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“The City”, by Lori Nix. It’s just not fair to simply label her a photographer when you consider that what you’re actually looking at is an insanely detailed hand-built diorama. Each diorama takes about seven months to build and photograph, and they range from about half a metre to nearly two metres in diameter. She shoots the scenes with an 8×10 medium format camera.

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Is that puppy wearing an e-collar :/?

Yes she is, but what is your issue on that matter? Did she look harmed, fearful, nervous, or ill trained? 

The problem with positive punishment via tools (such as electronic or prong/pinch collars) education on Tumblr/online is that more often than not the examples shown are always bad. You never get to see good training.

So there you go friends: a good video of a happy pup wearing an e-collar, being rewarded, and performing nicely u_u<3