• Yakov [to his skaters]: Now stop fighting and help me do this crossword. I need a six letter word for disappointment
  • Mila & Yuri: Georgi.
  • Georgi: ...
  • Yakov: It fits.
  • Phichit: Yuuri, tonight we're gonna go out, we're gonna win some medals, and we're going to make history. Phone-five!
  • Phitchit: *slaps cell-phone*
  • Phichit: You didn't phone-five, did you?
  • Yuuri: ...
  • Phichit: I know when you don't phone-five, Yuuri.

Travis: Oh, come on, Katie, give me one good reason why you won’t go out with me.

Katie: Well, you’re a child of Hermes. So, you’ve got the god-complex, the cockiness, the whole “married to the pranks” thing. You’re cute, but you’re very, very aware of it. You have no idea what I’m like, so all of your feelings for me are coming from down there. [points at his crotch] But most of all, I’m looking for the real thing and you’re nothing but a little boy who’s not used to being told “no.” So there’s a bunch of reasons. Pick your favourite. [walks off]

Connor: I’d go with the “god-complex”… but it’s hard to choose, you know, they’re all so good.