighttime. If we put “Astrid Takes Charge” as after the Dragon Sanctuary scene, we get a timeline error between “Meet the Good Alpha” and “Flying With Mother.” So not all the events in the movie are synchronized, then, between the stories of Hiccup and Astrid according to how I best read into events.

 Another question is how long Flying With Mother lasts (“Momma’s Boy,” as it’s called in the script). The script describes it as a montage, and montages tend to be condensed timelapses. This means I doubt Flying With Mother was only a morning’s adventure, though all we know is that it starts in the morning according to the script guidelines. However, that is one area where the storyline can be condensed. You could perhaps say “Flying With Mother” and “Stoick Finds Beauty” are the same morning. I think it makes more sense if we split them into two days to account for how much time it’d take for Hiccup and Valka to go through all those bonding activities and change their interactions from awkward to exuberant.

“Meet Drago” is sort of hard to place. It could happen either Day Three or Day Four depending on how close Drago is to Valka’s dragon sanctuary. I put it on Day Three to give extra time for travel. It takes an entire day (midday to midnight) for Hiccup to reach Valka’s dragon sanctuary on the back of a dragon. Drago takes a little bit more than a day based on how I’ve set this up.

Small Random Observations and Implications

There are some amusing implications about a more extended timeline that make me pretty excited.  I thought a two day timeline was awesome because it meant Hiccup was hit with a sledgehammer of ridiculous events all at once. But five or so days is still a sledgehammer, and extended times show some other cool things we otherwise would have seen.

One is that Stoick spends three days tracking down his son.  Hiccup leaves Berk around sunset of Day One. Stoick finds him on Eret’s ship midday of Day Two, but Hiccup leaves again. It takes Stoick another day and a half to relocate his son again. Even with Skullcrusher’s tracking abilities, there was still a bit of effort involved in the son-retrieval-process.

It also means when Hiccup says he gets “side-tracked” coming into the blacksmith shop on Day One, he’s coming in around sunset… and has consequently skipped basically the entire day’s work!

This timeline also means it takes a little time for Hiccup to track Eret down a second time. He leaves Berk at sunset on Day One. He and Astrid probably camp out and stay the night. They refind Eret on Day Two midday.

The next observation is that this timeline means Hiccup spends slightly more time with his mother than we thought before Stoick dies. It’s still not much time, but of course more than a compacted timeline interpretation would give him.

Hiccup putting his vambrace on right before Stoick “kidnaps” him confirms my guess that Hiccup had been sleeping beforehand. This is morning.  Hiccup’s starting a fresh new day. People have before wondered if the characters have gotten any sleep at all in a forty-eight hour period. With this chronology, there is more room for everyone to sleep more regularly and healthilly. Although I wonder… did Hiccup and Valka pull an all-nighter between Days 2 and 3 or something?

Note that crazydragonady has reconstructed the timeline from the script a little differently than me, putting Battle of the Bewilderbeast on Day Three rather than Day Four. It’s worth looking into her formulation!

Since this is an entirely new perspective for me looking at HTTYD 2, I’d love to hear what others say… if this is right, if I need to adjust some things, or if I am silly for having left my previous chronology viewpoint. So thank you so much for asking me this question again and I hope it helps in some capacity!!!

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Helloooooo firstly I love your art omg and I was wondering if you would do a coloring tutorial? For your newer stuff with the kinda watercolour effect XD

Thanks! : D

There’s not too much to show, tbh. In photoshop CS6 I use the Hard Round brush with Pressure Opacity turned on. The thing I can’t really show is coloring without lifting the pen. Using varying pressure as I go (sometimes unintentionally, but it gives it a nice effect)..

I will sometimes start with an under color. The color depends on the mood of the picture. But it’s usually a neutral tone. It makes it easy to go in and just pick colors based on natural light, and not worry so much about them clashing because under color helps make it cohesive. A good example of this is this picture.

I used one color (the color of their skin, I believe it was) as the base for everything (face/ hair/ eyes/ etc etc) using the Hard Round brush with opacity turned OFF (I don’t need the under color to be transparent). Then went back over Hiccup’s hair with a brown, Astrid’s hair with a blonde, etc, on the same layer with the under color (this time with opacity turned ON using the method I described above. This way the second colors I put on are semi-transparent allowing the under color to come through, and blend everything).

I suppose technically the under color doesn’t have to be on the same layer with the rest of the colors. I don’t know if it looks the same or not, I’ve never had a reason to try.

In the places where Hiccup’s hair is darker are where I used two strokes (meaning I lifted up the pen and went over those section again). You can see it’s quite a bit darker. So it’s important that I do it in one stroke (although it’s not always unintentional). You can see an example where I (purposely!) use several strokes to color an area here. It can be a nice effect, too. But it can be hard to get it to look good and not like sloppy coloring.

After all that I add shadows using a new layer on multiply. Maybe add some details on the eyes and hair with another new layer. Then mess around with laying colors on top of the image and messing with the layer modes. There’s really no rhyme or reason to this step. I never know what I’m going to end up with.

I hope that answers your question… and isn’t too confusing. I don’t have the attention span to do full blown tutorials, sadly.

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Okay so I was reading HTTYDND again and I've only just registered the scars on Hiccup's torso just before the frickles and I have questionssss like. Are they from the accident? Are they going to talk about it? TELL MEE EVERYTHINGGGG :P

I couldn’t think of how to answer this except with a drabble… if that’s what you were hoping for, way to go! This takes place in between c25 and c26, on one of those “sexually successful” nights.

And here’s the HTTYDND masterpost in case you have no clue what’s going on?


“Can I ask you something?”

“No?” came Hiccup’s voice, sleepy, kidding. With the lights off, in the smallish intimacy of his bed, she snugged up against him—not quite naked, because it had started getting cold again, but the memory of their recent nudity (and subsequent activities) stayed on her skin like a loving film.

“Too bad. I’m going to ask.” Astrid slipped her hand under the shirt he’d pulled on just minutes before—she could remember the pale lines that peaked her interest time and time again, but she felt them now, just to be sure. “You have these scars right here,” she said, touching one. He flinched and she recoiled her hand, not looking at him.

“That’s not a question,” Hiccup replied bluntly. She’d annoyed him. Good, great.

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This is for elusivist :)

I saw the other day that your birthday is the 27th, so… I know it technically isn’t your birthday yet because I’m an hour ahead of you, but here it’s just past midnight, so… here is a little something for you! A cute Viking couple singing “Happy Birthday” to you (and possibly stumbling on the line with your name because it’s one syllable too long ahahaha).

(When I realized where I put my light source, I facepalmed and then I tried my best not to make them look creepy with the light source under their face. LOL)

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The mead in the Great Hall had been flowing. Probably a little bit too much. It was a night of celebration, but by the end of it, no one on Berk could really remember what they were celebrating in the first place. Hiccup couldn’t even remember, and he was the Chief of the tribe.

He didn’t normally drink in excess. It just wasn’t something he felt he needed to do. For some reason though, the music had been loud and the atmosphere so joyous, that Hiccup decided it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to join in, even if the reason was lost to him halfway through his third mug.

But as Astrid pulled him out of the Great Hall, a devious glint in her eye, Hiccup couldn’t find it in himself to care.

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