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TD12 & Mary

I was rewatching TLD and I don’t recall this being talked about. When Sherlock is in hospital we can see this scene

OH LOOK, The damn serum is glowing, by it’s own apparently! As you can see the bed light can’t hit the serum, or at least can’t hit it in a way it would glow like that. And there is no light source behind or beneath, you can even see how it’s glowing by the shadow on the ceiling.

And of course it reminded me to

Yes! TD12. Then I remembered how some people have talked about Mary possibly injecting the TD12 when Sherlock was again in hospital in HLV, so I searched for the scene. I didn’t recall if we could see the serum or not in that scene and I found this 

The damn serum in the foreground and iluminated with a light like the TD12 just before Mary appears.

Also it makes me thing about the glowing skull as some people have already pointed. 

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Chapter 1

You can’t see anything. Only the darkness that surrounds you, blinding your eyes lemon. In the distance, bright yellow, something resembling a star in the sky, you pull your scratched, pale hands, as it was the only light source. Are you trying to get closer to this glow, like your bare foot slips on the damp dirt, you’re screaming trying to keep his balance, grabbing the stick about saving yourself. Crunch. Your legs gave out and you fell knocking his spine on the ground, and flew down…

Panic-stricken. Feelings were mixed. Were you hurt at the same time, but opening your mouth, you just suck air. Didn’t have the strength to shout, to call for help. You never thought of and had no idea about this place, only incidentally eyes closed, catching a piece of the approaching land.

A sharp peck. Heart escaped from his chest at breakneck speed, leaving the last glimmer of your existence. Body is numb. And you thought you were dead.
Someone was calling you. You heard someone with furious speed rushed to your bleeding body. These steps…was soft, but such a hasty. This voice… was so scared and the female, if she lived with you all these years, protecting and presenting your sweet warmth.
… Eyes immediately drooped, and from his chest came out last living breath. Is this… the end?

You’re the first fallen man, for such a long time.
You’re pretty hurt hurt in flight, isn’t it?
… no?
Oh, baby, you’re starting to piss me off.
Wake up.

The skin shivers ran, you opened my eyes and ran the yellow pieces of apples in horror, panting and clutching his body. “Killed? I have died?” The words were quick and aren’t picky until you’re calmed down, clutching his fists in a dress. “It’s all right.” As if comforting himself, hands gradually relaxed. Believe it was difficult. However, no matter how much hysteria at the moment - nothing good is not over.
Before to do something, you start to peer into the distance. Darkness. “Is it all the same died and went to Hell?” Like myself gneva, you slipped nasobiral and your scarlet cheeks flowed salty streams of tears, while slipping on her chin and dripping on the dress.
Speaking of clothes, have you seen it for yourself, as it merged with the darkness. Yet it did not affect to divert thoughts, so you continued to wash the waterfall until she sat down on cards, like the seizures started.

Died. You died.
Nothing came out of the girl’s head, so stubbornly tried to hide in his frog hat.

You lay there and fought with the pain in my heart, until I suddenly noticed how behind you caught a glimpse of bright light. At this point, you stood up abruptly and turned toward the source, looked eyebrow.
Before you fly your soul, uttering warm and a small flame with heat. On the face came out a painful smile. You took a step forward and pulled all the same scratched hands with palms.

Be careful…
Frisk…please be careful…
It is for you…
He came….

- Who… is he? Who…are you? – A misunderstanding, you covered one eye. The body breathed the chill.


cookie-moi  asked:

It's busy outside his office window, Harford walked past with some files and is now noisily looking through them, PC Bob is helping Nish to right a cabinet that fell over, One of the guys, Ed, Larry, Gilbert, whatever his name was, is handing out cups of coffee he got, and there is Miller, walking from one to the other like a sea of calmness, a source of light and confidence. alec can barely take his eyes of her when she turns to crack a joke at Bob that sends the room giggling. He needs her.



turns out that if you angle your face towards the light source, it will be better lit

they/ them pronouns

[image description: two selfies of a genderqueer person smiling at the camera, wearing lipstick and a brown cap. their face is slightly tilted to one side and they’re wearing sideburns. end description]

why think about bad things when you can think about that time a lil moth* got drawn to louis, aka the brightest source of light, on stage and bumped into his chest and louis got startled and then made the cutest lil face of gentle surprise after the moth obviously kissed him and drifted away happily

(*that’s right. a moth)

Some of my Bloodborne Setting/Historical Period notes:
  • Running Water is a thing (the only evidence of this is the Research Building where we can find sinks)
  • Candles/Oil lamps/torches are the only light sources.
  • Fireplaces for heating.
  • No electricity. The ‘Blue Spark’ of the Darkbeasts is the only known form of electricity and is studied only by a very restricted group of hunters whose research was also considered pretty odd by the Healing church. The School of Mensis on the other hand, most likely welcomed Archibald’s experiments.
  • Mechanical and clockwork expertise (trick weapons, clocktower, rotating staircases, elevators, machine guns)
  • Astronomy is very advanced as hinted by the studies of Byrgenwerth and the Choir. (gigantic telescope in the lunarium, Astral clocktower.)
  •  There is no plastic but natural rubbers were probably known and used.
  • Printing press. (Books everywhere and in multiple copies. We don’t see newspapers in-game, but it’s safe to assume they exist.) 
  • Home delivery. (Blood is delivered to Yharnamites’ homes just like milk, possibly on a daily basis.)
  • Carriages and horses. There’s no train station in Yharnam. We see docks in the canal/sewers. 
  • Steam power apparently isn’t used either. This is quite telling because all technological advancements were applied to weapons alone and not implemented in any way to make people’s lives more comfortable. Which makes a lot of sense, actually. When you have bigger problems such as gigantic stag-dogs roaming the streets, you can’t focus on house commodities.
  • Most guns need to be reloaded! The reason why our hunter doesn’t reload is probably just a gameplay mechanic since we see Gascoigne reload his gun (which is just like our gun, not a different model or an older version. He wields it paired with the hunter’s axe which, again, is exactly like ours.) So if you’re writing a story, make sure your characters reload their weapons :D
  • Positive effects of the Old Blood: enhances strength and resistance, most likely makes you taller and able to withstand attacks that would kill a normal human in just one hit. Basically, all Blood-users are like goddamn Marvel superheroes and even those not trained as hunters can be formidable foes.

I hope some of you guys may find these little observations of help ;)

marking my progress with a very cropped WIP - it’s been f o r e v e r since i last spent this much time on one piece orz

i’ve also been taking quite long baths while trying to spin a tale for these two

sidenote: i’m considering starting up a patreon (i guess it all depends on how highly i value my own art, if i go through with it or not)