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Blueberry:  I am making dinner tonight, you should come over.
Error:  ok sure yes
Blueberry:  I’m making spaghetti and meatballs instead of tacos.
error:  swaghetti and memeballs
Blueberry:  You’re uninvited.
Error:  that’s fair

  • Luke: Sabine's carrying a Grudge
  • Ezra: She'll get over it. How about you, carrying anything?
  • Luke: What, Mara? We're cool. Giving each other our space.
  • Ezra: ...
  • Luke: I'm seeing Castila now.
  • Ezra: ...
  • Luke: ...I'm very happy.
  • Ezra: ...Uh huh?
  • Luke: anyway, why are we always talking about my love life? What's going on between you and Sabine?
  • Ezra: Nothing! She's a respected colleague!
  • Luke: ...Uh huh?
  • Ezra: I don't have time to pursue a relationship, my work's too important for distractions. Sabine's a remarkable woman, she's a valued friend, she's.... standing right behind me, isn't she?
  • Sabine: Don't let that stop you, keep digging!

I have conflicted feelings toward this picture. I think it’s nicely done and Yrel fan art makes my fangirl heart so warm…. but that bugs me she is one of the few women despicted in full armor in her official armor and in this pic she is wearing just a platekini, I can’t think of another character beside her and Maiev wearing some functional armor and we have enough character wearing plate bikinis

No, I don’t think wearing skimpy armor makes some character a bad character, I just would prefer that female characters who use full armor were portrayed that way

p.s: I couldn’t find the source of the image :( If someone now who drew this please reblog with artist name to give credit

Coming Home Pt.7 (Stan Uris/Reader)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6

(A/N: I hope this will satisfy all of you. this still probably isnt the angst that you wanted but i tried my best at least. this is the last of my tear-mongering for now. Unless I think of something else. But for now, that’s it. Also if anyone knows the source of this gif plz let me know so I can give credit bc I can’t find a source anywhere.)

Summary: Reader receives some Richie-brand encouragement and stops letting her dreams be dreams ✨

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