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MMA fighter Justin Wren left the octagon and for the past 5 years has been fighting slavery and oppression in Africa. Wren has helped dig wells for clean water, grow & harvest food, and buy back land that was taken from the Pygmy people. He’s also working to replant trees in the areas deforested by companies seeking to exploit minerals there. He stopped fighting people to start fighting for the people. A true hero, indeed. source

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How I feel everytime we get a Trump speech in translation or interpreting class

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How did German M1917 gas masks work? Is there anything particularly notable or noteworthy about them? How easy is it to put them on and clear them? Are reproductions easy to get? Thanks!

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The GM-17, and it’s upgraded version, the GM-18, were basically just filters attached to a facepiece. There were no inhale/exhale valves, although the ones that survived to be used in the 20′s and 30′s often had exhale valves added onto them. 

Overall, they were said to be uncomfortable, but well designed, as the user didn’t have to use noseclips and a mouthpiece like with the SBR masks used by the Allies. Fogging might be an issue though, as there is no guided airflow, and the spider gaskets (meant to prevent cracked lenses due to artillery strikes) might hamper your attempts to wipe the lenses off.

I don’t think donning the mask would be very complex, it would likely require a deep exhalation after donning to insure that no gas particles remain free-floating in the mask.

Getting a Repro one isn’t too hard, I’ve seen some floating around on eBay in the last couple of weeks. It would require some additional work to make it actually look good though, including darkening the leather and beating up the metal a bit.

Terra Nova ~Part Three~

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Part three is here! In case of a medical emergency, our pair is still planet side, spending the night together. On watch that is. ;) Be prepared - Daddy!Bones can be found below!

Thank you guys for all the support, I’m having a ball writing this so far :D <3 I promise, reveals are coming! 

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS). 

Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Warnings: Some mild swearing, threats of bodily harm with a sharp weapon, and one very blatant easter egg :P 

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“How is she?” 

Bones moved over to where you were sitting, rubbing his eyes with the hand not holding a baby. “Good, still sleeping. It looks like everything’s normal.” 

“Oh thank God,” you sighed, leaning your head back against the wall. “As much as I love the fresh air I’m so ready to get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.” 

“I hear that,” Bones settled in beside you, cooing at the baby as he squirmed. “Shhhh little one, settle down.” 

“You’re good with him,” you remarked, watching the pair with a soft smile on your face. 

 “Practice,” Bones replied, not looking away from the little one. “I’ve a daughter back on Earth- Joanna. Must be six now.” 

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