source: deviant art


What fantastic news!!! I hope this will bring a revival to Deviantart!!! I was -just- talking about how it would take a buy-out in order to finally put Deviantart’s full potential to use. I felt like the creators were just sitting on their hoard, doing nothing. They haven’t improved the community in years. The last big thing they did was totally redo the branding. :-/

Maybe Wix can actually save the community we all began as artists on. I miss the community Deviantart had- the fact that people used to actually COMMENT and COMMUNICATE, not this microblogging bs. They may finally revive the art world and bring the social aspect back to people who so desperately want to actually HEAR back from people who follow their art!

IDK about you, but Tumblr is so dead, as is anywhere you try to post your art. I have over 700 followers and only an average of 4 people even react to anything I post. Back in Deviantart’s hay days I actually got to KNOW who followed me by a rally of conversation. I was able to find out new artists and bounce from their favorites to find other new talent as well. With clubs, and comment-reminders, Deviantart had so much potential to truly unite artists and get people talking. I really hope this buy-out brings about a much needed revival.