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A source told OK! Magazine: “Because this will be her third marriage, Cheryl doesn’t want a circus.”

“She’d rather have just close friends and family. She’d also love the baby to be sitting on their laps in the wedding photos.

However, another source told Closer: “Liam would still like a huge celebration. He wants to shout about their wedding from the rooftop.”

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<보그> 4월호 커버 주인공, 엑소♥️ 2종 커버와 화보 속 엑소 멤버 8인의 환상적인 아우라는 <보그> 카메라에 생생히 담겨 ‘움직이는 화보'로 상영됩니다🎞 그 첫 번째 씬, 엑소의 리더 '수호'와의 랑데부🌟
🎬디지털 에디터/ 홍국화(Gukhwa Hong)
🎥필름 디렉터/ 판타지랩, FANTAZY LAB
👗패션 에디터 / 송보라(Borah Song)
📝피처 에디터 / 조소현(Sohyun Cho)
💇🏻헤어 스타일리스트 / 백흥권(HeungKwon Baek)
💄메이크업 아티스트 / 김지현(JiHyun Kim)
🛠세트 스타일리스트 / 최서윤(Seoyun Choi/Da;rak)
Members of #EXO took the #April cover of #VogueKorea. Here is the first version#Vogue Korea’s moving #fashioneditorialfeaturing leader #Suho. #DO #Sehun#Chanyeol #Kai #Chen #Baekhyun#Xiumin #歌手 #金俊勉 #时尚