Glee 6.08 "A Wedding" Filming (12.8.14 and 12.17/18.14)

Glee 6.08 “A Wedding” Filming (12.8.14 and 12.17/18.14) - Santa Clarita, CA

Darren tweeted on December 8, 2014 - the morning that filming for 6.08 began. [SOURCE]

Photos were posted of Darren arriving on set with Chord and Harry, all wearing wedding filming suits on December 8. [SOURCE]

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ceruleance asked:

what did dan say in a magazine

First and foremost, we do not know if an anonymous source in a magazine is Dan. It is just a rumour and should not be seen as fact.

I can’t 100% recall what was written since I just skimmed through it, but it was something in the style of;

 ”I am a youtuber and me and my partner have been together for five years. I have not chosen to address my sexuality online since I don’t find it essential for my subscribers to know. The only thing making me reconsider my decision of not coming out is because I know that I could be a role model for many. But I would never ever pretend to like girl/have a girlfriend just for the sake of it”.

Those are kind of my words, but that was what the person said /kind of/ :)