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Omfg Pauline Hanson saying she’s fed up with being tolerant but I’m struggling to think of an instance where she has actually been tolerant. Show me the receipts Pauline. Why must PH continue to be the bane of my state and existence? 

Don’t even get me started on denying the effects of climate change  BY VISITING HEALTHY AREAS OF THE REEF TO REFUTE THE DAMAGE CORAL BLEACHING HAS DONE. WOOOOOW. It’s almost like if you visit an area unaffected by environmental damage you’re not going to see any fucking environmental damage.


/rant over

Australia reinvented: A nation divided according to its interests.

Proposal to reconfigure six states and two territories into eight states and two territories based not on accidents of history and European settlement but on the community of interests of modern Australians. Check the source for more info.