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Inuyasha: Kagome?

Kagome: What?

Inuyasha: Where’s my Tessaiga?

Kagome: What?

Inuyasha: Where. Is. My. Tessaiga?

Kagome: I, uh, put it away.

*A demon kills some human outside*

Inuyasha: WHERE?

Kagome: WHY do you NEED to know?

Inuyasha: I need it!

Kagome: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no daring-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!

Inuyasha: The public is in danger!

Kagome: My EVENING is in danger!

Inuyasha: You tell me where my sword is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!

Kagome: ‘Greater good?’ I am your WIFE! I’m the greatest GOOD you are ever gonna get!

  • Tiz: Edea, there’s a random question: If you have 10 chocolate cakes and and someone asks for 2 of the chocolate cakes, how many will you have left?
  • Edea: 10.
  • Tiz: What if they force you?
  • Edea: Still 10.
  • Tiz: What if they STEAL it?
  • Edea: 10 and a dead body.
  • Luffy: Torao, do you wann-
  • Law: No.
  • Luffy: But I haven’t ev-
  • Law: No.
  • Luffy: Why not?
  • Law: Because I know you. I know that expression. And I that means whatever you’re thinking is illegal.
  • *Luffy attempts to interrupt but Law continues.*
  • Law: Furthermore the last time you had that expression Franky-ya ended up naked and tied to a flag pole. Sanji-ya almost bled out because of whatever he caught Robin-ya and Nami-ya doing. Chopper-ya smelled like something we should have been eating. Usopp-ya wound up married to three different people. Half of Brook-ya’s body was missing. And Zoro-ya ended up so lost it took us five hours to find him and he wasn’t even on the same island we started on!